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You've Got to See These Marines Get Crazy Excited over "Frozen" Song

Watch until the end. They really get happy near the end. It's pretty fun.



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Patrick Archbold said...

2:20 echoes Rita Hayworth in the Shawshank Redemption.

Patrick Archbold said...

Any human being who does not respect the freedom of other human beings deserves none.

Patrick Archbold said...

Eff'n Marines.

*big grin*

Patrick Archbold said...

The bestest video ev-ah!
God Bless our Marines!!

Patrick Archbold said...

I hear that Christ's kingship used to be recognized in the church awhile back... say 50 years or so

Patrick Archbold said...

What the ... ?! A bunch of Marines in their Twenties sitting around watching some cartoon music video and getting all excited? What am I missing here? Is this at 5:15 a.m. in the morning, after the boys have got back from a very late night at the saloon?

Someone please explain. Is there something special to the Marines about this particular video? My first reaction (much as I admire the Marines) is that these boys have a screw or two loose.

Patrick Archbold said...

It's not a music video, it's a Disney movie.

And they... are being Marines.

It might make more sense if you watch the movie, "Frozen."

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