An Open Letter to ABC News

Dear ABC,

I see you have discovered the term "pro-life" which you mentioned in this piece entitled "Are Democrats Now Pro-Life?"

After all these years while folks who oppose abortion have been calling themselves "pro-life," the media including, I believe, your organization consistently dubbed us as "anti-abortionists." But in the aforementioned piece published yesterday you mentioned the term "pro-life" five times in just one article. This would be a stunning and pleasing turnaround for ABC News but I must admit that I'm puzzled. So why the change? I hope that it's not just because the article is discussing abortion and Democrats.
Are Democrats Now Pro-Life?
As Convention Draws Near, New Talk of a Pro-Life Presence

The Democratic Party is engaged in a political high-wire act -- trying to bring in pro-life supporters without offending its pro-choice base.
Now, my confusion was increased because after a quick search of your site, it seems that just two days ago ABC News ran an article concerning abortion which included this graph:
A Hong Kong lawmaker said immigration officials deported three U.S.-based Chinese democracy activists after denying them entry to the territory, which is the site of Olympic equestrian events. A second protest by three Americans in Tiananmen Square, including anti-abortion activist the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, was stopped by security agents who led them away.
And I saw this on August 5th:
In suburban Kansas City, anti-abortion prosecutor Phill Kline lost a primary challenge in his bid for a full, four-year term as district attorney of the state's most populous county.
On July 4th, ABC featured an article which featured the term pro-life but only as a quote from Karl Rove.
Rove argued that Obama's attempts to reach out to the "values and pro-life leaders."
So I am asking your organization as an allegedly impartial news organization to clarify when do you choose to use the terms "pro-life" as opposed to "anti-abortion."

I'm sure it can't be just when you're referring to Democrats, can it? Please let me know.

Matt Archbold
Creative Minority Report (a pro-life blog)


  1. A question I bet they can't answer with a straight face. I wonder where on earth they get their dictionaries. I venture that if they do attempt to answer the question, it will be like tap-dancing to the tune of being "pro-quality of life", whatever on earth that means.

  2. Good job! ABC will ignore you, of course, but perhaps just one of the sheep in their offices will get it, and begin thinking, and make the first timid step to becoming a man or a woman instead of a sheep.

    -- Mack

  3. "I'm sure it can't be just when you're referring to Democrats, can it?"

    Media: Yes, it certainly can be. They're the ones paying us. Personally, we could care less about this whole abortion issue. We favor him who has the checkbook. The only people who matter are the ones with green faces.

  4. Excellent article.

    Way to call ABC on their useage of descriptors.

    The media aren't so "smart" as they purport themselves.

    Kazimer - "Kaz"

  5. I am happy being called an anti-abortionist, too!

  6. Of note, these "pro-life" politicians like Virginia Gov Tim Kaine and Pennsylvania Sen Casey have governing/voting records that put them high in the "personally opposed but..." and NARAL categories.

  7. yes. Casey ran a stealth campaign against Santorum where he hardly adressed any issue whatsoever.
    He won a lot of pro-life voters because of his supposedly pro-life stance but now that he's in he's voting with the abortionists on almost everything.

  8. Great observation!

    I hope more people pick up on this!


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