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Christians Are Called to Be Counter-Cultural

Some say they don't believe in "evil." That's why they're forced to compare anyone who's against them to Hitler. With no objective measure of good and evil they can only compare and contrast their enemies to known historical figures. This historical person is unpopular and this one is popular. This person killed for the right reasons and this one didn't. That is the measure they implement. That is why you don't get many comparisons to Stalin. He's not known enough to be truly unpopular because they are sympathetic to his reasons for killing millions. So children aren't taught about Stalin or Mao and the tens of millions of deaths on their hands. People on the left often wear Che Guavera shirts even though he too is a mass killer. Why? Once again, they support his reasons. So the question is never good or evil but popular or unpopular. And that is what it comes down to.  Evil is relativistic. Situational. It intentionally doesn’t stand out. It

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