The Moment - Damian Thompson Speaks

Following up on the incredible news that the Traditional Latin Mass, now called the Gregorian Rite, will return to all parishes. Damian Thompson, in a comment at Fr. Z's WTDPRS sets the scene for us when he heard the words come from the mouth of Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei. Not many parishes - all parishes!
There were four journalists at the press conference – Anna Arco of the Herald, a Catholic guy from Reuters, Elena Curti from the Tablet and me from the Telegraph. I was skeptical that the Cardinal really envisaged the arrival of the Gregorian Rite (his term) in “many ordinary Catholic parishes” and my jaw dropped – and heart leapt – when he said: “Not many – all.” Twice. Elena bristled and started talking about going backwards and said something along the lines of “but we [the laity] are now priests, kings and prophets”. At which point I told the Cardinal that I wanted to dissociate myself from her comments, that young people were increasingly delighted by the opportunity to experience the TLM and were very grateful for his efforts.”

As we left, three out of the four journalists kissed the Cardinal’s ring. Guess which one didn’t – but then I suppose she’s already a priest, king and prophet or whatever.
I can imagine that many progressives will have a similar reaction as Ms. Curti from the Tablet. All I can say to them is you have my sympathy. We know how it feels! But better you than us. Continue to stay tuned as we see what measures will be taken to make this vision a reality.


  1. Wherever Fr. Richard McBrien is right now with this news, you know it's not a happy place. I'm sure he's calling the New York Times right now saying things like "The Dark Ages" and the Church is "Anti-women."

  2. I will offer my first "Gregorian Mass" for Ms what's her name, and Father. Jesus said some things need prayer. And this will be a sacrifice too, because I could think of a million things to offer my first mass for: like the New York Times, etc.

  3. Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos was being true to his Latin American background and his statement that not some but all parishes would have access to the Traditional Mass was a political move. He only said it, to please those attending his Mass at Westminster Cathedral. It is sad to realise this, but true. I don't think we will see the Traditional Mass in every parish any time soon.


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