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Wow, Russia Takes Hockey Seriously

Hey, if the Russian hockey players took the game as seriously as the Russian journalists, they'd probably be a great team.

Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, the head coach of the Russian hockey team, was a bit downtrodden in front of journalists
after Finland eliminated his team.

Here's a bit of the q and a from the WSJ:

Q: What future, if any, do you see for your own work and for your coaching staff? Because, you know, your predecessor was eaten alive after the Olympics—

A: Well then, eat me alive right now—

Q: No, I mean—

A: Eat me, and I won't be here anymore.

Q: But we have the world championship coming up!

A: Well then, there will be a different coach because I won't exist any more, since you will have eaten me.

Q: But you're staying, aren't you?

A: Yes, I will remain living.
Somebody take this guy's belt and shoelaces just to make sure.


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ProudHillbilly said...

The look on Putin's face - priceless.

Las Vegas Mama said...

LOL, poor guy!!

Netmilsmom said...

Maybe he knows the rest of his life will be in Siberia.

Christi H said...

Nilhistic Russian additude.

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