"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Top 12 Incontrovertible Truths about The March for Life

1) Once you make your way into Washington D.C., do NOT be concerned with praying or singing too loud. You are a pro-lifer in Washington D.C., nobody can see you or hear you. We are like ninjas, whether we want to be or not. Invisible to all.

2) Layers. Lots o'layers. I don't know why but the March for Life seems to almost always be held on one of the most brutally cold or nasty days of the year. I think it's God testing our resolve. Perhaps we should implore the Supreme Court that next time it wants to remove one of our most sacred rights, it do so in a warm month. #justsayin'

3) Do not try to make out the actual words of the speakers. You will only give yourself a headache. The audio system is set up precisely to deliver 2.7 words out of every seven the speaker says. Bonus thought: If you're looking to make the March a drinking game, take a drink every time one of the speakers says the word "Gorsuch."

4) Say hi to the President! This is just a prediction. President Trump will say in his speech that this is the greatest and yuuuuuugest March in the history of the country. I hope he's right. (But the media will say the Russians colluded with pro-lifers.)

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