Commercial Appeal: Does God Exist?

We found this video at the Hermeneutic of Continuity. The blurb at Youtube says:
New Moment New Ideas Company TV commercial for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Ministry of Education and Science. Social campaign (series of commercials) aimed at promoting education.

Headline of commercial: Religion is knowledge, too. Bringing religion back to school. Headline of campaign: Knowledge is power.


  1. Absolutely brilliant! Profound, yet simple.

  2. Is that based on a true story about Albert Einstein? If so that is awesome...

  3. I, too would like to know if the story is true...I though Einstein was homeschooled...Hmmmm.
    It might have been something he said later in his life and put into his mouth as a child...
    But it IS a great arguement!

  4. This is inaccurate though because,
    if darkness is an absence of light and cold an absence of heat, then evil is just an absence of good. But evil is a person who deliberately rebelled against God and tempted the Lord to abandon His mission. So God did create the person who started off as good but eventually turned evil by choice. Check out the exorcism of Annelise Michel and meet evil in person:

  5. But evil is a person who deliberately rebelled against GodActually no, evil doesn't actually exist. The devil, being created by God, is good (insofar as he was created good), it was only by rejecting his goodness as God created him that he became as we know evil.

    Evil doesn't exist on it's own right, so much so that people cannot even choose evil for it's own sake, they always are choosing a lesser good (or a lie - believing that they are choosing a good).

  6. Light/darkness, and heat/cold are in fact accurately described by the child's dialogue, portraying Albert Eingstein.
    They are mathematically, and rigorously defined by physics as the video states.
    Thus, if we follow the premise of evil being the absence of good, one could use a scale to "measure" the quality of good from best to worst.
    With the 10 commandments being the absolute standard for good-- with Jesus' statements on Loving God, and Loving one's neighbor as themselves as the highest form/expression of good.
    Thus the absence of these attributes on any level is defined as evil.
    So, if we're to call it evil, it's because it falls short of God's best-- Love God with all you heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.

  7. But it is not a "true story".

    I believe the argument that child in the video makes is a good argument . If the argument is true then it's true whether or not someone famous like Einstein said it or whether it was just some ordinary kid . It doesn't help the validity of the message to wrap it up in a fancy lie that this was supposed to be a true incident in the life of Albert Einstein.

    As an Orthodox Christian I totally reject the idea that we can put out a message about Truth using the facade of a lie.

    Bad form.

  8. Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.


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