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Who Knew There Were So Many Christian Bakers?

Was this some kind of underground thing that I had no idea about? Christian bakers?

Well, it seems there were an awful lot of Christian bakers. Now, there's a few less. Yet one more Christian bakery has closed it's doors.

GOPUSA reports:

The Christian owners of a bakery in Indiana have had to close up shop after respectfully declining to bake a cake for a man's same-sex commitment ceremony because of their religious beliefs, even though they expressed that they would be happy to serve him in any other way.

Having to deal with a media firestorm and the ensuing controversy as a result of the cordial refusal, the exhausted cake-baking couple decided to call it quits and pursue another means of making a living.
I hope all these Christian bakers find work elsewhere. Maybe they could all get employed as public school teachers. That way they could never be fired.


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