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Dem: Colic is as Good a Reason as Any to Abort

Iowa Democrat Beth Wessel-Kroeschell included colic as a sufficient reason to abort among others such as babies can be darn expensive and health issues. Colic is defined as crying three hours a day. Sheesh. This lady makes me want to cry for three hours at least. Hope she doesn't hear about it.


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Lynda said...

As good as any other non-reason to murder an innocent child.

Allison said...

Goodness, listening to her talk about the troubles makes me want to have another baby to care for and nurture through it all.

Donna M said...

She looks and sounds absolutely miserable! Life is a real drag, huh!
Lemme ask her this. Does she address all her issues in life by "eliminating" them, as if there are absolutely no other recourse(s) or actions to be done? Wonder how many animals she's put down because they were inconvenient. Don't let her near your kids and hide your whinny puppies and kittens while your at it!

Kenny R said...

Given all these mitigating circumstances then why is DWI/DUI illegal?

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