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Sick. Kids Make Game of KO'ing Random People For Fun

This is the logical and tragic consequence of children being raised without fathers or religion. This new "game" is reportedly gaining in popularity across America. The "game" is called Knock Out where you just walk up to someone (be they man or women, old or young) and attempt to knock them out with one punch. What an absolute horror.


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Boondockdad said...

1) Situational awareness. Sauntering down an empty alley, alone, with your hands full, past a pack of thugs is never a good idea.

2) Concealed carry. An armed society is a polite society.

Lynda said...

Children are lied to by the authorities in their lives, includIng many parents, such as telling them it is alright to kill a baby in his mother's womb. How can they not be seriously damaged? many children have not been given a moral education, rather one that opposes the natural moral law, creating great confusion, anger and hate.

ProudHillbilly said...

What Boondockdad said. We have a habit of just being focused on our own business and thoughts and not being aware of our surroundings. Ironically, after spending our lives trying not to see color, those of us who remember Dr. King find ourselves having to watch young black men carefully because of the rise of this behavior.

And what Lynda said - no moral underpinning. The behavior isn't really surprising.

tuleesh said...

Some young people in New York have their own version of the game. It's called, "Knock out the Jew..."
My, how clever of them.

Sophia's Favorite said...

This is much worse than attempting to KO strangers with one punch—that would be almost harmless, as it's more or less impossible to knock someone out with one punch, with training, and these punks don't have any training. (It's possible to get one-hit KOs, but they almost never involve the fists—most of them are also illegal in sport fighting because they're usually "one hit that causes unconsciousness at minimum and instant death at maximum".)

In this game, they try to knock out strangers, by any means at their disposal, and as many hits (kicks, blows with blunt objects) as it takes.

Of course, this is not actually a new thing. "Bashing" is a thing delinquents have done at least since the immediate post-war era; it usually gets some less-than-protected class's name appended to it. The big two are "bum-bashing" and "gay-bashing" (yeah, that originally referred to an act of recreational assault, and applying it to anyone who opposes the gay lobby, its current main use, is sorta like calling critics of Al Sharpton "a lynching party").

Dymphna said...

Um. The knockout game has been popular for years. When the victims were just ordinary shlubs in the hinterlands nobody cared outside their communities but now since it's happening in NYC all of a sudden it's "new" and worth moral panic.

Steve Dalton said...

This is a black racist thing. You simply don't hear about gangs of white kids doing this sort of thing. It will stop when enough white folks decide to knock out the knock outers. Don't count on the black community to do any thing about it, they haven't done anything about all the other problem they have. Nope the solutions will come from outside their community.

JB said...

Black anti-white racism. They hate white people. You won't hear a peep about this from Oprah, Barry, Sharpton, etc.

Anonymous said...

Dymphna, it is always an outrage, regardless of who the perpetrator is, or the victim. Whether the pain of the victim is only known to God or just known to a few, it never stops being an outrage. Seeing it....well, I hope some good comes of it coming into the light, like persecutions of the assaulters.

Boondockdad said...

Yes, this has been going on for some time. A simple duckduckgo search will return hundreds of these incidents. An acquaintance was a victim of a "one-hit-homey" attack. He was cutting his lawn, in a respectable suburban neighborhood, middle of the day. Last thing he remembers before waking up in a hospital bed, was seeing a black teenager approaching, who he thought was distributing handbills.

Most people do not realize, the police are not responsible for protecting you. There is plenty of case law affirming this. Read: "Warren v. District of Columbia"

You need to protect yourself and your family. Get training. Carry a firearm.

Boondockdad said...

and the hits just keep on comin'


Michael Shulski said...

Steve Dalton, gangs of affluent youths in Orange county called Lords of South County assault people. The ufc fighter Rob Emerson was a part of it and was convicted of a violent felony. Research it. The story of Leopold and Loeb is a classic in criminal justice and criminology studies that investigate how the wealthy are just as violent as the poor. Crime is a part of all races and social classes. Violence is common in nearly every culture in the world. Competition for resources, drugs, alcohol, women and existential malaise are but some of the motivating factors.

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