Palin Visits Medjugorje

Yeah, sorry. Not that Palin. Couldn't resist the temptation to put those two combox busting words in the same sentence.


  1. What a great video. Aside from Palin's terrible pronunciation of Medjugorje (cringe-worthy), it was great, and interesting to see such respect and what seemed like a believer's attitude from somewho who came up in google as suggesting religious leaders, with politicians, may lead folks astray. It also reminded me of the very few memories I have from being 3 years old and traveling to Yugoslavia to go there and also to visit relatives. I have only fragments, but I knew that hill, and that made me very glad.

  2. Hey, isn't mention of the "M" word forbidden on this blog? You are in SOOOO much trouble....

  3. David,
    I joked with Matt that this was the only way I could ever mention the M word here without getting flamed!

    I still think that there is a 50/50 chance that someone will still attack me for posting it.

  4. Like nzie, I was struck by Palin's respectful attitude toward the apparitions. He didn't say "they SAID (or alleged) they met and spoke with Mary." He said, "They met and spoke with Mary," as if it were an established fact. I also notice that the children (now adults) who said they saw Mary have not personally profited from any of the hype and kitsch that's sprung up around Medjugorje, and that's good. It leads me to believe that these apparitions were authentic, genuinely spiritual experiences that changed the visionaries interior lives, and not just a crass opportunity for marketing, profit, and self-promotion. Whatever the Church in her wisdom may decide about the authenticity of the apparitions, if visiting Medjugorje leads people to a greater love of God and neighbor and a greater devotion to the Blessed Virgin, that can only be a good thing.

  5. I was there Niall, and I believe it's authentic; you should have seen the confessions lines.
    The Holy Father will not rule on the apparitions until they cease. They are still ongoing.

  6. Leticia,
    And they're not going to cease because after the so-called visionaries whined and pouted when "she" told them she wouldn't be appearing anymore, "she" said "Oh, all right, then. I'll continue appearing until you die."

    The road is narrow. Very narrow.

    Attack? No, I won't attack you. But I will immediately remove the link to your blog from my own.

  7. Anonymous,

    You come over here and threaten excommunication from your anonymous blog because I made a Palin / Medjugorje joke?

    Ok. See ya. Take care of yourself.


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