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A Misunderstood Prophecy For Our Time

In my first article in a year, I discuss Poland's role in Prophecy. Please click on over!

A Spark From Poland

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On Kevin Spacey's Apology

For years I've been told that homosexuality has nothing to do with pederasty. But when accused of attempted pederasty, Kevin Spacey announces he's gay. What? #confused

Spacey also says he's had relationships with men and women and now chooses now to live as a gay man. But wait, I thought gay people were born that way. I thought they didn't have a choice. I seem to remember someone arguing that at one point.


REPORT CARD: Notre Dame Drops Contraception, Pro-Marriage Group at Georgetown Faces Defunding

Notre Dame drops abortifacient, contraceptive coverage

University Notre Dame employees will not continue receive free abortifacients and contraceptives under the university’s health insurance plan, despite an earlier message to its employees stating it would retain the coverage, according an email from The Sycamore Trust.
Notre Dame sued the Obama administration in 2013, arguing that the mandate infringed on its religious liberty. While many other Catholic colleges and institutions found some success in the courts, the district judge in Notre Dame’s case was skeptical about Notre Dame’s sincerity.
Since then, Notre Dame students and employees were covered by health plans which offered abortifacients and contraceptives free of charge. But earlier this month the Trump administration granted widespread exemptions to religious institutions from the mandate.
The Sycamore Trust, an association of alumni and other concerned for Notre Dame’s Catholic identity, commented on the university’s decision in a statement.
“The university provides no explanation for changing its mind so late in the day, but it seems reasonable to infer that opposition from some quarters expressed and anticipated was a factor,” The Sycamore Trust said in an Oct. 27 email update.

Georgetown may defund pro-marriage student group

The student group Love Saxa, which promotes and celebrates authentically loving relationships and the importance of marriage and family at Georgetown University, may lose its funding for its defense of Church teaching on marriage, according to LifeSiteNews.com.
A student, as well as the presidents of GU Pride and Georgetown University Queer People of Color, logged an official complaint about the group. The Hoya, Georgetown’s student newspaper, called for Love Saxa to be defunded, saying it “fosters intolerance” and is, therefore, “antithetical to what a university club should be.”
“These student activists have been emboldened by decades of dissent at Georgetown to take a drastic stand, in open hatred for the Church’s teaching,” Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, told LifeSiteNews. “It is a test of what remains of Georgetown’s Catholic identity. An authentic Catholic university must be able to support a club promoting marriage and healthy sexuality.”

Please continue reading at The Cardinal Newman Society>>>


I'll be Speaking at Saint Helena's Knights of Columbus Prayer Breakfast. Hope to See You There.

I will be speaking at the 10th Annual Communion Breakfast sponsored by St. Helena Council Knights of Columbus Sunday November 5, 2017 following 11am Mass in the Empress Room At St. Helena Church, Blue Bell, PA.

The title of my talk with be “Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage”

Menu: Delicious Hot and Cold Breakfast Buffet
Cost: Adults $20 Youth (ages 3-12) $10

“Faith Under Fire” will be available for purchase. They can be signed after the presentation.

1. K of C table in Narthex after Masses in October.
2. Contact K of C Event Chair, Don DeBrakeleer, at
3. Walk-ins welcome but Advance Ticket purchases encouraged


Two Pro-Life Displays Destroyed on Catholic Campuses...and More

This is my latest report on Catholic education. I start with two reports of pro-life displays being removed or destroyed with absolutely no consequences.

Vandals destroy Cemetery of Innocents at Jesuit university

Vandals at St. Louis University, a Jesuit institution, destroyed and stole crosses from a Cemetery of Innocents display commemorating lives lost to abortion and other tragedies, according to LifeNews.com.
“Once again, pro-life free speech has been squelched on a university campus,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “The Students for Life group at St. Louis University was bringing a message of truth, love, and compassion to their campus. The intolerant people who ruined a display about the value of life should feel ashamed.”
Hawkins encouraged the university to “quickly find the perpetrators and replace the crosses.”
Brielle Heraty, a member of SLU Students for Life, said the club “wholeheartedly forgives” those who destroyed the display, but vows to continue being a voice “for the most vulnerable among us regardless of age, appearance, ability, or background.”

Pro-life posters destroyed at LMU… cue the crickets
Vandals destroyed a number of pro-life posters around the Loyola Marymount University campus, according to Renew LMU, an organization committed to enhancing the Jesuit institution’s Catholic identity.
The Padre Pio Society, a campus student group, placed posters around the California campus earlier this month, which were similar in imagery and style to immigration-themed posters by other student groups. The posters essentially drew an equivalence between immigration and abortion by saying, “Don’t abort my fellow humans #NoHumanBeingIsIllegal #AbortionIsAnImmigrationIssue.”
A Woman and Gender studies major at the university reportedly wrote on Facebook, “Yeah we’ve been scrambling to take [the posters] down.” One professor criticized the lack of consequences for the students who took down Padre Pio’s posters.
This is not the first time that pro-life posters were destroyed at LMU. Last year, similar posters met the same fate.
Also last year, a university employee who removed LGBT signs was accused of a “hate crime” and investigated for bias. Now, pro-life signs are removed with little or no action.

Please continue reading at The Cardinal Newman Society>>>

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This is Why We Don't Trust the System

So it turns out that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton paid for the so-called Russian dossier on Trump which was essentially a bunch of hogwash.

But it does illuminate quite well how the system works. The Democrat party hires someone to make up salacious and unverified accusations against Donald Trump and Russia. The Democrat-controlled FBI then uses this dossier to investigate a Trump/Russian connection. And the Democrat controlled media is leaked stories about the investigation which they highlight non-stop.

People are waking up to this b.s. though.

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Was Jesus Un-Pastoral?

When Jesus' disciples walked away because the teaching about eating His flesh was "too hard" He insisted on speaking the truth. I think Jesus was being very un-pastoral.


It's Always the Dumb Majors

Whenever you read about something truly stupid or outrageous being said or done on a college campus, you know some student with a major like "gender studies" or "sociology" is involved.

You never hear "The Accountants Club on campus set fire to..." or finance majors yelling about the "heteronormative hierarchy." They're too busy memorizing actual terms to make up terms like "heteropatriarchy."


FBI Nabs Two Bank Robbers Dressed as Nuns

Headline: FBI nabs 2 women suspected of trying to rob a bank dressed as nuns.

Me: Hmmm. How could they tell? Pantsuits? Or yoga mats?


A Catholic Education Report Card

Catholic education leaders cheer HHS mandate revision
U.S. bishops and Catholic education leaders cheered the Trump administration’s newly announced religious and moral exemptions to the HHS contraceptive mandate.
“We welcome the news that this particular threat to religious freedom has been lifted,” Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, chair of the U.S. bishops’ religious liberty committee, said in a statement.
Franciscan University of Steubenville’s president welcomed changes to the mandate, saying that the Newman Guide college is, “grateful that our constitutional right to free exercise of religion has been restored.”
Franciscan was among the first 42 Catholic organizations from around the country to join in filing lawsuits challenging the HHS contraception mandate in May 2012.
“The government has recognized that Franciscan University has the freedom to provide a health plan that does not violate its core religious beliefs as a Catholic institution,” Father Sean Sheridan, TOR, said in a statement. “We see the rule as a hopeful step toward restoring the constitutionally protected religious and moral freedoms of Catholics and all Americans.”

Father John Jenkins, CSC, president of the University of Notre Dame, released a brief statement supporting the new exemptions despite the university’s compliance with the mandate. By complying, Notre Dame disregarded the U.S. bishops’ pleas to Catholic organizations to refuse to provide employee health insurance that covers artificial contraception and sterilization.

“We welcome this reversal and applaud the attorney general’s statement that ‘except in the narrowest circumstances, no one should be forced to choose between living out his or her faith and complying with the law,’” Fr. Jenkins said.

No word yet from the university on reversing its decision to comply with the mandate.

Senate committee advances Catholic professor’s nomination
In a party line vote, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move the judicial nomination of University of Notre Dame law professor Amy Barrett to the full Senate.
Barrett’s nomination process became national news when committee Democrats questioned her about her Catholic faith. Senator Diane Feinstein infamously said she was concerned that Catholic “dogma lives loudly” within Barrett.
Prior to the vote, Republicans criticized Democrats for essentially attempting to impose a religious test (or more accurately a non-religious test) on judicial nominees.

Please continue reading at The Cardinal Newman Society>>>

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Notice to Parents: Little Kids Don't Remember Anything!

A new parent asked me for advice. I told him that parenting five children has taught me exactly one nugget of wisdom - dont take your little kids on expensive trips because they won't remember them. I mean, nothing. They won't remember the car you drove there. They won't remember the pool they loved. They won't remember the fact that you waited in line for 17 hours to meet a costumed character so they could experience one moment of underwhelming sorta' confused happiness.

In fact, my advice to parents is don't do much of anything until they get a phone because then they'll be able to take pictures or call child services so you'll be forced to be a good parent then.


Pope Invites Prisoners to Lunch, And Promptly Escape

I've always said that Catholicism sets you free.

Catholic World Report

They were supposed to be having lunch with Pope Francis.

During his Oct. 1 trip to Bologna, the Holy Father was scheduled to dine with 20 prisoners from a local drug rehabilitation facility, along with refugees and the poor of the area, during a “Lunch of Solidarity” at San Petronio Basilica.

Instead, two of the Italian prisoners shirked their invitation for what they saw as a prime opportunity for escape.

According to Bologna newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, the prisoners escaped sometime during the hour, though it is unclear whether they first ate lunch.
They have yet to be found.

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Hollywood's Booming Gongs and Clashing Cymbals

It's time for Hollywood to listen rather than lecture.

Harvey Weinstein is a problem. But he's not THE problem. It goes far deeper. We all know that Harvey Weinstein is a symptom of a diseased culture.

I enjoy going to the movies but I've noticed something disturbing in recent years. It's hit me a few times when I'm watching a movie that the people who made the film don't actually like people. You can see it in the way they portray suburban life as if it's something merely to be mocked. You can see it in the way the movies depict businessmen and women as if they're always up to something nefarious. You can see it in the casual way pedestrians are crushed or killed by an explosion while the caped protagonist battles the supervillain. Sometimes those deaths are even played for laughs as if the death were retribution for being an extra, a normal person.

It hit me that Hollywood is angry. I think I'm understanding why.

The men in charge in Hollywood use and abuse women. The men view the women as objects and the women see men as oppressors and potential assaulters. And to at least some extent, these are the people creating our cultural conversation.

Is it any wonder that people in Hollywood believe that all businesses require a drastic increase in oversight and regulation? Is it a shock that many in Hollywood talk about the #waronwomen? or #rapeculture? Is it a surprise that they talk about the women's movement like it's still the 1940's? Maybe that's because in Hollywood nothing much has changed since then. They thought they were describing the country but in reality it was a call for help from Hollywood.

Maybe it's time that Hollywood caught up to the rest of the country. Maybe these cultural elites should listen to us normals for a little while.

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>

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Don't Mock Conspiracy Theories About Vegas

I just want to elicit a promise from everyone right now that we will not mock conspiracy theorists about the Las Vegas shooting. We have been fed timelines that are nonsensical and conflicting. There have been corrections and revisions and finally, it seems, a shrug and a sighed "we may never know."

Well, "we may never know" isn't good enough.

The news media have moved on, leaving giant blank spaces for us to fill in like a gruesome Mad Libs. It should come as no surprise that people will attempt to make sense out of the nonsense we've been fed. I don't blame them.

We no longer trust those who are "in charge." We don't trust them because we know they don't trust us. There's certain information that we are not trusted with. That's why certain killings were called "workplace violence" even though we all knew exactly what had occurred was terrorism. They thought the truth would inflame us so they said it was something other than we knew it was. That kind of obvious deceit creates a divide. We no longer look at the person standing at the podium for truth because we know they're lying to us and what's worse is that they're not even lying well.

And most us would laugh at the suggestion that we look to a media which clearly prizes "the narrative" over facts. I think that, at this point, people feel they're being played and when faced with either a cover up in Las Vegas or just incompetence, they're going to look to fill in the facts themselves.

So, what we're left with us many people essentially crowdsourcing this. We have people all over the internet with shreds of information trying to pull it all together into something that makes sense. I, for one, won't mock this. I think it's probably necessary and I commend those who take it seriously.


Hillary Compares Russian Election Games to 9/11. Yeah. 9/11.

Hillary Clinton called Russian interference in the 2016 election a “cyber 9/11” on Sunday.

So thousands of people's deaths as compared with one demented woman's dream of becoming president dashed. Yeah, I see the similarities.

Weasel Zippers

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Russian interference in the 2016 election a “cyber 9/11” on Sunday.

“I think there a lot more connections that have yet to come to light,” Clinton told a London audience. Clinton added that if she had been elected, she “would have called for an independent commission to get to the bottom of it.”

“We had really well-respected security, intelligence veterans saying this was a ‘cyber 9/11′ in the sense it was a direct attack on our institutions,” Clinton said, according to BuzzFeed. “That may sound dramatic, but we know that they probed and tried to intrude into election systems, not just the social media propaganda part of their campaign.”
Monstrously narcissistic. Lady, get out of your own head.

I'm wondering now about all the similarities between all those people in the World Trade Center calling their families and leaving voice mails about how much they love them in the minutes before the building collapsed to poor Hillary's concession speech the night of the election. Oh wait, actually she couldn't drag herself out of her own morbid stupor that night to address the nation. But other than that it's totally similar.


Christian Baker Asked to Bake Cake for Satanists

You might remember the baker Jack Phillips from being vilified on ABC, NBC< CBS, the Home Shopping Network, A&E, the Oxygen Network and pretty much every newspaper in the country for believing that marriage is between a man and a woman. Well, now he's received a request to make a cake for Satanists. Should the government force him to make it?

The Daily Signal
Lawyers for "cake artist" Jack Phillips say someone emailed a request for him to design and bake a cake celebrating the birthday of Satan. Phillips, a Christian who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, is headed to the Supreme Court in December after declining to make a cake celebrating a same-sex wedding.

The Christian baker in Colorado who was sued for declining to make a cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding reception received a strange request last month: Design and bake a cake celebrating Satan’s birthday.

“I would like to get a quote on a birthday cake, for a special event,” the email request to baker Jack Phillips, sent Sept. 30 and exclusively obtained by The Daily Signal, reads.

It continues:
It is a cake that is religious in theme, and since religion is a protected class, I am hoping that you will gladly bake this cake. As you see, the birthday cake in question is to celebrate the birthday of Lucifer, or as they [sic] are also known Satan who was born as Satan when he was cast from heaven by God.

The request for Phillips to quote a price for the cake also asks for an “upside down cross, under the head of Lucifer.”

The incident exemplifies the complexity of government laws mandating that those in creative occupations violate their religious beliefs in serving clients or customers.

This is a danger that lawyers for Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, say they’re raising before the U.S. Supreme Court, which in June agreed to take the baker’s case.

Phillips gained nationwide attention after declining to make the wedding cake for the gay couple, and eventually being found guilty of discrimination by a Colorado state agency and the courts.

Phillips has told The Daily Signal and others that his Christian faith not only doesn’t allow him to design and make cakes celebrating same-sex unions, it prevents him from designing cakes that involve such elements as witchcraft or explicit sexuality.

“The request for Jack to make a cake celebrating Satan proves the danger of using these kinds of laws to force people in the artistic profession to create artwork that violates their beliefs,” Jeremy Tedesco, a senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.

“The request from the Satanists is essentially the same as the request that Jack Phillips received from the same-sex couple to create a cake that violates his beliefs, because in both instances, the requester can say the law covers my request. For the Satanists, they’re going to say it’s religious discrimination for you to say no to a cake that I’m requesting because of my protected status.”
Or do we just judge rights based on whether it's people w approve of. Gay people? Yup, they get rights! Satanists? Meh. Christian bakers? No way.

That's the thing with BIG GOVERNMENT which is in the right granting business. Once government is in the business of granting rights, rather than just guaranteeing them, they hand them to groups they like and revoke them from those they don't like.


Ridiculous Couple Sues Catholic Charities over Adoption

This. Is. Nuts. So pretty much a random day in the life of 21st century America.

The AP reports:

A North Dakota couple is suing Catholic Charities for $6.5 million, alleging that the group didn't allow them to adopt a girl because they were living together and hadn't gotten married yet.

James and Tahnee Young, of Fargo, say they were matched up with a 15-year-old girl who was living in foster care five months before their July wedding date and had hoped to have the teen as a bridesmaid in the ceremony. They never met the girl but they had a 90-minute interview with the teen's social worker, who allegedly told them she "would get things moving" in the hopes that the adoption could be completed before the wedding.

"Everything was fully disclosed up front and there was absolutely no concern whatsoever," James said, referring to the fact they were not yet married.

The Youngs said they became suspicious when they failed to receive the necessary paperwork and were eventually told the adoption was off because they were living together as an unmarried couple.

"The social worker said we had to abide by the church's teachings," James said. "They said we were living in sin and it goes all the way back to the Pope."
So...they wanted a girl they never met to be a bridesmaid in their wedding ceremony? That's how they wanted to introduce themselves to her? On THEIR wedding day. Something tells me if they really wanted the child they would've just gotten married and then adopted the child. But instead they want to raise a stink and sue to more than $6 million dollars.


What Big Abortion Doesn't Understand about Pro-Lifers

When I was a nine-year-old kid and told some outrageous lie to my teachers or parents (it was like one time tops), the last thing I wanted was a lengthy debate about my lie because I knew that at some point I would eventually say something stupid and expose myself as a big fat liar. So I essentially avoided eye contact and any and all conversations.

I've noticed that Big Abortion is exactly like me as a nine year old, except for the baby killing—oh, and contraceptives, and funding politicians to support their monstrous practices. Except for all those things, they're exactly like nine-year-old me. They desire silence.

Aiding them in their pursuit of silence are judges, Twitter, Facebook, politicians, Google, and the mainstream media among others. The latest example of this is that Twitter just refused to run a an election video from pro-life Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. In a Senate campaign video that was supposed to be advertised on Twitter, Blackburn said “I’m 100-percent pro-life. I fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts, thank God.”

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>

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Columbus Poem Fixed for the 21st Century

I've SJW'ed it for a more 21st century understanding of Columbus.

In fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

On three ships he took a ride
in order to carry out his genocide.

His sails filled night and day with an unyielding breeze
escorting his sailors who would introduce deadly disease

His heart was filled with Christianity,
evidence of his inhumanity

Colonialism, racism, and subjugation
were goals which allowed no deviation.

There was only one religion, he would assert
He would force each and everyone to convert

Eurocentrism would mean death for numbers untold
just so he could bring them into the fold

The first American? No, not technically.
But the progenitor of this colonialist calamity.


The Truth About Columbus?

Wait. Columbus was America's first immigrant but the left doesn't want to celebrate him? I guess he wasn't a Democrat.

But now we have antifa threatening to destroy all statues of Columbus.

The Daily Signal:

Far-left historian Howard Zinn, in particular, had a huge impact on changing the minds of a generation of Americans about the Columbus legacy. Zinn not only maligned Columbus, but attacked the larger migration from the Old World to the new that he ushered in.

It wasn’t just Columbus who was a monster, according to Zinn, it was the driving ethos of the civilization that ultimately developed in the wake of his discovery: the United States.

“Behind the English invasion of North America,” Zinn wrote, “behind their massacre of Indians, their deception, their brutality, was that special powerful drive born in civilizations based on private profit.”

The truth is that Columbus set out for the New World thinking he would spread Christianity to regions where it didn’t exist. While Columbus, and certainly his Spanish benefactors, had an interest in the goods and gold he could return from what they thought would be Asia, the explorer’s primary motivation was religious.

“This conviction that God destined him to be an instrument for spreading the faith was far more potent than the desire to win glory, wealth, and worldly honors,” wrote historian Samuel Eliot Morison over a half-century ago.

In fact, as contemporary historian Carol Delaney noted, even the money Columbus sought was primarily dedicated to religious purposes.


Archdiocese of Philadelphia Holds Mass for Las Vegas Victims

If you're looking for something to do, here's something. It'll be a heckuva lot more effective than time spent arguing about gun control on Facebook.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia invites all people of good will to join in prayer for the nearly 60 people killed and close to 600 injured in the tragic attack this past Sunday in Las Vegas.

The Mass will be held at Saints Peter and Paul Basilica in Philadelphia at 5:30. The mass will be said for all the victims and their families as well as an end to gun violence and senseless tragedies.

A rosary will be said at 7 p.m. right after Mass as well.


This. Is. CNN.

CNN said the Vegas shooting occurred because America is ‘silently accepting the rage of white men.’

Me: So "white men" are responsible for Las Vegas shooting but all these jihadists have nothing to do with Muslims. Right?

This. Is. CNN.


Original Sin is Crucial

The concept of original sin is crucial to our culture. We must acknowledge that man is imperfect or else leftists will go about their business of perfecting us. And that business always ends bloody.

Human perfectability is just too tantalizing a goal to allow a little thing like freedom to get in the way.


What's an "Alt-Right" Catholic?

Fr. James Martin is now referring to Catholics who oppose what he wrote in his latest book as "alt-right Catholics."

Honest to goodness, I have no idea what that even means. I didn't really have a firm understanding what "alt-right" meant when it referred to politics but I definitely don't understand what it means in reference to Catholics.

Is it just the new "fundamentalist" which pretty much meant "a Christian I don't like because he actually believes that stuff."

Politically, the alt-right moniker seems to be a way of calling someone racist or a Nazi without calling them a Nazi racist. So it's like a skirting of Godwin's law. But in Catholicism, it seems to mean someone who actually believes the Church teaching on sex and gender. But (and I'm not being obtuse for humor reasons here) I'm honestly not sure what the heck it means.

Maybe, they should call it "alt-rite" in Catholic circles just to give it that Catholicy feel.

*subhead*Fr. Martin.*subhead*

This Is The Real Crisis In The Church

I think that the recent La Stampa article by my friend Emmett O'Regan, with which I profoundly disagree, shows just how deep this crisis of confusion goes and how pernicious this perceived division between loyalty to the faith and loyalty to the Pope, as such a thing could ever exist. Such a correction is the ultimate act of loyalty to the Pope, most particularly in a world that hates truth.

I know that Emmett is a loyal son of the Church. It pains me that men like him cannot see the justness and loyalty of those who risked much for the faith to issue this needed correction.

I am reminded of a vision from Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich. In the 19th century, she described a future terrible crisis in the Church in which she saw faithful Catholics enter a Church amid great tumult and crisis. The faithful Catholics felt compelled to come to a Church and...well, just read it. I feel this is us right now.

"They must rise at twelve at night, and pray in this manner; and they must keep coming to the Church. They must pray above all for the Church of Darkness to leave Rome…”

“She (the Holy Mother) said a great many others things that it pains me to relate: she said that if only one priest could offer the bloodless sacrifice as worthily and with the same disposition as the Apostles, he could avert all the disasters (that are to come). To my knowledge the people in the Church did not see the apparition, but they must have been stirred by something supernatural, because as soon as the Holy Virgin had said that they must pray God with outstretched arms, they all raised their arms. These were all good and devout people, and they did not know where help and guidance should be sought. There were no traitors and enemies among them, yet they were afraid of one another. Once can judge thereby what the situation was like.”

Yes, one can judge thereby what the situation is like.


Rep. Tim Murphy Urged Girlfriend to Get Abortion. Yawn.

Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania urged his girlfriend (yes, he's married) to get an abortion. And he also said he "winced" at his own office's statement on late-term abortion. I'm so sick of these guys.

Does it piss me off? Yup. Does it surprise me? Nope. They're playing us. They've been playing us for so long that they think it's game over.

Hot Air:

Republican Rep. Tim Murphy admitted to the affair with a friend in a statement released by his office last month. Today the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that when Murphy believed Shannon Edwards, the woman he’d had the affair with, was pregnant he urged her to have an abortion. This came to light in a text message exchange prompted by a pro-life statement the congressman published on Facebook in January. It read, “The United States is one of just seven countries worldwide that permits elective abortion more than halfway through pregnancy (beyond 20 weeks). It is a tragic shame that America is leading the world in discarding and disregarding the most vulnerable.” Ms. Edwards took offense at that sentiment:

A text message sent in January to U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy by a woman with whom he had an extra-marital relationship took him to task for an anti-abortion statement posted on Facebook from his office’s public account.
“And you have zero issue posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week when we thought that was one of the options,” Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist in Pittsburgh with whom the congressman admitted last month to having a relationship, wrote to Mr. Murphy on Jan. 25, in the midst of an unfounded pregnancy scare.

A text from Mr. Murphy’s cell phone number that same day in response says, “I get what you say about my March for life messages. I’ve never written them. Staff does them. I read them and winced. I told staff don’t write any more. I will.”
The guy's a liar at every level. He's lying to his wife. He's lying to his girlfriend. And he's lying to us. This guy is about one guy - Tim Murphy. But screw him. I don't care at all about Tim Murphy. He's not unique. I hope the pro-lifers primary him. And yeah, maybe they'll lose the seat to Democrats because of it but who cares. (The seat has flipped between the two parties regularly.) But this guy is a symptom of a much bigger problem.

When I was active in politics I remember being stunned about how much Republicans disdained pro-lifers. I was working on a campaign back then so they thought I was one of those hacks that didn't really give a damn about a damn thing except winning. I remember all these Republican leaders rolling their eyes at the mere mention of pro-lifers. They were embarrassed by them. In short, they winced.

To Republicans, pro-lifers are the oogedy-boogedy crazy religious types that aren't fit for the fancy parties. Oh, they'll take their money. And they'll ask them to work the polls. But when it comes time to actually do something for them like introduce legislation that has a prayer of passing, not so much.

These Republican leader types want to make it clear to their friends that they're not part of THAT crowd. You see, pro-lifers are like "the help" to them. They're of a different class and they're to be ignored for the most part. At least the Democrats have the stones to kick pro-lifers out of the party. Republicans invite us in and then roll their eyes and whisper to each other when they think we're out of earshot. (It's hard to find good help nowadays.)

Even now, the Republican led House is touting that they just passed a bill banning late-term abortions. But it's sort of a scam. They all know there's not a chance of this actually passing the Senate. Zero chance. This will get filibustered. They know it. So it's a vote that changes nothing. Kinda' like the way they voted to end Obamacare a few dozen times when they knew they couldn't get it signed but when it actually mattered they couldn't get it done.

It's such a sham that even Tim Murphy voted for it. I wasn't watching CNN so I don't know if he winced when he cast his vote.


A Peak Inside The Bubble

That CBS lawyer who wrote that she had no sympathy at all for the victims of the Las Vegas shooter. I, at first, was stunned that someone who was obviously smart would write something so obviously dumb, never mind evil. Why would she write it, I wondered.

Neo-neocon writes:

But whatever happens, I would wager that what prompted Geftman-Golds to feel quite safe in expressing her sentiments is the fact that she most likely lives in a liberal bubble that has allowed and even at times encouraged such thoughts. I’ve lived in liberal bubbles, and I still operate in smaller liberal bubbles at times, and although I’ve never personally heard anything quite approaching the viciousness of Geftman-Golds’ remarks, I hear plenty of hatred and contempt expressed for Republicans in general.

It’s pretty standard, and after a while it becomes a sort of expected background noise to those who frequent such circles continually, and whatever shock value it might have had (if it had any in the first place) probably starts wearing off. If everyone considers expressions of hatred for members of a political party standard and worth hardly a yawn, after a while those expressions might start to escalate.

I am almost certain that, were she asked to explain herself—and if she were to give an honest answer—Geftman-Golds would say that she was right to say what she said because after all she was only defending children from being killed by firearms, and Republicans think it’s just hunky-dory if children are slaughtered in that way as long as the Republicans can keep their precious guns. Something like that. Despite being a lawyer, I doubt she has any true understanding of the Second Amendment, what it means and why it is important to defend. And I very much doubt she hobnobs with any Republicans or country music aficionados, so she felt quite free to demonize them.

In sum, I believe it’s likely that Geftman-Golds felt philosophically safe inside her bubble, and didn’t even think her remarks would be especially controversial or objectionable.
And we wonder why antifa violence is ignored. We wonder why violence against Christians is overlooked. It's because we, according to some, are on the wrong side of history. And the wrong side of history needs to be erased.


Abortionist: "It's a business. And a business has to make money."

This says it all. An abortionist says that the importance of making money trumps all that women's rights b.s.

The Washington Post:

Now at 50, Stave is finally calling it quits. Last month, he agreed to sell the Germantown clinic — one of only a few in the country that offer late-term abortions — to the Maryland Coalition for Life, the anti-abortion group that opened a crisis pregnancy center across the parking lot and staged frequent protests outside his door.

The coalition won't get any physical part of the practice -- no instruments, furniture, medical records, nor any kind of patient data or any other asset, Stave said. They simply bought its closure.

“They’re going to claim victory,” said Stave in his first interview about the decision to sell the clinic for an undisclosed amount.

But slow your roll, abortion rights opponents. It’s more complicated than caving to pressure.

Yes, Stave is relieved that his family will be free after decades of harassment, but the decision was also driven by the declining demand for abortion and the soaring cost of security.

Though Stave vehemently supports a woman’s right to choose and felt conflicted about selling the clinic, “it’s still a business,” he said. “And a business has to make money.”
It's all about the benjamins. We've always known that to be true. It's good to see the Washington Post reporting the truth for a change.


Pope’s New Book Features Preface by Gender Theory Activist. Wait, What?

This deserves an "uh-oh." Maybe even a "yikes."


Italian Catholics are in uproar over a decision by Pope Francis to invite Education Minister Valeria Fedeli—an outspoken LGBT and gender theory advocate—to write the preface for his new book on education.

When the Pope’s book, Learning to Learn: Reflections on Education Issues (“Imparare ad imparare. Riflessioni sui temi dell’educazione”), appeared in bookstores last Thursday, it bore the preface by Fedeli, sparking a wave of criticism by Catholics and pro-family groups. One local media outlet noted that the Pope’s choice seemed “almost a provocation.”

When Fedeli was appointed Education Minister last December, the Italian pro-family group Generazione Famiglia called the decision a “declaration of war” against the traditional family and the right of children to have a mother and a father.

In recent years, Fedeli has been “undoubtedly the most tenacious and ideological supporter of the manipulation of school programs at every level according to the dictates of gender theories,” the organization declared.
You can check it out at Breitbart.

I'm wondering if Pope Francis feels like a Nixon can go to China thing here because he has been fairly vocal about gender issues.

I'm sure we'll be hearing many reasons soon enough why this is actually brilliant and wonderful and only totally wacko reactionaries would have any problem with this.