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The Irony of Topless Feminist Protests

Feminists declared victory when the UK tabloid The Sun ceased showing a topless girl on Page 3.

The Sun was simply trying to sell papers. And they did for a long while. Then they believed the topless pictures were hurting their agenda -which was to make profits- so they stopped.

Ironically, the feminists who were so against the Page 3 girls have taken to the same exact tactic for attention. Every time you turn around, feminists are getting topless to ensure that the media takes pictures and video of them topless in order to advance their agenda.

Just yesterday, topless feminists got all topless and feministy to protest the Canadian March for Life.

What is the difference between the two things? I don't see it. If a woman wants to make a point about a serious issue the go-to move has is to take her top off. Is this what feminism has come to? Is this progress?


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