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Matthew McConaughey's Shout Out to God in Acceptance Speech

Not too many mentions of God at the Academy Awards so it's nice to see him thank God. Funny to hear the half-hearted applause.

And I'll admit that it's a bit rambling and confusing as well so I'm not really sure what he's saying about half the time but hey, even McConaughey can't inhale that much hemp over a lifetime and come out perfectly coherent. You have to make allowances, you know.


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tuleesh said...

However, some in the Twitterverse demonstrated their, emm. displeasure shall we say, in the usual, obscene manner.

Good for Matthew McConaughey for not caring.

Terry Nelson said...

Darlene Love thanked God and sang her praises in a Gospel song - to great applause. God was there.

Long-Skirts said...

Matthew's wife, Mrs. McConaughey was dressed modestly and looked exquisite. Very classy! http://tinyurl.com/lj6bzju

Lynda said...

Did he play a transvestite role? I don't think he dressed so modestly as his wife!

Elizabeth said...

I thought that was one of the best acceptance speeches I've heard at the Oscars. Yes, it was wonderful that he thanked God first and foremost. But I fail to see what was rambling and confusing. I got it, everything he said, the first time I watched it on YouTube. Nothing confusing there. Maybe it was his personality and style of expressing himself that caused some to say, "huh?", but to me, it was heartfelt, humble and touching, let alone completely clear and understandable.

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