Fr. Reese Confuses Honesty and Betrayal

Talking nonsense and calling it Catholicism has long been a specialty of Father Thomas Reese who said today that a majority of Catholics voted for Obama but if Obama actually supports the Freedom of Choice Act then he will have "betrayed" Catholics, according to What?!

That will be a betrayal? That? Fr. Reese, the guy voted three times for infanticide. Infanticide! The guy has promised that the first thing he would do in the White House is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. His signing that would not be a betrayal. That would actually be keeping his word.

The Rev. Thomas J. Reese, a senior fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University, last night e-mailed his analysis, saying, "Catholic voters ignored the instructions of a group of vocal bishops and delivered 54% of their vote for Barack Obama as president of the United States." He cited a number of factors -- the importance of the economy, the endorsement of Obama by a few highly visible anti-abortion lay Catholic intellectuals, the presence of Biden on the Democratic ticket, and Obama's support for abortion reduction. But, Reese warned, "Will the abortion debate rise up again in four years at the next presidential election? A lot depends on President Obama and the Democratic Congress. If they push through the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), then they will have betrayed their pro-life Catholic supporters. This will make it nearly impossible for these people to support them again. On the other hand, if they make a priority the enactment of an abortion reduction bill, then it will be more difficult for the bishops and the Republicans to portray the Democrats as the pro-abortion party."
Look, this is a classic example of drawing a new line in the sand every time it's crossed and then saying, "this time I really really mean it." No more evidence is needed that Barack Obama is not simply pro-choice. He is pro-abortion. Recall if you will his "punished with a baby" comments. If Fr. Reese chose to play ostrich this election year, that's his choice. He shouldn't generalize his lack of clarity to all Catholics.


  1. If you look at the data, yes 54% of those who call themselves Catholic supported Senator Obama. But a majority of weekly mass goers supported Senator McCain.

    Isn't Georgetown that Jesuit institution of higher learning that now has unisex bathrooms for those confused as to their own sex? It's such a tradition among some Jesuits to create their very own's called solipsism.

  2. HA HA HA! Even if Obama signs FOCA as promised and "betrays" Father, it will only make it "nearly impossible" for him to support such a candidate again. You can drive a Mack truck through that nearly just like the health loophole in abortion laws.

  3. Last time I checked, most politcal office-holders assumed that a vote for them was a vote for their platforms as well. President-Elect Obama will be no different. From his point of view, there is no one to betray. Fr. Reese has it completely backwards.

  4. "He shouldn't generalize his lack of clarity to all Catholics."

    They've already generalized themselves. Most of them voted for Obama. This despite several dozen bishops citing the gravity of such a choice. Personally, I don't think abortion was on their minds. I think they want the Government to solve their problems for them. You know, "a car in every garage, and a chicken in every pot," that sort of thing.

    Prediction: Wait till interest and tax rates go up. They'll all be sorry in less than two years. Bush won't be around to blame. But a Democratic legislature will be.

  5. The old adage rings true:

    The Jesuits were once suppressed because of their orthodox. Upon being restored, they set about making sure that never happened again.

    "IF" they push through FOCA they would have "betrayed" their pro-life Catholic supporters?

    Fr. Reese, the man promised that his FIRST ACT would be FOCA. He never promised to do anything for pro-life supporters, at all, ever. The only betrayal was on the hands of those who vote for Obama. You voted for him hoping he would be a liar?

    Charity obliged me to take the man at his word.

  6. Most Catholics, including 45% of weekly mass attendees, voted for Obama and his pro-abortion agenda.

    Fr. Reese is one of those who can take much credit for this.

    When Obama keeps his promises -- and on this issue, he will -- the betrayal will not be by Obama against Catholics, but by Fr. Reese and most Catholics against human dignity.

  7. Fr. Reese didn't draw a line in the sand... he drew it in the water.

  8. Odd. The CNN exits say that Catholics voted for McCAIN--54%.

    That lines up with the IBD/TIPP poll's last few days, during which the RC vote went from 44/44 tie to a 49/40 McCain (some were undecided.)

  9. "If they push through the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), then they will have betrayed their pro-life Catholic supporters."

    Get ready to feel betrayed.

  10. “Why am I not surprised?" joked one bishop about Reese’s comments, speaking on a condition of anonymity to CNA.

    "Fr. Reese is a mainstream media darling, but the truth is that he has very little knowledge of what goes on (in the episcopate) and far less influence,” he added.


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