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Pope Declares Nun Who Asked God to Forgive her Murderers a Martyr

Pope Francis recently declared that Sister Maria Laura Mainetti, an Italian religious sister killed by three teenage girls in a Satanic sacrifice, was a martyr for the Catholic faith.

I have followed Sister Mainetti's cause closely since I wrote about her in my book "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage." Here is her story:

It all began in the spring of 2000 in the idyllic town of Chiavenna, Italy, a prosperous town of seven thousand inhabitants near Lake Como, on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Bored with small-town life, three teenage girls named Ambra, Veronica, and Milena entered into a satanic pact, seeking to drum up a little excitement.

As heavy metal music screamed and pulsed, the girls cut their hands and wrists, poured their blood into a glass, and drank it to strengthen their allegiance and bind themselves irreversibly to their secret cause.

Then, under the cover of darkness, the girls broke into a local church, stole a Bible, and…

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