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Easter Bunny Says He's the One Who Knocks

Bunny goes Walter White. All hopped up on meth. Get it?

Fox News reports:

This stuffed Easter Bunny may be one of the strangest drug mules police in Oklahoma have ever nabbed.

Tahlequah City police on Friday intercepted the rabbit stuffed with a pound of meth, street value around $30,000.

“We’ve intercepted narcotics in the mail before,” Police Chief Nate King told Fox23 in Tulsa. “The Easter Bunny I thought was a strange touch.”

Police hopped on the case when they learned the rabbit was in a package addressed to Carolyn Ross in Tahlequah.

A police dog in Tulsa County sniffed out the methamphetamine before the package was to be delivered to her home.
Say my name.

I never trusted that bunny in the first place. I mean, the bunny has nothing to do with Easter. At least Santa is sorta' based on a saint. The bunny? Giving out eggs? What?

I'm glad he got busted.


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