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The Covid Baby Bust Is a Symptom of a Much Worse Sickness

Guys, Netflix is just not that awesome. We've been quarantined for months and we're experiencing a baby bust? WTH? Experts are forecasting declining birth rates this year as a result of the   coronavirus pandemic , putting pressure on the consumer giants that manufacture infant formula, baby food and diapers,   The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Barclays is predicting that births in China will fall 8% this year, while the  Brookings Institute is estimating that U.S. births could shrink by as much as half a million , citing the impact of an economic recession, according to the Journal. This comes as birthrates in the U.S. and China are already at their lowest levels on record. And the births may not just be delayed. The Brookings report forecast that the permanent loss of income stemming from the pandemic will keep some people from having any children even after the crisis subsides. A sharp decline in the number of births this year means that  Nestle’s  Gerber and  Reckitt

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