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This is Religious Liberty in Today's America

This is the state of religious liberty in our country right now.

A group of atheists, whose headquarters may or not be "My Stepfather's Steve's (who's totally a jerk) basement" got upset over the Nativity being displayed at an Oklahoma public school. So a letter was blasted out and the school district quickly reached for their "how to cave" guidebook and decided that the school would continue to recognize Christmas but this time, without three minor characters: Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus.

Chisholm Elementary School’s third grade Christmas play after atheist group Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter claiming the school is violating the Establishment Clause. Sure, it's been part of the school's tradition for over three decades but it's like so totally offensive that it's making the supertolerant atheists tweet angry messages about Nazis and other mean people.

Now, here's my favorite part. A school district spokesperson sai…

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