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Today on CMR - December 31, 2007

Our Way or The Highway

BG Photo

Today on CMR - December 28, 2007

Tony Is No Great Catch for Antediluvian Dictatorship

Friday Funnies

Today on CMR - December 27, 2007

SS Progressive Titanic

When the Electric Guitar Sounds During Mass, The Cherubim Weep

If You're Reading This You're a Blogaholic

Weekend on CMR - December 22-23, 2007

Yeah, That Ought To Do It!

Tony Blair Now a Catholic! Really?

Fr. Barron on Christmas

Canon Lawyer Takes On Catholic Hospital Association

Today on CMR - December 21, 2007

Cultural Catholics: Why Bother?

Tim Hawkins on Church

The Exorcist: The Musical

I Wasn't Jogging Naked, I Was Speed Walking

Some People Say We're Goofy

Today on CMR - December 20, 2007

Stained Glass: St. John's at Newman Hall

The Good News About Jamie Lynn Spears

First AARP, Then Priesthood

Today on CMR - December 18, 2007

People Don't Want Latin Mass

Catholic League to Huckabee: Enough With the Jesus

Today on CMR - December 18, 2007

The End of the Episcopal Church?

Read Me: Stuff You Shouldn't Miss

Jesuits Want to Know If You Can Find A Latin Mass

Today on CMR - December 17, 2007

Rabbi Says Cancel Christmas

Vasa Matter? Nothing!

I've Yet To Meet a Tolerant Atheist

Weekend on CMR - December 15-16, 2007

The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Liturgical Used Car Salesmen

Today on CMR - December 14, 2007

President Sends Out Religious Christmas Card!!!!! Gasp!

Shhhh!!! Abortion and the Pill Causes Cancer? Don't Pass it On

Today on CMR - December 13, 2007


Britney Spears in Talks to Play Virgin Mary