When Obama Came For Them

When Obama came for the the executives making $250,000
I remained silent;
I did not earn $250,000.

When Obama came for the babies,
I remained silent;
I was not a baby...anymore.

When Obama came for conservative talk show hosts,
I did not speak out;
I didn't have a talk show.

When Obama came for the plumber,
I remained silent;
I was not a public figure.

When Obama came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.


  1. This, for once, is really crossing the line.

    -Alex in Pittsburgh

  2. I think its funny! Thanks Matthew.

  3. Agree with Laura on this one! And why, pray tell, is this "crossing the line"? The redistributionist is going after folks making $250K plus (and probably minus), he has promised to pass FOCA on his first day in office, his supporters (and staff, I'm sure) were busy digging up the dirt on Joe the plumber, and the Democrat party has been making quite a bit of noise about the so-called "fairness doctrine" as of late. So what's wrong with pointing that out...IMO all these facts are rather ominous.

  4. By the way, the threshold for "rich" according to the Obama ticket is nowdown to $150,000. I wonder what it will be next Wednesday?

  5. No, this is not crossing any line, though whatever Truth and Sensitivity Committees will grow like fungi under an Obama regime will say so. The parallels between these days and and the latter days of 1933 are not hyperbole.

    -- Mack

  6. No, this is not crossing any line, though whatever Truth and Sensitivity Committees will grow like fungi under an Obama regime will say so. The parallels between these days and and the latter days of 1933 are not hyperbole.

    -- Mack

  7. Thank you for the post that focuses on what we already know about Senator Obama. His background should give us all the chills especially with the vast engines of the media and academia so deeply in his pockets. Obama has spent years creating that messianic image so endemic to all tyrants...and he has the apparatus to impose much damage, if not outright violence, upon those who who oppose him.

    There's a lot more Mount Doom than Mount Rushmore about the guy!

  8. deusdonat,
    are you pretending that a holocaust is not going on right now? Just let us know.
    It seems to me the metaphor is dead on.

  9. No, this is not over the top. Look at what we can't see on Sen. Obama:

    1. Occidental College records -- Not released
    2. Columbia College records -- Not released
    3. Columbia Thesis paper -- not available, locked down by faculty
    4. Harvard College records -- Not released, locked down by faculty
    5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released
    6. Medical records -- Not released
    7. Illinois State Senate schedule -- "not available"
    8. Law practice client list -- Not released
    9. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate - - Not released
    10. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released
    11. Harvard Law Review articles published -- None
    12. University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None
    13. Record of baptism-- Not released or "not available"
    14. Illinois State Senate records--"not available"

    And yet "Joe the Plumber's" records were invaded, legally or not.

    What happens if we cross his line?

  10. Haus frau,
    nice research. You're thorough.

  11. A little quote from Barry Goldwater that is very appropriate with regards to BO:

    "Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed."

    And yes, I believe that BO is in it for the power.

  12. I don't think this is crossing the line although Obama is being compared to Hitler. For some reason noone is concerned that Hitler is being demonized by a comparison of him with Obama. For good reason too; He wasn't a very good person. While I don't think that a frivolous libel of person is justified it is ok to make comparisons and judgements. This is not a case of "they're all bums in the same mold". There is a stark difference between Obama and Mcain. He's fervently pro-abortion, socialist, disengenuous, and, dare I say it, racist. Even Nader is accusing him of employing white guilt. There is a time when we have to get past the point of a false propriety and call it as it is, even if it sounds mean.

  13. Okay, don't think I like the guy either. He's a shady character, and I don't like his policy stances much more than anyone else here.

    But really? I mean, besides that the Hitler analogy is beaten to death no matter how you use it, it seems, at the very least, horribly premature.

    I've always been a naive person, but I don't think that Obama out to destroy this country, or that he possibly could. He might do some significant damage, but it seems like an overreaction to compare this to the Holocaust.

    (I realize that there is a holocaust of the unborn in progress right now. Don't misunderstand me on that. But it is something different when you venture into genocide.)

    -Alex in Pittsburgh

  14. Alex,

    How is it different?

    Sometimes I'm worried that many of us who are pro-life and acknowledge that abortion is murder are still unwilling to grant the fetus the same rights and dignity as a grown person.

  15. Alex in Pitt - the people who taught Obama his ideology are on record as saying that America would need re-education camps for those who were unable to be "reformed" from capitalism to socialism.

    Now, the odds are admittedly long that the Weathermen would have been able to pull that off... but all these failed would-be overthrowers of democracy went into academia for a reason - since they did not succeed through force, they went for the minds of the young, to cultivate a larger base of willing followers. It isn't necessary for them to all be "true believers" who would knowingly and intentionally do grave harm, the way they did. All they need are enough people to think that the ideas are "sound" but "haven't really be tried." They'll vote for "hope and change!" and get more than they bargained for - and be shocked, shocked that such things are proposed.

    Obama won't get nearly as far as his buddies Ayres, Alinsky, Wright, et als would like to see, but he plans to try. He'll do harm if he gets into the White House, both domestically and abroad. The liberty of the people and representative democracy are not fixed in stone. It's unlikey that we'll have Soviet-style Marxism in four years, but it isn't impossible that an Obama presidency would be the first step to achieving that end in twenty or so years. There are already a significant minority of Americans who believe that the State has the obligation to tell you how to eat, how to think, what to drive, where to live and work, and how you can spend what little money they let you keep - all in the interests of "fairness" of course.

    Liberty is fragile. I have little interest in electing someone who cares so little for it, and who could not even take the oath of office ("to uphold and defend the Constitituion of the United States") without lying out of both sides of his mouth.

  16. Steve, don't you realize that it's just a holocaust of very small people. That's not the same thing as grownups.
    They can't speak. They don't even vote. And like I said, they're really really small.
    They're so small the murder of 40 million of them can't really be called a genocide.

  17. Anthony, to echo Alex' statement, this analogy of the rise of the Nazi regime which sought to anihilate an entire race of people (several actually) with Obamas campaign is in fact across the line. I am NOT an Obama supporter. But neither do I consider him a Nazi or "like Hitler". I think that people who use such analogies are just running out of rational arguments and simply grasping at emotional response. Saying Obama is "like Hitler" and equating his campaign with the rise of the Nazi regime will do nothing but damage the opinion of conservatives, as moderates will see us as ideologues who are prone to hyperbole rather than facts.

    You ask if there is a "holocaust" going on right now. If you mean genocide, then there are several. The issue of abortion in the US is not genocide, as there is no one group aiming to anihilate another group (i.e. not all unborn are being targetted). It IS indescriminate murder/killing on a massive scale and a grave evil.

    Once again, calling or inferring Barack is a Nazi is so counterproductive here that you will have no one else to blame but yourselves if he wins.

  18. This is a little hyperbolic. I think we're much more likely to end up looking like Canada than Nazi Germany under Obama. And that should be enough reason to scare anyone. Heard about those provincial "Human Rights Commissions" up there?

  19. I'm pretty sure this post didn't intend to say that an Obama presidency will be identical to the Nazi regime.

    Instead of nitpicking it, we should realize a salient and sobering point being made: Like all tyrants, Obama has demonstrated a willingness to do whatever it takes to eliminate the opposition. Joe the Plumber, conservatives in the media, abortion survivor Giana Jessen, the wealthy.

    His strategy is not to persuade or to find common ground, or to unite, or any of the ways public discourse is conducted in a democracy. It's to eliminate.

  20. Deusdonat,

    You say abortion is not a genocide because it's not a single group being targetted for extermination. However, this is not true. All unwanted unborn children are targetted.

    I don't think that unwanted, unborn children is a group no more arbitrary than the Tutsis in Rwanda or many other groups that have been victimized by genocide over the last hundred years.

    (Though you can also look to the past and present history of Planned Parenthood to make a compelling case that abortion is racial genocide as well.)

  21. www.blackgenocide.org or guttmacher.org
    Certainly powerlust when a blackleader does not defend his own race.Also:obamamustsee.com AND
    Cardinal Egan comparing Nazi and abortion on www.catholicnewsagency.com

  22. Nope, not likely we'll see the rise of a regime similar to Hitler's Third Reich. Not likely most hurricanes have the same consequences as Katrina either.

    Some things about Obama just send up all kinds of flares in my brain. Examples include the rock-star type of adulation heeped upon him, the numerous unsavory associations that are blithely dismissed by his supporters, and the "ends justifies the means" mentality of some (not all) of his worshippers.

    I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, there have been some Republicans that made me equally uneasy, Tancredo being a good example. Anyone familiar with Stephen King's, "The Dead Zone" recognizes the reference when I say that man reminded me of Greg Stillson. I'm skeptical of an politician.

    So keep the Kool-Aid folks, I'll figure things out for myself.

    When I see whats happening regarding the man I feel will undoubtedly win this election it makes me uneasy. I definetly believe the comparison to Hitler, intentional or not, is justified.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, Hitler was democratically elected to power by the people of Germany. He also enjoyed popularity similar to a rock star, although many of his opponents dismissed him as an inexperienced, intellectually shallow buffoon. He was very much a true believer in his methods being for the betterment of his country. He was an "ends justifies the means" type of guy. He and his supporters brooked no dissent. The list of items similar to Obama goes on and on.

    We live in interesting times.

  23. Actually, Matthew, to give credit where credit is due, the info I posted came from some friends. Before this morning I only knew about the birth certificate and the thesis.

    Scary, isn't it, how little we're allowed to know about a candidate?

  24. When Obama came for America,I didn't speak out, and now where is America,the Land of the Free if he and all his evil friends succeed?He is a socialist.Marxism is his love.He doesn't like the U.S.A. or our Constitution.
    haus frau's list needs to be broadcasted from coast to coast and every Black man or woman needs to see Black Genocide.org

  25. please read: A dangerous time to be a black baby:www.thepublicdiscourse.com
    You would think the obama democrats would care since they say they CARE about you!

  26. Some things in the way of reply:

    "Sometimes I'm worried that many of us who are pro-life and acknowledge that abortion is murder are still unwilling to grant the fetus the same rights and dignity as a grown person."

    This is something I hope to keep in the back of my mind, reminding myself that human life is in fact incommensurable - the Catholic Church rightly affirms that human life is of infinite value.

    Therefore it is not right to say that the tragedy of abortion is any less tragic than the tragedy of the Jewish Holocaust. And let me be absolutely clear in saying that I'm not by any means attempting to compare the two.

    Instead, I would like to deal with intention. Now, I am sure that people will respond with an arsenal of counter-example-making quotes to the assertion I am about to make, but I have already declared my naivete when it comes to human intention, so here goes.

    It seems clear to me that even the most fervent of "pro-choice" advocates don't view abortion as a good thing in itself. As a result of their perverted misconception of human life, they view abortion as morally acceptable to achieve an end that they have erroneously placed before that of human life (namely, "personal freedom").

    I'm also not an expert on Nazi policies towards the Jews, but as far as I'm aware, they did not ever try to claim that Jews weren't humans. They were aware that they were destroying humans - this evidences a heinous lack of respect for human life, not an ignorance of what that is.

    No one can absolve the willfully ignorant, especially the obstinately ignorant. But they are still ignorant. Their hate (or fear) of truth is condemnable in its own right, but it is better than outright spitting in the face of truth - to say, "To Hell with humanity."

    One last reply: "When Obama came for America,I didn't speak out, and now where is America,the Land of the Free if he and all his evil friends succeed?He is a socialist.Marxism is his love.He doesn't like the U.S.A. or our Constitution."

    I think it would really take a lot to convince me that Obama is evil, or that he hates the United States.

    To what do all things aim? The Good - any first year philosophy student could tell you that. There is, on one hand, a Good that is true, and a good that is apparent. Obama and his "evil" friends are not aiming to destroy America. They are merely aiming for a "good" that for them is good, but which the informed and well-formed Catholic knows is not in line with the real Good.

    It's tempting to cast everyone on the side of either Good and Evil, but real life is much more complex.

    - Alex in Pittsburgh

  27. Unborn children are targeted SPECIFICALLY because they are unborn. Just as Jews were targeted specifically because they were Jewish. It's individuals being killed because they have a specific trait that is beyond their control.

    I'm not sure how these two could be anymore the same.

  28. Alex,

    Also from philosophy we know that persons ONLY choose good. It is the act of choosing a lesser good that is evil. When a man chooses between killing another person and not killing another person, he is choosing the lesser good of satisfying his own desire (for power, control, whatever...).

    So, what Obama and his ilk perceive as a good is a vastly lesser good, and, as such, evil. I'm sure Hitler viewed killing the Jews as a good, as well. He was wrong.

  29. Alex in P'burg,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, to some on this board Obama has become evil incarnate. And to convince them any otherwise (i.e. that he is actual a human being) is to be branded at best an "Obama supporter".

    Let's all forget the catechism, church dogma and the bible for the remainder of the election and just settle on the fact that Obama is simply pure evil, Satan in the flesh, the anti-Christ, worse than Hitler, totally unworthy of salvation and absolutely no recourse benefits, courtesies or civilities we would extend to a human being type person.

    Amazing how quickly Catholicism is stripped away during election time. Ironically, it would appear this election has finally done to some American Catholics what Nazis failed to do to the German Catholics. Now THERE'S a holocaust analogy for ya.

  30. Deusdonat,
    It's best if you don't question our faith on OUR blog. Please don't do it in the future. Thank you.

  31. Matthew, I questioned No ones faith. Your faith is between you and God. As is mine. My conscience is clean here.

  32. I'm not sure how these two could be anymore the same.

    Well, they could be more the same if the pro-aborts targeted all unborn children indiscriminately, as the Jews were targeted indiscriminately by the Nazi regime.


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