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Navy Rejects Atheist Chaplain

The Washington Examiner recently reported that the U.S. Navy has rejected the application of Jason Heap to become the Navy's first Secular Humanist chaplain. They rejected it even though the Navy chaplain advisory board recommended approval. But 45 House members and 22 Senators wrote the Navy opposing approval.

Senator Richard Wicker, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the appointment of an atheist to the role of chaplain would be "fundamentally incompatible with atheism’s secularism."

If someone in the service wants to see an secularist chaplain just tell them to find a Jesuit. (I kid. I kid.) ((Sorta'))

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Ah, Pope Francis Really Understands the Youth

Ah Pope Francis really does understand the youth. He know that by an old pope encouraging them to shout more and act like know-it-alls that will instantly make shouting and know-it-all-ism totally uncool just from the shear uncoolness of his endorsement. So this is like reverse psychology into making young people quieter and more open to learning.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis, starting Holy Week services leading to Easter, urged young people on Sunday to keep shouting and not allow the older generations to silence their voices or anesthetize their idealism.

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Obama: I would create a million young Barack Obamas

Can you imagine even thinking something like this, never mind saying it.


I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” Obama told the attendees. “Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”
Imagine seeing yourself as the cause of human progress and your prescription for all the world's problems is a million more yous.


I Believe in Unicorns, the Tooth Fairy and Pro-Life Democrats

I'll admit it. I'd given up all belief in pro-life Democrats. Ok, they weren't like magical fairy land creatures. They were more like dinosaurs who once roamed the earth but changing circumstances made them extinct. And by changing circumstances I mean if Democrats wanted access to power and money they better worship at the altar of "choice" or find themselves among the riff-raff.

But like a Bigfoot sighting, there are reports of a pro-life Democrat being spotted in Illinois.

The national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) said they spotted a creature called a Lipinski which is a genus of a pro-life Democrat. They say they are now doing everything they can to help the poor creature survive in the wild of a Democrat primary, which is often brutal and unforgiving.

SBA List reached more than 23,000 voters ahead of Election Day in support of Rep. Dan Lipinski in Illinois 3rd Congressional District. The group’s team of 70 canvassers, including SBA List staff and students from nearby universities, visited 17,000 pro-life Democrat households in the district in the final days of the race as part of a campaign that also included digital ads and voter contact mail.

“Dan Lipinski is one of the few remaining pro-life Democrats in Congress, and he has shown extraordinary courage,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “He stood firm against Obamacare’s expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion under intense pressure from party leaders to give in."

And it now appears they've gained a victory. The Associated Press is reporting today that Lipinski narrowly won a primary Tuesday over pro-choice progressive Marie Newman, who had the backing of Bernie Sanders.

The GOP nominee is Arthur Jones, a self-proclaimed Nazi and Holocaust denier who was the only Republican to file for the office so we should all be pretty grateful that Lipinski won. Note: I love how the AP has to make clear he's a "self proclaimed Nazi" and not the typical alleged Nazi that all other Republicans are, according to the left.

But regardless, we should all be glad Lipinski won. So, thanks to the SBA List for continuing to believe in pro-life Democrats when many of us gave up hope. Makes me think I shouldn't have written off Nessie and Bigfoot so easily.

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MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle Mocks Larry Kudlow's Faith

Ugh. Look at the smugness. Disgusting. To be clear, she later apologized saying she's a Catholic and Kudlow accepted but it's very clear how she feels about Kudlow's faith. She finds it mockable.


The Short Story "The Lottery" is not Supposed to be a Handbook

Who could've seen this coming? A generation that was raised amid a genocide of their unborn siblings does not esteem life? A generation that's been told that imperfect people deserve death believes others are expendable? An age where the measure of life is taken based on whether it is inconvenient to others, implicitly believes in utilitarianism?

This piece from Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, is the stuff of nightmares. She writes that a teacher told about teaching the short story, “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson for decades and the changing reaction to the story.

You probably know the story even if you don't know you know it.A small rural community ensures its good harvest by sacrificing one of its own every year or so. They draw cards and whoever gets the black dot assumes room temperature at the hands of everyone else. I read it in school and I remember being horrified. Spoiler alert...you're supposed to be.

For more than 30 years beginning in 1970, English professor Kay Haugaard used the story to spur corresponding discussions in her literature class at Pasadena City College. Ms. Haugaard says she could always count on some common reactions:

“Everyone thought it was scary because, as someone inevitably said, ‘The characters seem just like regular people — you know, like us!’”

“The story always impressed the class with the insight that I felt the author had intended: the danger of just ‘going along’ with something habitually, without examining its rationale and value. In spite of the changes that I had witnessed over the years in anthologies and in students’ writing, Jackson’s message about blind conformity always spoke to my students’ sense of right and wrong.”
Then in the 1990s, something started to change dramatically in how her students responded to the sobering tale. Rather than being horrified by it, some claimed they were bored by it, while others thought the ending was “neat.”

When Ms. Haugaard pressed them for more of their thoughts, she was appalled to discover that not one student in the class was willing to say the practice of human sacrifice was morally wrong! She describes one interaction with a student, whom she calls Beth:
“‘Are you asking me if I believe in human sacrifice?’ Beth responded thoughtfully, as though seriously considering all aspects of the question. ‘Well, yes,’ I managed to say. ‘Do you think that the author approved or disapproved of this ritual?’

“I was stunned: This was the [young] woman who wrote so passionately of saving the whales, of concern for the rain forests, of her rescue and tender care of a stray dog. ‘I really don’t know,’ said Beth; ‘If it was a religion of long standing, [who are we to judge]?’”

“For a moment, I couldn’t even respond,” reports Ms. Haugaard. “This woman actually couldn’t seem to bring herself to say plainly that she was against human sacrifice. My classes of a few years before would have burst into nervous giggles at the suggestion. This class was calmly considering it.”

At one point, a student explained she had been taught not to judge, and if this practice worked for them, who was she to argue differently.

Appalled by the student’s moral indifference, Ms. Haugaard concludes, “Today, for the first time in my thirty years of teaching, I looked my students in the eye and not one of them in my class could tell me that this society, this cultural behavior was a bad thing.”
Not one of these students would say human sacrifice is wrong? The whole point of “The Lottery” is to show the dangers of blindly following bad ideas. But Ms. Haugaard’s students had been taught that labels like good and evil, sacred and sinful, no longer applied as absolutes — and they responded accordingly. They had been taught that to assign moral values to actions was, in itself, wrong.
You may be tempted to conclude that this is an extreme anecdote and that this doesn’t happen anywhere else but in the politically correct meccas of Berkeley, Brown or Pasadena. Don’t be.

As a university president, I can assure you that if you were to conduct this same exercise today on campuses in heartland America, you would get the exact same blank stares of amorality that Professor Haugaard got on the crazy shores of the Left Coast some 30 years ago.
Remember this story the next time someone tells you it “doesn’t matter what you believe as long as it works for you.” Remember this when you hear, “that’s ‘just your opinion.” Remember this when the “tolerant” tell you they can’t tolerate your intolerance. Remember this the next time anyone says, “Who are you to judge?”
Remember this story and pray.

Pray: “God help us.”
Pray unceasingly.


Abortionist Says Catholic Education Prepared Her to be an Abortionist

This is sickening.

USA Today:

I was part of our youth group and joined a “pro-life” march in Washington, D.C. I went to Notre Dame for college and lived and worked with missionaries for two years after graduation. I was indoctrinated to the highest degree in Catholic doctrine and dogma and at the end of it, I came away with the deep conviction that my upbringing and my religion were guiding me to live a life centered on social justice.

I had no idea how formative my Catholic education was in preparing me for my first encounter with a patient who needed an abortion. Empathy was one of the core values I was taught by my parents, who had a First Nation's People's proverb hanging in our house: “Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins.” My patient opened a door for me, revealed to me the dark and sad space in her life, and I could understand that for her, an abortion was both right and necessary. And for her to be able to make the choice was just.

When faced with my own abortion several years later, I was devastated. Yet at the same time, I was grateful that in a region of the world where many women do not have access to safe abortions, this care was readily available to me, in a setting of love and support.
Just a few months earlier, I had been called to the operating room in our district hospital. I found a young woman on the table and an even younger doctor attempting to gain control over a life-threatening complication of an attempted home abortion. I worked feverishly on her as her life drained away. I watched her blood turn from red to pink to clear. Despite all of my training, I was unable to undo what had been done. She was a mother of five who had seen abuse and abandonment. And there she was, dying in my hands.

I do not expect anyone to transform their moral ideology or religious convictions. We do, however, need to weigh very seriously the consequences of the political decisions we make based on our values. In my Catholic, middle-class community growing up, we were single-issue voters. We believed that we were preserving family values by voting “pro-life.” But what the data show, and what my own experience has demonstrated, is that the illegality of abortion does not decrease either the likelihood that women will seek an abortion, or that someone will provide an abortion.
I love how she says she was "indoctrinated to the highest degree in Catholic doctrine and dogma" at Notre Dame. Yeah, because when I think Catholic dogma, I think Notre Dame, right? You too, right?


Wait, I Thought Using Women as Breeders was Bad

Great point from Jennifer Hartline at The Stream:

The truth is, the commodification of children is wrong. To requisition, manufacture, and purchase a child is wrong.

My friend and Catholic author Leila Lawler astutely asked on Facebook, “How is it possible that men can dominate and exploit women and children in this way — all socially acceptable?”

Indeed, how is it possible? The answer, of course, is that it is socially acceptable because the celebration of homosexuality by society demands it.

For all the times the accusation of treating women like breeders is bitterly thrown at the Catholic Church and Christians in general, somehow when gay men literally use women as their breeders it’s worthy of applause.
But it's using women for the LGBT clause and as we all know, LGBT is higher on the victim scale so their rights are paramount.

HT Big Pulpit


Vatican Releases New Image Of Letter From Paul to Corinth

The Vatican just released a new image of a letter from Paul to some guys in Corinth.

In unrelated news: The Vatican has admitted that it altered a photo sent to the media of a letter from retired Pope Benedict XVI about Pope Francis' theological background. The manipulation changed the meaning of the image.
*subhead*Seems Legit.*subhead*

But California's like totally serious about not going to Kansas. Except for the NCAA

Remember that California LAW that banned using public funds for travel to the state of Kansas because they were mad that Kansas passed a religious liberty bill which angered the LGBT community.

And they're soooooo serious about this issue that now that San Diego State made the NCAA tournament and is scheduled to play in Wichita you must be expecting that they care so much about this issue that they're going to refuse to go, you know, like make a stand.



There is, though, a solution. Not a simple one, but one that means the school isn’t left with a supersized travel bill.

San Diego State was faced with a similar dilemma when its football team received an invitation to the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas. The Wichita Eagle explains how SDSU dealt with the travel ban on that occasion:

For the bowl game, the San Diego State athletics department used money from its Campanile Foundation, which handles donations to the university, officials said. The Mountain West Conference reimbursed the athletics department for the cost of the trip, and the department reimbursed the foundation.

So, as Mike May, the school’s associate athletic director of communications, told the Eagle, and later confirmed to Yahoo Sports, “It’s more of an accounting situation, but … it does add a wrinkle.” Essentially, funds just come from different sources, and pass through more hands.

California’s travel ban won’t, therefore, affect the team or the program. The main way in which it affects them is in non-conference scheduling. But they won’t have any problems paying for hotels in Wichita. The payments will just have to be made in a slightly roundabout way.
I think the word I'm looking for is hypocritical. But they're like totally serious you guys about being pissed at Kansas. But only enough to get rock star headlines for like standing up to the Christonazis but not enough to actually inconvenience themselves.


Sinner's Funeral

Best headline I've seen all day: "Sinner funeral will be Friday in Fargo."

I don't mean it because he was a pro-choice Democrat. I just mean the headline. That would be an apropos headline for all of us. I think too often we forget that the deceased needs our prayers. Their journey is not necessarily over. And they need us. I think we should all remember that more often.


Why We are Failing

We are failing. We are all failing. You feel it too, don't you?

I saw a study from the Pew Research organization which said that only 18% of Americans had any faith at all in the federal government. I'm with them. I don't have much confidence in the feds either. But I think a very important question must be considered. Can a country survive that has so little faith in its own institutions?

But I don't believe it's just that government that is failing. I believe it's all of us. And I think we all know it too. We can't help but be reminded of it often. It's impossible to ignore.
We've all seen the reports that at least one police officer stood outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida while Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people inside. When his inaction came to light he resigned. It's now being reported that he wasn't the only one. The failure was likely systemic.

The media has also eschewed their responsibility as objective fact gatherers and taken on the role of propagandists. But our failures aren't just high up. They're everywhere.

When I was a kid all the parents in the neighborhood were in charge of all the kids. All adults were authority figures. But now most parents wouldn't dare to raise their voice or correct someone else's child. This is not an advance. It's a surrender.

Technology which was supposed to bring us together has separated us. So many of us are alienated from each other. I'll be honest. I don't know my neighbor's name. I've lived next to him for eight or nine years. He seems like a nice guy. But he's single and works a lot. We've shoveled the walkway together a few times. He's funny in a sarcastic way. He drives slowly in the neighborhood because he knows there are many children running around. And I'm grateful for that. But I don't know his name. And it's one of those deals that I feel like he's been here too long and asking him would show what an idiot I am. So yes, I'm part of the problem.

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>


Store Owner Refuses to Serve Republicans

A phone repair store owner in Derry New Hampshire says he will not serve Republicans because...they're evil.

Have an old iPhone that needs to be fixed? If you’re a Republican, The Used Apple Store in Derry, New Hampshire, says look elsewhere.
“We feel that they’re the greatest threat currently in the world,” said Billy Williams, the store owner.

The store detailed the Republican ban in a Facebook post, which read in part:

“We say no thank you to any Republican. If you affiliate with the Republican Party you are not welcome into our store.”
The store went as far as to call Republicans “evil.”

“You have an uptight, closed energy, negative aura to you… almost evil, and to be honest, usually evil,” the post said.
This is all well and good but you Christians better have no problem baking that cake.

Ironically, this is exactly what leftists accused Christians of doing. But they weren't. Christians bakers were refusing to take part in a ceremony that went against their beliefs. But this guy is saying he won't serve these people because he doesn't like them. Disgusting.

These are the rules of the game.