Merry..Um....Merry? Happy H....Time Of Year!

It's our holiday. If you want our money, you gotta say the word.

Thanks to Lori for this video


  1. Ha!

    Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Freaking Amazing.

  2. The only lie:

    "no catalogs were harmed in the filming..."

    This will never get old.

  3. Smug and sort of self-pitying at the same time, as if filled with longing for a time when one could freely ignore other faiths, some of whom have access to twenty-dollar bills too and celebrate a season of giftgiving this time of year. Christmas commercialism runs roughshod over all sorts of things, including the spirit of Christmas itself, but this is the worst sort of confusion of economic leverage and religious sameness. Ick.

  4. as if filled with longing for a time when one could freely ignore other faiths, some of whom have access to twenty-dollar bills too and celebrate a season of giftgiving this time of year.

    As if, indeed.

    Because the mere act of printing "Merry Christmas" on a catalogue is some benighted act of religious supremacism. Sure.

  5. The little boy at the end put it over the edge hysterical for me. Who can resist a precocious kid!

  6. You might enjoy this g-rated video, too.

  7. I don't understand how sensibilities are offended by "Merry Christmas" being printed in a catalog.

    Once I had a client in Saudi Arabia whom I needed to contact. I had to call him in the middle of the night to reach him in his office. One night before I called him, I noticed on my calendar that it was the end of Ramadan. When the call went to his voicemail, I left my message and concluded by wishing him a happy Eid ul Fitr. The next day when I checked my voicemail, he'd left me a message in which he was positively giddy that someone had wished him a happy Eid. It really didn't hurt me at all to recognize someone else's faith. I imagine if I'd lived in Saudi Arabia, I wouldn't get too worked up about the lack of Merry Christmas wishes around me...

  8. I think fullburn is on to something. Christmas is the time to send all those other faiths scurrying for cover, as Milton pictured the event. To make it clear, we could start our celebrations on Halloween.

  9. I love it so much that I'm linking back to you! Merry Tossmas to you and yours!

  10. LOL - JoAnn Fabrics has banners that say "Let's Make Christmas Together!" (Kudos to them!)

    Here's how I'll be thanking my customers on my last visit to their door before Christmas - Click here.


    PS: Merry Tossmas!

  11. Great vid! And that little kid at the end made me laugh.

    Merry Tossmas to all!

  12. I live in India back there you got wished per holiday So during diwali we wished our Hindu friends happy Diwali and they wished us back happy Diwali. and at Christmas they wished us Merry Christmas and we wished them the same too along with taking them cakes and sweets etc. Dont you find it odd that in a predominantly Christian country like USA and Canada we are wished happy Holiday.

  13. "If you're going to make money off of our holiday, we'd appreciate it if you celebrated it with us!"

    He's got a point!

  14. Amen. We have a "credit crunch" and a need for dissipation of debt -- personal, government and corporate -- that's WAY overdue, and healthy. Our materialistic, consumer-driven society (76% of GDP) has had a rude wake-up call the last 60 days. So has the world.

    If you liked this video, then you'll love

    Thanks for video, & I do try this 'tossmas' at home - God bless

  15. LOL @ Fa la la la la -- la la la *THUNK*

  16. People who want the term "Christmas" shoved down our throats more than it already is in December are nothing but blatant proselytizers. The reason most retailers call it the "holiday" season rather than the "Christmas" season is because they make more money if they don't discriminate like the religious bigot who made this video.

  17. Christ blessing you!

    And don't be afraid to vote with your gifts...

    Cheers and MERRY CHRIST-MAS!!!

  18. Great video. If the merchants cannot celebrate Christmas with me, I intend to toss them. Thanks. A. Eaton

  19. Great message. Anf for all the negative comments, what is your problem? The season is celebrating the birth of Christ so, let's calle it like it is for Gods's sake!!It

  20. The reason we want to celebrate Christmas is because "CHRIST" is what it's all about. People seem to have forgotten that. It's not about the stuff we can buy or give to others. It is to celebrate a holy child who died for our sins. Even the sins of the crazy people on here who think Christians are idiots. Without HIM there would be NO CHRISTMAS! I'll be praying because some of you will eat those words one day soon & I guarantee they won't taste very well.

  21. Hey, at least recycle those catalogues!

  22. Taking "Christmas" out of Christmas
    Not only have they taken Christ out of Christmas,
    but they have now taken "Christmas" out of Christmas!

    The stores that you shop for your Christmas presents, ornaments & decorations and even your Christmas Dinner are counting on their bottom line, to make or break their profit margin for the year.
    However many of these same stores will NOT mention the word "Christmas" in their sales ads, and the in store "Point of Purchase" advertising displays.
    They would rather deny Christ and call it "HOLIDAY" or some such generic description! Some of our schools are calling Christmas Vacation - "Winter Holiday" now.

    What they are selling are "Traditional (secular) Christmas" ornaments & decorations. Some may even have an occasional Manger or perhaps some religious themed gift wrap or cards.
    In some stores these Religious items may be totally nonexistent.

    Question the store management,
    "Are these traditional Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Boxing Day (China) or Emperor's Birthday (Japan) decorations?
    Just what "Holiday" do these items suggest?
    Is this a traditional Ramadan Tree?
    Is Saint Nick a symbol of Hanukkah?
    Are "Snow Men" representative of Kwanzaa?
    Tell me, my friend, JUST WHAT "HOLIDAY" ARE YOU SELLING?
    Why, Christmas of course!
    Then why don't you say so!

    The stores want us to spend lots of money buying "Christmas" in their store, but they refuse to recognize Christmas! They do not want to "offend" a single non-Christian, by mentioning Christmas, but they have no qualms offending millions of Christians.
    Why should you spend your money at these stores on Christmas, while the stores promote "Holiday" -- AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!
    There are Christian owned stores, who have no fear using the word "Christmas" and celebrating Christmas! Please SHOP THEM! They need your support.

    You who love the LORD, hate evil! He preserves the souls of His saints; He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked. Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Rejoice in the LORD, you righteous, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name. Psalms 97:10-12 (NKJV)

    For you who DO love the LORD, please pass this on Keep Christ in Christmas & Shop Christian Stores.


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