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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't be too Pumped about Pope Francis' Rolling Stone Cover

There's a few reasons Catholics shouldn't get too psyched about Pope Francis being on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

7) It's not 1978. Look, at one point Rolling Stone was a huge cover which granted the imprimatur of cool to anyone on its cover. Those days aren't just gone. They're long gone. Their courting of irrelevance may have turned into a full embrace sometime around them putting Wilson Phillips on the cover. Or maybe it was Ricky Martin. But it was definitely already gone by the time they put Clay Aiken on the cover. Definitely.

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Steve Dalton said...

The Pope himself, by many of his actions, (comments like "who am I to judge", his dissing of traditional Catholics, (ridiculing 'rosary counters') gives many people the impression he 'hip'. He needs to act like a real pope, and thoroughly disillusion the Rolling Stone types on his hipness.

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