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Objective Reporter Crusades to Get Nativity Scene Removed

Gotta' love the objective media. A reporter for a small town in Florida went on a crusade to have a nativity scene removed. And they wonder why people don't trust the media. This guy might as well be the Grinch.

WJHG reports:

The nativity scene that sits outside the City Hall has prompted, Randal Seyler, a reporter for the Washington County News to make some calls.

Seyler contacted the FFRF to challenge the legality of the Christmas display.

He says he just wanted to scratch an itch out of curiosity.

Meantime, in a written statement Chipley Mayor Linda Cain said, "Seyler made a comment that the nativity scene was unconstitutional and should be removed and I asked him to leave it alone."

Shortly after Mayor Cain got an email from the FFRF.

The FFRF says this nativity scene is unconstitutional because it's on government property and owned by the City.

However, the City of Chipley says its not coming down.

The FFRF wrote, "The Supreme Court has ruled it impermissible to place a nativity scene as the sole focus of a display on government property."

Needless to say many Chipley residents don't agree with Seyler's actions and don't think an organization outside their community should interfere.

"I would much rather you all decide what's good for Chipley than a group that doesn't really believe in anything" said Richard Burke, Chipley resident.

The City of Chipley added more decorations to the nativity scene so that it would no longer be the "sole focus."

Council members say they aren't taking it down.


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Lynda said...

Is he a reporter of events or the causator of events? Sounds like most of the "objective reporters" that make up the MSM.

Mary De Voe said...

"Needless to say many Chipley residents don't agree with Seyler's actions and don't think an organization outside their community should interfere."The Freedom From Religion Foundation is unconstitutional in trying to "prohibit the free exercise thereof." and uses the courts to force the eradication of freedom. The atheist has lost his freedom to atheism

Proteios1 said...

So we are now seeing that the threats of groups like FFRF are just that. Threats. If groups or communities or schools don't cave immediately, they would go bankrupt trying to take the hundreds of incidents like these through a lengthy court battle.
In fact this is why these Madison bullies pick on small towns preferentially. The cash strapped schools and councils are more likely to cave with a 45 cent stamp or a 2 cent fax then a larger wealthier entity. Then the FFRF can claim victory and solicit more donations.

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