America: Obama is Stupid or Weak Executive

Michael Sean Winters of America Magazine concludes that President Obama is either really really stupid or a weak executive.

OK. He didn't really say it in those words but it's all right there for the discerning eye.

Sean Winters writes openly of his desire for universal health care. And I give him props for putting his opinions out there plainly just as we do here. But then he writes of the kerfuffle surrounding Henry Waxman's maneuvers to force abortion coverage into the healthcare bill. And that's when we run into problems. Sean Winters writes:
During the August congressional recess, Obama and his staff can ponder what happened last week at the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The committee voted in favor of an amendment from Congressman Bart Stupak that would have prevented the federal government from mandating abortion coverage by private insurance plans. In short, keep the status quo. But, Committee Chairman Henry Waxman brought the amendment back for reconsideration and got Congressman Bart Gordon to change his vote, so the amendment failed. Mr. Obama and his staff need to understand that those Catholics who voted for Obama in 2008 but who voted for George W. Bush in 2004 were the decisive swing votes, and that they can swing back.

Mr. Obama and his staff need to know that all their appeals for common ground on abortion will go out the window if Waxman and his ilk succeed in sneaking abortion coverage into the health care reform bill. I do not have any special insight into the internal deliberations of the White House staff. The President himself was pretty clear in an interview last week that he expected the health care reform to be neutral on the abortion issue. If that is the case, and no one from his staff called Waxman to object to the re-vote or called Gordon to tell him to stick to his guns, well, that qualifies as "B-level" work in my book.

Mr. President, please listen to those of us who want to support your efforts to enact health care reform, who applaud putting diplomacy at the center of our foreign policy, who commend you for taking on Wall Street and coming to the aid of the auto industry, who are thrilled about Cap & Trade legislation finally moving through Congress but who will not be able to continue to support your administration unless you ensure that no end-run around the Hyde Amendment occurs as part of the health care reform. We want to support you. We worry that some in your administration may not be telling you the depth of our concern or who, for whatever reason, have failed to suggest a simple means of resolving the issue, namely, permitting insurance companies to sell riders for abortion coverage that are paid for by the consumer not the government. Indeed, we worry that some members of your administration would prefer to see the Hyde Amendment overturned.
So to me, you either have a President Obama who's either not understanding that there's a whole lot of folks who don't like abortion or who's not a strong enough executive to force his viewpoint on the bill he's pushing so strongly for.

He either is politically stupid or he's a weak executive.

Which one?

I don't for one second believe Obama is stupid but there is of course a third option which America Magazine is likely unwilling to face which put plainly is that Obama is a big fat liar. I'm talking like the kind of fat that needs to be taken out of his house by a crane kind of fat. That's the amount of big fat liar I think Obama actually is.

I mean, doesn't the logic work out quite well? Hmmm...Obama talks about lowering the number of abortions but the bill he pushes has abortion in it and would likely increase the number of abortions. So I'll leave it up to you to put your answer in the combox: Obama is:

A) A big fat liar
B) A weak executive
C) Politically stupid
D) All of the above


  1. A and B, but not C.

  2. D) All of the above.

  3. Steven P. CornettAugust 3, 2009 at 5:59 PM

    Maybe there's an option E, combining A & C.

    He's not stupid, he's just E as in evil.

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  5. A and B. Not C. Definately E (for evil).

  6. Man I hate typos. That's twice I've had to trash my own post.

    To me, the article says more about those who voted for the President and consider themselves smart than it does about President Obama.

    The President talked smoothly whenever it suited him to Planned Parenthood and to equally hopeful intellectuals who proudly touted their Catholicism but didn't think it would actually be put to the test.

    It seems to me a quick examination of a guilty conscience would be in order. The Catholics who voted for Obama include many a person who claims to be better educated than most. Now these same people like the author in question, will have to prove themselves humble by recognizing that this was always a distinct possibility.

    No one should be surprised. He has always been this way, his record, his books, his friends, his supporters and his speeches to them prove this.

    So the real question is for those who voted for Obama and now feel nervous about the aggressive support his administration has given to pro-abortion policies:

    Were you
    a) Deliberately ignorant?
    b) Willingly indifferent?
    c) Now feeling embarrased by the lack of vetting you gave either your faith or this candidate?

  7. It doesn't matter. They can change him! No one else can see how vulnerable and sensitive he is deep inside. If only he'd quit hanging around with those skanks in the MSM, maybe he'd see the beautiful girl behind America's big glasses, pinned-up hair and frumpy sweaters. Until that day, they will wait patiently - and Hope...

  8. Unfortunately I think it is Sean Winters who is naive (not necessarily stupid). Those same "Catholics" (in name only) who voted for Obama in 2008 would have no problem voting for him again if he put abortion in the bill, or even performed one live on air. It simply isn't a big deal to many people who call themselves Catholic. Just as being Catholic is no big deal to them.

  9. I choose E where D is he believes in his godhead thus he is impervious, and E is all the above

  10. I have to along with A and B but not C.

  11. A for sure... he's been lying since, well, as long as I can think of in his political career...

    B, I'm not so sure... his administration has shown tighter control of message and better marketing of the "Obamacult" than any I can remember (I'm just a young'un though... maybe someone over 30 can remember another admin with slick marketing/manipulation skills).

    C. I wouldn't call him stupid, rather arrogant. You know those great Greek tradgedies where the main character has a meteoric rise to sucess and seems such a "golden child" and then becomes full of themself and mocks the gods? Well, Obama is quickly losing his shine as he forgets the populace that elected him. Like all good tradgedy, mock the gods and down you go! So, stupidity will not likely be his downfall, but rather his arrogance and hubris which blind him to the various political truths about this country.

  12. A & B, not C. I wouldn't say he's E for evil in that I don't think that he goes off-camera rubbing his hands going, "Muahaha! I'm going to turn a national economy into a socialist quadroplegic and perpetrate suffering on a nation that richly deserves it!"

    Rather, I am inclined to modify option D for Darkened Intellect except that someone might accuse me of making a racial slur.

  13. I've joined the Republicans-gone-wild movement. I show up at all the townhall meetings and shout down my opponents - that way I don't have to hear what they have to say and I can help defeat this obamacare scam.

  14. I've joined the Republicans-gone-wild movement. I show up at all the townhall meetings and shout down my opponents - that way I don't have to hear what they have to say and I can help defeat this obamacare scam.

    Interestingly, Specter and Kathleen Sebelius (sp?) were not prevented from speaking, and were even able to continue speaking even when there where boos. This is lots better than than we see on the left who will literally make it impossible for their opponents to be heard.

  15. I don't know what he is I cannot read his soul but I do know he is in dire need of prayer because with his position comes an enormous power to bring about changes for good or evil.
    Remember too he is not a dictator he has to try to get changes through a legislature so every member of that body requires prayer.Perhaps every Catholic should set aside a moment in prayer for the politicians that represent them at distict state and federal level. It is easy to forget that they are human beings in need of our spiritual love to help them have courage and do what is morally right even at the risk of losing office.Also it is vital for catholics to make it clear that their vote will not go to a plitician who supports measures that undermine family values.When I think of Barak Obama I think of Saul and draw hope from the fact that thanks to a miracle of God's grace he beacame Paul.Let us pray President Obama will grow in office and become a defender of life.

  16. I just got back from a town hall meeting. I shouted and shouted and didn't let anyone get a word in. I don't want no socialized medicine. I want the government to stay out of my business and leave my medicare alone.

  17. A and E (for evil)

  18. I just got back from a town hall meeting. I shouted and shouted and didn't let anyone get a word in.

    Really? Which meeting?

  19. I thought this was a Christian site. This article ends in a hateful tone. Lets learn some diplomacy people--Jesus knew how to be diplomatic, lets try it out!

  20. Jesus knew how to be diplomatic? Was that when He was throwing the money changers out of the temple or when He said countless times "Woe to you scribes and pharisees...."?


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