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How Many Post-Viability Abortions Would be Too Much?

2020 Democrats Expose Extreme Abortion Policies in New Survey

This is very odd to me. And when I say "very odd" I mean pretty horrific.

The New York Times actually reported actual news. Sadly, that is a shock. You see, they've been very busy with pretending that Russia and the Ukraine were our president's secret overlords. But they sent out a questionnaire on abortion to the 2020 Democrat hopefuls. Can you imagine that? A news organization actually got the Democrats to go public about their abortion stances.

Now that I'm thinking about it, it was all probably a ruse to get Tulsi Gabbard to delineate exactly what she thinks about abortion but she didn't respond to the questionnaire.

As you might imagine, there was very little space between the Dem candidates on abortion. They all had their scalpel shaped pom poms out.

And it's pretty horrific when you think about it. And when you really drill down into it, you can't help but think these folks are mo…

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