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Abortion Org Offers "Coat Hanger Pendants" to Donors

The DC Abortion Fund, a nonprofit that makes grants to women in DC, Maryland, and Virginia who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion" is offering "coat hanger pendants" to anyone donating more than ten dollars, according to Twitchy.

It's ironic that just this past week a principal at a Connecticut school has banned a young pro-lifer from using life-sized replicas of fetuses because it "went too far." Whatever that means.

So it's offensive for pro-lifers to hand out life-size fetal models but it's perfectly wonderful to wear a coat hanger pendant?


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Patrick Archbold said...

Jewelry from the Moloch Collection.

Patrick Archbold said...

Yes, a fitting symbol of the barbarous evil they carry out against innocent helpless babies. They are worshippers of Satan.

Patrick Archbold said...

And for a $100 donation a mutilated body part of a baby?

Patrick Archbold said...

Only an abortionist would think of a "coat hanger" as the best "tool" to get rid of a baby! Just goes to show their lack of intellect, backward, primative, unevolved, uninclusive, immature thinking. Humans are valuable no matter how small! Babies were not made to be taken out with the trash.

Patrick Archbold said...

What is amazing, is how "thick" abortion minded people are.

Of all the options to an undesired pregnancy (which is a temporary condition) they can only come up with the most brutally violent, invasive procedure!

Outright "stupid"!
Can't wait to see the moron wearing the "coat hanger" charm in public! This is going to be fun.

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