CMR Liveblogging Pushing Daisies Tonight!

I can't watch Obama. I just can't. Not tonight. I know this is a HUUUUGGE event. But I'm so tired of the self-righteous platitudes and the empty rhetoric. I can't watch. So the only network that isn't showing Obama's infomercial is ABC and they're showing a show called "Pushing Daisies" that I've never seen before but I'll liveblog it as a protest against the Obamercial.

Starting at 8 p.m. (EST) It's described as a "forensic fairy tale", whatever that means. Please feel free to join us here in the combox in protest of the Obamercial. And hey, maybe a show about a pie-maker who has the power to bring the dead back to life will be good.

8:01: This is looking a bit like Harry Potter. Is it always like this?

8:02: The girl returned from the dead? Now, from what I understand, he brought her back to life but he can't touch her or else she'll die. Quirky so far.

8:04: Hey, the guy in the booth was in Office Space. He played the nerdy dude. I like him.

8:05 I'm already grateful because I'm interested in the show enought that five minutes in and I haven't thought about what Obama is saying once. For that I will be eternally grateful.

8:09: This show is very quirky. My wife hates it. I like it.

8:10: Call me an idiot but that guy running around with a stick through his head was very funny. Uh-oh. Commercial. Must...not...check...Obama. I wonder if the ratings for this will be very high because lots of folks aren't interested in Obama. Alright, no more mentioning Obama. That's it.

8:10 If only that guy had lived, he would haven't gotten a tax cut ...nevermind.-PA

8:12: "I could gold leaf my bathroom..." Funny.

8:15: This show feels French. Not the bad kind of French. Like that movie Amelie which I liked. Hey, don't make fun. I can be sensitive...

Good quote: "This my clue pad for writing down clues."

8:15 Didn't Kristin Chenoweth play the token conservative on the left wing?

8:18: "My Mandarin's a little rusty." I'm digging this.

8:20: "The complexities of this complex issue are so complex it makes this shallow conversation look silly." I may watch this show even when the guy who's trying to destroy my country isn't on every other channel.

8:21: Pat just told me he watched the first five minutes of Obama! I can't even count on my own brother to boycott with me. I feel used.

8:22: We just had a McCain commercial. Hooray.

8:22 Did the Michelle Obama Character just accuse the plumber of murder? What channel am I watching? PA

8:24: Patrick, stop it. We're pretending Obama doesn't exist -for a little while. Back to the show, we just discovered our hero has a family he didn't know about. Twin half brothers who are bad magicians.

8:27: Who owns the diner where the hero makes pies? I wonder if they make $250,000 per year?

8:29 Doesn't Obama have a half brother?

8:31; The Bun steamer exploded. Funny.

Alright. The show just got me through this half hour. I am grateful to it. But the World Series is coming on right now. Later. Thanks for getting me through.


  1. It is good! Or, at least I like it. It's whimsical.

  2. The absolutely best thing for Obama to do right now is to make a bigger presumptous and pretentious ass of himself than he already has. He's sold out his 65,000 tickets for coronation, I mean election, night in Chicago; and will start making many more people feel even queezier about him than are already indicated in the latest "polls".

    The guy is a stunning peacock with the same amount of humility.

  3. Pushing Daisies is a fun quirky show. My husband says, "Think Charles Addams meets Willy Wonka." I say think film-noir-comic-book-murder-mystery-carnival-love-story. Does that make sense? I think you are going to like it. Definitely better than watching Obama!

  4. I'll be watching champion's league soccer live from Costa Rica.

    Ironicallly and cloyingly Obama's ad will also be run in Spanish on the sister station.

  5. At the end of the Obamercial, will operators be standing by to take my credit card, or do I have to wait until April 15th?

  6. I've decided to predict the election outcome as "McCain/Palin with 299 electoral votes."

    I think everyone is SERIOUSLY misunderestimating the Palin effect. And I figure, if I'm wrong, noone will notice, but if I'm right I'll look like a policy wonk savant! =)

  7. Well, maybe you can watch this, I liked it:

  8. I'll bet your wife would like it more if she saw it from the beginning. The writing is great!

  9. Detroit Pistons opening game for the 2008-09 seasons. that and Bill O'Reilly.

  10. Darn - Pacers 10, Pistons 4, 3 minutes in. And the Red Wings game doesn't start until 10 PM

  11. LarryD,
    watch the show with us, snob. You too cool.

  12. NBA basketball....Thugs In Uniform

  13. She dated Sorkin and is known for being outspoken about her faith which is "non-judgemental Christian".

  14. "At the end of the Obamercial, will operators be standing by to take my credit card, or do I have to wait until April 15th?"

    j.christian, they already have your credit card!!

  15. My husband wants me to thank you for giving us a reason to watch this show live instead of online tomorrow and for making it even more fun! This totally makes putting the kids in front of a movie worth it!

  16. ooh - pipe in the gut. That's gotta hurt. They should call Joe the Plumber...

  17. So if Obama wins next week, are you going to do live-streaming tv watching when he holds Indoctrination Events...I mean, State of the Union addresses?

  18. Infomercial ... World Series ...
    Infomercial ... World Series ...

    It's Phillies 3-2 in the 6th. How can FOX preempt such a great game?

  19. Well, I just *had* to try out driving in Montreal at night... you know, cling to my guns and religion and go to Walmart for a shower curtain... I was so sad to have missed it.... oh wait, I don't actually care in the slightest... I could've caught the last few minutes, but instead I rolled a ball of twine... you know, important stuff firsr

    Kristen Chenoweth was a later-season assistant press secretary or something on Left Wing. The first token Republican was played by Emily Proctor, who's now on CSI: Miami. Second token Republican was played by Matthew Perry, who was on the drama counterpart to 30 Rock... you know, the wholly narcissistic show about a show by that same network....

    yes, I do know my tv too well... but I actually haven't watched any of those shows in a while... now, if Obama comes back on, all bets are off... but tonight, So You Think You Can Dance Canada was better. :)

  20. Dude, I watched that too! Couldn't stomach the other fare, while waiting for my mighty Phils to triumph.

  21. Put in my dvd of "The Fugitive" with David Janssen. Beats most of the mess on TV nowadays by a mile.

  22. matthew archbold said...
    Who you rooting for?

    FC Tauro v PR Islanders 2 -2 (was going for PR)

    Lecce v Palermo 1 - 1 (was for Palermo).

    So, the night was a wash all around. HOpefully this isn't an indicator of how our candidate will do next week.


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