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Judges Reinstate Texas Abortion Restrictions

Good news. Remember that wacko judge which tossed about the law which said abortion doctors must have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Well now, a federal appeals court has overturned her and reinstated the law.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals said that while it may make abortion more difficult to acquire, that doesn't make the law unconstitutional According to Fox News, 12 clinics in Texas will be unable to provide abortions immediately.

It's still infuriating to me that judges decide everything based on their own thoughts and whims. But this is good news for women. And good news for babies.

But just remember, who is made sad today over this ruling. The guy who said he didn't want to be punished with a baby.


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Sophia's Favorite said...

Since when did judges, in this country, care that a regulation on a service might make that service harder to get?

Michael said...

If I recall correctly, he said he didn't want to be punished with a grandchild.

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