A New Low for Yale University

As a Yale alum, I have been repeatedly disgusted and disappointed in many of the decisions the university has made since I graduated in 1991. I routinely throw the requests for donations into the trash without even opening them. At times I had thought perhaps I was too harsh on the institution that gave me so much as a student, and maybe I should soften a bit. But the coffin is now nailed shut so tightly there is no going back.
Yale has approved a senior "art" project in which a student artificially inseminated herself from several donors, intentionally induced abortions, and is using the blood and aborted fetuses in her exhibit.
She will be using "layers of the sheeting [with] the blood from [her] self-induced miscarriages mixed with Vaseline in order to prevent the blood from drying and to extend the blood throughout the plastic sheeting," according to the Yale Daily News. "Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process."

This moral and physical travesty can only mean that Yale is irretrievably lost. Human life has become a mere commodity for a student to have 15 minutes of fame.

To contact Yale University: presidents.office@yale.edu


  1. A low? This is monstrous. This is pure evil. I am horrified, and I mean this literally, this is frightening me. If such satanic sacrlieges are accepted now, we must really brace for very bad times.

  2. Satanic!

    There is no other word for it.

  3. ... the Yale Daily News web site is displaying the article in plaintext, as web traffic has "spiked". No surprise.

    Abortion is not art. It's not "creative and beautiful" in concept or action. It's murder, and this poor girl must be sick or cruelly misguided to do this evil thing.

    The horrible deed is done (it was completed over a period of nine months), but we can pray for her and the school -- and for cancellation of the exhibit.

  4. What I sent to the prez:

    Dear Mr. President,

    Thank you for reinforcing my opinion that your school is nothing but a bunch of faux intellectuals concerned more with shock and pushing boundaries than you are with the truth. The depravity and evil (yes, I know, the term seems quaint to you) of the forthcoming “art” exhibit of aborted children is unspeakable. I am ashamed that you exist.


    Thomas Ranieri

  5. I had to read through that twice because I couldn't believe it the first time. The fact that Yale would accept this behavior as perfectly acceptable instead of the actions of someone seriously in need of some kind of mental health intervention says all I need to know about Yale.

  6. This is horrifying. I was able to read the article and I was glad to see that some of her fellow students, including some in the art department and some from groups that support the right to abortion were upset by her project. Still, what a culture we live in when this can happen without a huge public outcry of outrage. I think we really need to pray for this young woman.

  7. My goodness. That's about the most awful thing I've ever read. Who approved something like this? When this young woman suggested this, shouldn't an adult have gotten her help right away.

  8. When I read stuff like this, I think of Our lady of La Salette:

    "If my people do not wish to submit themselves, I am forced to let go off the hand of my Son. It is so heavy and weighs me down so much I can no longer keep hold of it."

    Or, In Genesis where God agreed to spare Sodom if as many as ten righteous men could be found in the city.

    In my heart I believe God does NOT give us what we deserve (i.e., the old Sodom & Gomorra treatment) because of the prayers, and intercessions of folks like the BVM and Abraham.

    There REALLY must be 10 righteous men staying God's hand.

  9. Lawyers have allowed this to happen. I am a lawyer and am ashamed. I should want to pray for the girl and make intercession, but the very hope is nearly sucked out of me completely.

    If the evil one has "warriors" on his side willing to do this sort of act, what are we willing to do? I really need to re-evaluate my committment to Jesus and his Church. I haven't prayed the Rosary in a long time. I've been skimping on my prayers. I'm not very nice to my wife. I don't offer any but general and vague intentions at Sunday mass. I don't sacrifice the time to go to daily mass. I don't go to adoration but once in a coon's age. I go to confession only twice a year or so. I'm a big fat chicken about sharing my faith at work.

    What am I doing to build up the body of Christ. I think I'll be fasting from the internet for awhile thinking about this.

  10. I am a student at Yale.

    Rumors have surrounded this case from the beginning; the latest rumor is that the entire story was a hoax intended as a work of "performance art." I hope this is true, although I'm not sure it's that much better than the alternative.

  11. The thought that this was a hoax did occur to me simply because it is beyond my capacity to imagine this level of depravity and because the "artist" has said relatively little about it. A hoax of this type is somewhat less despicable, but still hardly a contribution to make the world a better place.

  12. Hoax springs eternal.

    But it doesn't make it any better.


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