Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

The networks are now calling Ohio for Obama. That is all she wrote folks.

I have a number of mixed feelings right now. Disappointment for sure, but more than that. Profound sadness. Not for any political reasons. If America wants to play with socialism, let it. Of course I think that is simply wrongheaded, but we will survive. Confiscatory tax rates likely won't kill anyone or prevent anyone from reaching eternal salvation. In fact, maybe the opposite. When things are taken away from us, even at the point of an IRS gun, we usually learn that it didn't have as much value as we thought. America can survive its first Socialist President, even with a socialist congress.

My profound sadness stems not from the likely confiscatory loss of property and not even from our likely loss of individual freedoms which we cherish. No, my sadness stems from the loss of the innocents. Obama has promised that the first thing he will sign is the Freedom of Choice Act. FOCA will roll back many of the reasonable restrictions that have led to lower abortion rates. Obama may appoint 1, 2, or even 3 Justices to the Supreme Court prolonging the mandate of abortion on demand by Judicial fiat for a generation or more.

I am sad for the babies. More babies who will die because America didn't care. They cared more about cheap healthcare and a better economy than innocent lives. Problem is, they won't get that for which they callously traded those innocent lives either.

Besides sadness, disappointment, and yes a little anger, I feel resignation. I am resigned that horrors of this magnitude will not be tolerated by a just God forever. This world belongs to God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - not to the culture of death, not to Barack Obama and the Democrats, not to Satan and all his minions. I am not equating Obama and the Dems with Satan, but they certainly are his useful idiots.

At the end of the day, this is in God's hands. We must always pray and work toward a just world where innocent life is not sacrificed at the altar of convenience and where loving one another as He has loved us is the rule and not the exception. But how we get there is in God's hands.

I know that all I have said about FOCA and the Supreme Court is true if history continues on its current path. But God is in charge of history. Not Obama, not the Dems, not me, and not you. God. My faith is in you Lord. We pray that our nation is spared the horrible effects of the choices we have made. We pray, if it is your will, that we turn from the path we have chosen and repent. We pray for that repentance so that we may be spared your righteous anger. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.


  1. Thank you for words of encouragement. I feel a lot better after reading your blog. The truth will prevail! God bless!


    Here is a link to a map of Catholics by percentage of all residents. Lay this over the electoral college map. We must pray for the Church in America!

    I also am most sad for the innocent children that we be slaughtered due to this "Change".

  3. Sad, but true, I fear. I can live with a little less money, live on simpler fare, and live with restrictions on some freedoms. I won;t want to, but if that be God's will, to strengthen and deepen a spirit of detachment, then His will be done. So we will have to tighten our belts, keep our faces washed and pray pray pray.

    And I wholeheartedly agree - the unborn will suffer more, and as a result, our nation will too. God's patience is incredible - but for how much longer?

    And as an aside - I can totally shocked about the spread in PA. As I write this, BHO has a 17 point lead, with 67% reporting. I guess Seanmaelstrom had it wrong??

  4. Please, folks, let's not fall upon our swords quite yet. I went to bed in 2004thinking about a President Kerry; and in 2000 about a President Gore. Just wait a bit longer before you unsheath the blades.

    Moreover, we are Christians whose legacy of living under tyranny is epic. Surely, if we have survived such abominations as Nero, Diocletian, Elizabeth I, Hitler and Stalin, we can live through the pyrrhic victory of a skinny, dippy huckster and snake oil salesman from Hyde Park in Chicago.

    Leftists like Obama are terrible in governing; if he wins along with the rest of the Party of Mordor, they all inherit a horrible economic mess for. which they are primary responsible.

    And maybe as Catholics, we needed a wake-up call to get us out from under the cushy post-VC II world of Haugen-Haas-Joncas-Chittister, ad nauseum.

    It may be time, folks, to pick up our crosses...and go follow Him, not him.

  5. Shocking. And if the trends continue, ironically, it is African American babies who will bear a proportionately huge brunt of an Obama presidency.

    Time to pray. My hope is that this will energize the pro-life movement as never before.

  6. Patrick, I understand your sentiments and agree with them all, except one: Our Lord said very clearly 3 times in the gospel of John that it is indeed Satan who is the "prince of this world". In the fallen state we (humans) are in, it is he who reigns. A sad fact, but no more poignant than what we see here.

    On another note, I will say this: there are some bright sides here. This may prompt the Republican party to stop taking us for granted. This may inspire minorities and underpriveleged children around America that anything is now possible, instead of simply the immediate gratification they are surrounded with. And it may force us as Catholics to reexamine where our loyalties lie, or rather should lie moving forward.

    Anyway, if we were around each other right now, I would absolutely join with you and everyone here in a commiseratory beer or coffee. But for now, life goes on, and we give to Caesar what is Caesar's while trying to walk the narrow path.

  7. Now is the time for us all to remember that we are not a silent minority. We must continue to advocate for the unborn, the elderly, and everyone who is a child of God. I've watched entire Navy bases turn upside down because a mom wrote her Congressman that her son hadn't written a letter for months. Congressman writes Navy base, chain of command is invoked, son writes letter to Mom.

    If Representatives respond to issues like these (important, for sure - how'd you like to be that mom?), they will respond to us as well. It's time to open the floodgates and storm Congress. We must advocate for the least among us, because they will be first in Heaven.

  8. We are in the crucible folks. Searing heat will be applied, but it is necessary for the impurities to be burned away. Don't lose heart. The Church will come through this even stronger.

    The slavery abolitionists faced hard and difficult obstacles, but they eventually won out...because they never gave up.

  9. I think that what has disturbed me the most about Mr. Obama is the fact of his "star quality" for lack of a better word. That is the last thing I want in a politician at any level, least of all President of the United States. The phrase "Prince of This World" is ringing in my ears. Why don't people understand and fear this as they fall down in adoration before this golden calf? Kyrie Eleison. Kit.

  10. Time to pray. My hope is that this will energize the pro-life movement as never before.

    I'm ready like never before. Let's talk strategy.

  11. We really need to challenge the notion that people who were born into Catholic families but who do not practice the faith are Catholics. They are lapsed Catholics at best. If you remove these folks from the tallies, the number of 'Catholics for Obama' decreases substantially. Count out the practicing Catholics who never heard about the Church's uncompromising pro-life position from their bishop or pastor and the number is much smaller indeed.

  12. Wow, a lot of posts got deleted very quickly on here. Something about Waterloo and why McCain is going to win... What happened? If you are going to stick your neck out to claim that McCain is still in this thing, at least be man enough to keep the posts up after you have been proven wrong.
    A sad day for our country. Pray for the conversion of Barack Obama.


  13. "A sad day for our country. Pray for the conversion of Barack Obama."

    Open his eyes, O Lord, or shut them forever.

  14. Shocked and amazed. America has just voted in it's own chastisement.

  15. I recall Obamania rallies that easily remind one of the Nuremburg rallies. The cult of personality surrounding your next president is scary. A great people has elected a sworn enemy of the unborn, and many Catholics have been duped to vote for the culture of death. Can you say a major purification is just around the bend? The Church will prevail, but will a nation? History shows that no country is immune to corruption and decay. The mightiest of empires have fallen and are now nothing but mere memories. Folks, the barbarians are not only within your gates - you just elected Attila the Hun and his side kick for president.

  16. Keep up the good work, we also have had our troubles, we in South Africa face daunting tasks, and horrid effects, at least your media, while liberal is not largely in control of whoever controls your government. We also have our liberal media, and secular newspapers though... And our own situation is still better in some ways- but I can assure you that even when the culture of abortion, socialist ideas, and ideologies like such can fill all the sky- still there is your hope in the eternal crown, hold it, hold it tight, and rejoice- your soul is yours, and we love your blog, even with the sometimes angry comments, and hilarious comparisons. Keep your good task til the night comes to day!

  17. You people are sad. I have never been more apalled by the crass conceit of so-called christians, travelling your faux moral high road while skirting the many other issues that plague this country in these times.. oh, the many problems facing this country right now that this new president can make considerable progress toward solving and all you people sit here and do is cry, 'oh no, the babies'.....

    how about condemning the fools who instead of controlling their compulsive urges to engage in pre-marital and unprotected sex, decide to engorge themselves on this sin and use abortion as a means to avert earthly consequence for their torrid actions?

    and to the claim of electing a "socialist" president? please. even if his policies touch the walls of socialism, they do so for the good of the common citizen. besides, adopting policies with roots in socialism is nothing new to America. have you ever heard of social security? socialist program. welfare? same. medicare? the free education system? all programs with a base in socialism. and it doesn't stop there. plenty other things you don't even think about in this democracy are adopted from other forms of government. but, well, what do you expect from a country whose citizens are descendant of people from all parts of the world?

    socialism isn't suddenly bad for democracy. it was merely a buzzword the McCain campaign used, unsuccessfully, to keep the American public scared of an Obama presidency. and I fell sorry for those of you who ignorantly bit hard on the concept instead of doing your research and being able to see through the bullcrap and into the truth.

  18. and yes, I am aware I used poor syntax in my post, it is 3:30 am and I have other worries more important.

  19. Thomas,
    We know he's a liar. We know he promotes murder. These facts allow us to see through the fancy rhetoric into the truth. He was a liar and a murderer from the begining.

  20. .....and McCain isn't a liar? numerous false claims by his campaign were proven false over the course of the election, not to mention the hatemongering that got so out of hand he himself had to calm his supporters angry ranting and public ignorance at his rallies.

    the very tax policies that McCain condemned Obama for, claiming "socialism" during this election, he promoted before he became a presidential candidate. unafraid to see the reality of the situation? go to youtube and search "socialist John McCain". how truthful it that?

    there was nothing very christian about his behavior over those last few weeks when it looked bad for him in the polls. not only did he lie, but he made false accusations, tried to make Obama look to be friendly with terrorists, and painted a picture of Obama as muslim to his base. there are still people to this day that don't even know that Obama was born here in the US and is methodist.

    and he's a murderer you say? how many kids has he aborted?

  21. Thomas,

    I said he promotes murder. My refererence to "a murder and a liar from the beginning" was a reference to Satan. Barack Obama is billed as ushering in a new way. A way that will require armed maltia? For internal security? He has promised he will liberate the abortion laws. Do you think this will reduce abortions? Thomas, America is in for a very bumpy ride. Joe Biden has already warned you that you will not be happy with the way Obama is going to do things. He has already warned you that you are going to think he is very wrong in his decisions. He has asked for you to suspend your judgement and your conscience and have faith in him. To remember the euphoria of the election night and endure all that Obama will place on you. When I heard this I have to say alarm bells were ringing. Thomas, I may be completely mistaken here but all my intuition, my faith and my knowledge of history tells me you have just elected a very dark man. I pray to God for you and all Americans. This man will have global reach too. I pray to God for the whole world. Now we wait, watch and pray.

  22. Thomas,
    First of all, is this really the time and place for "hatemongering" as you put it? Yes, people here are sad that more babies are going to die. Have you ever held a newborn in your arms? My guess is, most people here have. The death of thousands more of these is a reason for sadness. As a male non-ob/gyn of course BHO has not personally aborted any babies. But we know for a fact that he does not want his daughters "punished" with a baby and so would pressure them to abort and that he wants to sign into law FOCA, which would take away any restrictive laws that the voters have put into place to protect against things like partial-birth abortion (in which a doctor delivers a living, viable baby and then sucks its brains out. Hard truth.). And the truth is, most politicians lie.
    I can't think of a single presidential candidate in my lifetime who did not make promises that they could not keep. Democrat *and* Republican.
    Also, you clearly don't live in a city like Milwaukee, where the school system is broken and the medicare system is broken, and, last I heard, social security was going down the tubes all over the country. So much for the good of your socialist programs.
    While everyone in this country has the right to express themselves, would you crash a funeral to tell everyone how glad you are that the guy died and that he was a jerk anyway? Please don't do that here. We're in mourning for something we believe in. Please respect that.

    Everyone else,
    I don't know about you, but I'm dusting off my copy of _The Ballad of the White Horse_. "Men of the east may spell the stars and times and triumphs mark, but men signed of the cross of Christ go gaily in the dark." And it is very dark right now. Time to dust off our metaphorical (or literal, if they go for gun control. Kidding.)swords and prepare for battle.


  23. cmtp,
    No post, even the ones that proved incorrect, have been deleted from this blog. You are as obnoxious as you are wrong.

    Please be advised that lying and questioning our manhood is a good way to get deleted. Be accurate if you can, but be respectful.

  24. jennifer f.
    I've been saying the same thing for months. Unfortunately, many of my fellow African Americans are somehow willing to vote for someone they agree nothing with, Just to have theh first black president. Even my mother who disagrees completely with Obama's abortion stance still voted for him.

  25. This too, will pass. Sadly, the losers are those that might have been born. God have mercy upon us, at the same time, Jesus I place my trust in You!

  26. God's blessing and protection to all those, black, white, or whatever party affiliation that voted for the pro life candidate. They did the "right thing". God knows who they are..

  27. I fear there is much lying to come, Patrick, lies and violence. Obama Youth, "truth and reconciliation" commissions, institutionalized racism, denial of basic rights, seizure of property, packed federal courts. The Robert Mugabe model appears to be in place; we all saw the images of Obama Youth with their nightsticks at polling places.

    -- Mack

  28. I think the only answer is for the Church to get back to its basic work - preaching Christ crucified. We have terrible education and evangelisation of Catholics in this country, which is why we have the dual issue of lapsed Catholics and former Catholics-turned-evangelicals who tell me things like "The Catholic Church never told me I had to be saved." If we spent half as much time on that as we do playing bingo, etc., we'd be such an important constituency that we'd have pro-life Democrats coming to the forefront rather than being squashed.

    As far as posts being deleted - perhaps the poster referred to posts deleted by the users themselves? Usually there's the tell-tale line about it, but perhaps blogger has changed how it works?

  29. because I have little time left to access the internet currently, I will make this brief. while I am totally in agreement that abortion in all its forms is a horrendous wrongdoing(I have had four children, two were planned), I do not believe that it is any man's right to push their sense of conscience on others. free will, and all that. each man should answer for his own sins in the eyes of God on judgment day, not other men.

    and I live in philadelphia, by the way, and no, those programs are not strong the country over. the problem however, isn't the programs themselves. it's the people in charge of them being of corrupt practice, scheming and conniving in order to make the rich richer and keep the poor as they are. these programs work, and work well in other countries, because they are run honestly and in the interest of the citizens by govenments whose restrictions on the programs properly regulate the transition of funds to where it is necessary.

    in any case, I have to go, but believe me when I tell you we are much better of with a president whose policies may not be your cup of tea as opposed to a president who lies about his stance on the issues that are important to the people for a chance to gain executive office. the John McCain I knew prior to his presidential nomination was a man that I could get behind if the democratic candidate did not satisfy me. the McCain that entered the presidential election however is far too different and deceitful.

  30. Some time ago I read Hugh Benson's "LORD of the WORLD". He wrote it in 1917 and it seems like he had this election and candidate in mind. Scary.

  31. "...I am sad for the babies. "

    I was in Adoration lat night, before the blessed sacrament, saying that same thing to Him.

    It's not about my team winning, it's not about Socialisim, it's about the babies Lord...

    The words "Thy Kindom come" (please Lord), and "Thy will be done" in the Lord's Prayer never seemed so poignant to me ...

  32. Ok - am I missing something in the bible or where does it say that God agrees with a pure capitalist society? Or actually, one with some socialist aspects, but not the socialist aspects that Obama is for? You do realize there are already socialist aspects to our capitalist society and that a pure capitalist society would not work out so well. We need things like a minimum wage because not all employees will be fair. We already have it in place that the more money you make, the more taxes you pay. We already have public schools, libraries, police depts, fire departments, and the gov't just bailed us out financially.

    The gov't is NOT going to take over all businesses under Obama, so we will not be socialist. I think any pure gov't is not perfect - but taking ideas from here and there can make us better.

    I understand the concern over the pro-life cause. But don't feel there is a reason for people as Christians, to fear socialism right now. I think it's a little bit silly and I think as we get into Obama's presidency that those fears are going to taper off.

  33. I know this has nothing to do with the thread, but I cannot let John Hetman's disdainful and erroneous association of Rev. Joncas with the usual suspects of Haugen, Haas and Chittester stand without comment.
    Do your homework, professor. The Rev. Dr. Mike's credentials are solid and I remain unaware of any writings or utterances of his that remotely come close to heterodoxy.
    If you want to enlighten and correct my assessment, please do, I will apologize and be in your debt. I don't quibble with your characterization of the other three persons mentioned, but for now, I see your indictment as guilt by association. And what all that has to do with election day results and implications, well, that is a tenuous and needless association as well. IMO only.

  34. The March for Life is 2 days after Inauguration, 22 Jan, in DC.

    Be there and we'll be noticed.

    The Congressional mid-terms are in hard to defeat the "pro-choicers"

  35. Patrick,
    My apologies. The posts apparently were not deleted. For some reason, however, the links no longer appear right. Again, I apologize. But you ought to be advised that I did not lie. I was mistaken. I think you know the difference. Calling somebody a liar when you know them to simply be mistaken is slander. Be advised...


  36. My hope is that the country stays safe during Obama's time in the White House.

    What concerns me even more is the large amount of Catholic voters that voted for Obama. In my opinion, it was a slap in the face to the Catholic Church and the Bishops and priests. How someone can call themselves a Catholic and vote for everything that flies in the face of Human life and Catholic teachings is way beyond my wildest dreams. There are too many "cafeteria" Catholics in this country and this world. They twist the teachings to suit themselves so they feel good in their minds that they are doing the right thing. Sadly, this is also reflection of how poorly the Bishops and Priests have guided their flocks. I know, they are worried about the IRS, but there are ways to teach and guide and protect the church from the IRS.
    Just a couple months ago, several ministers challenged the IRS to keep them from what should be freedom of speech and their right to tell their followers to vote for a specific candidate. Their needs to be a loud voice from all churchs in this country, a grass roots effort, to bring this to the forefront and demand the IRS back off and allow all churches to teach what they truely believe, without restraint, fear, or intimidation.


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