"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Jimmy Carter Denounces Sex-Selective Abortions and Infanticide

Speaking on Bill Maher's show, former president Jimmy Carter warns that the carnage from infanticide and sex-selective abortions is four times worse than the body count of WWII.


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Patrick Archbold said...

Horribly wrong on some things, but I never doubted his intent which always seemed sincere.

Unlike the current guy who is both horribly wrong and with bad intentions.

Patrick Archbold said...

Any idea how Maher reacted with Carter criticized abortion, one of Maher's sacred cows?

Patrick Archbold said...

Carter needs a lesson in logic. If it's not okay to slaughter a baby girl because she's a girl, then it's not okay to slaughter her for any other false motive. He's a wicked eugenicist. He's only thinking about rebalancing of macro sex numbers.

Patrick Archbold said...

I agree with Stu on MR Carter wrong on some things like oh I don't know telling Pope Francis to allow women to be priests which is not his concerned because he is a Baptist. Just stick to diplomacy Jimmy please.

Patrick Archbold said...

The false empathy is screeching!
Failing miserably again, on moral perpetude to take the high ground.
How very misogynist and elitist of both of them. Maher, cluelessly, asks what causes this. Instead of coming outright and saying its the misdirectional thinking on abortion itself, that is in error. These vehement "abortionists" blame China. The truth is, sex selection abortions have been done routinely, everywhere. So what's new?

Patrick Archbold said...

By the way, mr maher.
Give my regards to Coco.
I'm sure she would have a lot of "personal" infomation, on the subject being discussed!

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