I'm a Catholic But Not Really

Here’s my favorite quote of the day. This from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during his trip to Canada: “I’m a Catholic and a very dedicated Catholic, but that doesn’t interfere with my decision-making.”

Oh good. My question is if your religion doesn't affect your decision making, in what way are you "very dedicated?"

In John F. Kennedy's day, the question was, 'Is he too Catholic?' Now the question about too many of our leading politicians is, "Is he really Catholic?"


  1. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared previously on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

    GS: You're a Catholic, how do you reconcile your political positions on abortion, on gay rights, on the death penalty. There opposed to the positions of the Catholic Church - how do you reconcile that:

    AS: That's easy, I never had one sleepless night over it

    GS: So do I.

    AS: Because it makes no difference to me I represent the people of California. The people of California not all of them are Catholics. So therefore I do not bring in my religion into this whole thing. As a matter of fact religion should have no effect on politics. If you make a decision it should not be based on religious beliefs it should be based on what is it and how can you represent the people of California the best possible way. We have a combination, we have Jews, we have Christians, we have Hindus, we have Buddhists, all kinds of different religions here and they say there is a 140 some religions in this state and I have to represent all of them and make the decisions based on what's best for the state

  2. I don't want to know a guy who doesn't have sleepless nights over the really big questions. It's a sign of an inactive mind and an overactive ego.


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