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The Banal and On the Spot, Spot

Cardinal Ratzinger famously called the revised liturgy "a banal on-the-spot product."

Rorate has a story that actually tells us the spot in the on-the-spot fabrication of a new liturgy and how Eucharistic Prayer II was composed in a Roman restaurant one evening.

The unbelievable scene is not unknown, it has been mentioned elsewhere before, but now confirmed in the published recollections of one of the two men involved: during the mad rush to have the Novus Ordo Missae (the New Mass of Paul VI) ready as soon as possible, the Consilium, the 1963-1970 organization charged with the upheaval and destruction of the Roman Rite under the guise of "reform" and under the control mostly of Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, had reached a new level of ignominy in composing a new "canon". The draft was so bad and dangerous that the new Eucharistic Prayer had to be rewritten in a hurry and at the last minute during a late-night meeting by two men in a Roman restaurant.

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