Every Life is Precious

We live in a culture in which we continue to more narrowly define which lives are worth living. We are continuously told that we are entitled only to perfect children. Children who are less than perfect will only suffer and their lives are not worth living. Why do that to the children, why do that to ourselves? Better to abort, and maybe try again.

We know that every child is wanted by God. This video is a beautiful counter argument to the Culture of Death. May God bless the parents who made it.


  1. You also live in a "culture" which is saturated with death fullstop.

    A "culture" which is the worlds biggest maker, owner, seller and USER of weapons of all kinds--including and especially, WMD'S. It is responsible for 48% of the worlds armaments trade, has over 700 foreign military bases.

    A "culture" which is dominated by the "values" and imperative of the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned you about. The Pentagon death machine rules.

    A "culture" which is also dominated by the "culture" of guns brought to one and all courtesy of the NRA.

    Literally a "culture" of death.

    A "culture" that even has a Trident submarine named the USS (City) of Corpus Christie.

    Also a country that was founded on grand theft (which is still continuing), genocide and slavery. Slavery also being grand theft, genocide and MASS murder.


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