Hilarious Example of Media Bias

You've got to watch this video. CNN's Soledad O' Brien ran a focus group of self declared Republicans, Democrats and undecideds during the Palin/Biden debate.

Soledad asked them immediately after the debate, "How many thought Joe Biden won the debate tonight?"

I'd say about half the hands go up. O'Brien then inexplicably says, "So, looks overwhelming." Then she asks who thought Palin won. Again, about half the hands go up and she describes it as "small hands." Then she quickly declares Biden the winner and calls it a day.

Hey, how about a roll call, Soledad? Now to my eye, it looks pretty evenly split. I counted 12 for Biden and 11 for Palin. But take a look for yourself. Call me naive, but this kind of blatant bias still has the power to surprise me a little still. And for some reason when it comes to Sarah Palin, the media has just lost any connection with reality, decency, fairness...etc...

Now, does she forget that we can see her? Or does she think we can't count? Does she not know about TiVo? Or perhaps she can't imagine a universe that would allow the thought of Sarah Palin whooping up on her candidate?

h/t to Megan McArdle


  1. It never ceases to amaze me, the arrogance (?), thoughtlessness(?), or what?? I think MSM just doesn't consider that the "folks" might just think differently...or, if they do, they're obviously stupid and need to be enlightened. Thoughtful, insightful analysis has disappeared; I don't care if someone disagrees with me, so long as they can logically support their position - and I hope that I can do the same!

  2. Perfect example of catching the extreme bias at CNN. Perfect.

    I also caught the farce. It was followed by asking how many people think Obama will win the election?

    Most people raised their hand.

    Then she asked how many people are voting for Obama, only half the people raised their hand.

    So if she took a vote there for President, Obama may not have won.

    She should work for some of these polls with these non-quantitive, opinion-influencing questions.

  3. Thanks for capturing this. It's called 'groupthink.' There is no bias-free media anymore. That's why God gave us blogs!!!

  4. Wow.

    And that is pretty much all that I can say. Wow.

    [Okay, I will add that I can't stand to watch the media coverage of this election any more. I'm glad you're doing the dirty work for me.]

  5. I counted 8 to 8, and I see one guy had both of his hands went up, must be liberal!
    Here We Are

  6. She's the Michael Scott of journalists. "How many of you think Biden won? One, two, three...too many to count!"

  7. CNN has to be biased to offset the bias of Faux News. ;-)

    I'm not voting for Obama either, of course, but I do think he will win. So that show of hands should not surprise anyone.

  8. So it's not their fault Fox made them do it?

  9. Leftists remind me of Adam Savage: "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

  10. After a close analysis, and using Photoshop to dial them in, I count 15-14 for... McCain! Seriously, check the video closely yourselves, and keep close track of who raises their hand for who.

    Some of them start raising their hand for one candidate, but then put it down because they heard wrong, then put their hand up for the other candidate.

    You're able to see the votes of four people who are not fully in the video, because you can see their hands going up and down at the edges of the shot.

  11. And by McCain I of course meant Palin :)

  12. Compare that with this:


    That's fair and balanced for you.

  13. Yeah, I mean, jeez. This is so much worse than FOX commentators calling for Obama's assassination, calling Obama a Muslim, calling his wife his "baby mama" and on and on...
    Don't hate just because your candidate chose an embarrassment of a running mate. The only criteria for a Palin "win" was that she didn't mess up as bad as people thought she would.

  14. I saw that and was wondering if there were more people in the room that I couldn't see or what, because it didn't look overwhelming to me. It looked like an even split.

    The media has gone completely insane.

  15. Actually, people who are saying that it's even are the ones with the biased eye. Please take care to watch for the movement of hands along the sides, if you pay close attention not to just look at the center then you'll see about 15-8.

  16. I spent time with photoshop go through very carefully and identifying each persons movement (there also people off camera by the way) and Biden did win by a bit. Please do some real research before you post this crap.

  17. Three points:

    1) You can't see everyone within the moderator's view. Given that every other poll says Biden was the winner, it's not unreasonable to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    2) Those saying Biden won tended to take longer to raise their hands. I'm guessing that's because anyone holding this view is a moron who requires extra time to process the question.

    3) Among those we can see, the count is in fact for Biden. The best way to assess votes are to look at when people are putting their hands down.
    Top row left side: 3 Biden, 1 Palin
    middle, left side: 3 Biden (inc. disembodied hand from the left side of the screen), 4 Palin
    bottom, left side: 4 Biden, 2 Palin
    top right: 2 Biden, 1 Palin
    middle right: 1 Biden, 3 Palin
    bottom right: 2 Biden, 3 Palin

    That's 15-14 Biden. Admittedly not "overwhelming", but then see the previous two points.

  18. Oops, that would be "Those who think PALIN won took longer to raise their hands". Pretty bad timing on that mistake, given my subsequent speculation... :)

  19. Hey, thanks for bringing this one up. I did my own analysis along with animated gif and counted Biden with 15, and Palin with 14leaving probably 1 or 2 participants that cannot be seen. Though you are right. It is not "overwhelming." That would be the Luntz Focus Group.

    Check out the animated gif here.

  20. Welcome to the propaganda wing of the socialist democrat party!

  21. OMG I can not wait for this election to be over with. Even this post is a tad nit-picky about the raising of hands. One thing about being Americans, is that we have the right to raise our hand for whomever we want. It doesn't take a reporter standing in front of me to sway my opinion. So this shouldn't sway anyone elses. It's ridiculous.

    BTW. If the old man kicks the bucket, that woman is totally not ready to run this country.

    MY Opinion without raising my hand.

  22. Here's an even funnier clip from that "focus group"


  23. Many bloggers are describing how CNN rejected their postings about Obama's socialism ... even though it was in Obama's own words. I have experienced similar censorship from CNN, as well as other biased media outlets. If Obama gets elected, and this great country declines into socialism, it will be the corrupt and biased media who will bear much of the responsibility. Free enterprise, opportunity, and the standard of living in the United States, are some of the reasons why people from all over the world risk life and limb to move here. A fair media is paramount to a free society. The media never vetted Obama. Now the momentum of his campaign and fund raising has made it very hard to stop his 'run away train". If Americans had known half the stuff we now know about Obama, he would never have gotten this far ... and, there is a lot we still don't know about Obama! For example ... are hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions that are helping him get elected, originally from foreign sources? Is his birth certificate authentic? The media's willful decision to grossly favor one side, and refuse to report the truth, is evil and betrays their responsibility to the American people. In my opinion the media's actions, and inactions in this situation amount to criminal behavior. Who are the media accountable to?


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