Stupak Amendment Passes

I have mixed feelings. I am glad that the House stood up for life but this almost guarantees passage of the bill and abortion will likely make it back in in reconciliation.

This is a bad bad day no matter what.


  1. Yes, indeed, Patrick. A dark, dark day in fact. But we are Christians and have 2,000 years filled with darker days. Our Lord will see us through as long as we do not succumb to either fatalistic despondency or cowardly capitulation. And let us pray that the Holy Spirit awakens our bishops to the tyrannical dangers of universal government "health care" and its slippery slope to a nightmare society.

  2. Hey, "we" won a major battle here. Don't dismiss it. This is tremendous news! We showed the Democratic party, and namely the drum-tight facelift reject that they can NOT simply dictate policy to the American people, and least of all to Catholics living in America. The bill prohibits abortion coverage in both the public option and the "insurance exchange" (i.e. clearing house/money laundering scheme) so at present, there is no back door for abortion coverage. It's locked pretty tight. Don't you dare try to sell this moment short.

    From this point on, we need to continue to be active, vigilant and steadfast in our faith. If the Democrats try to "sneak" abortion back into the bill, you bet your sweet bippy we will raise all holy hell and force their hand AGAIN.

    There have been few moments these last few years where I have been truly proud of my church. This is sad, but true. And this is definitely one of them.

  3. Early Riser, it's great news about the pyrrhic victory, and I think that it did show the Left that there is more than they bargained for in dealing with angry Christians and conservatives. But the war will be won by them if universal government mandated and controlled health care becomes the law of the land. This a dangerous incursion into American lives and liberties. Abortion was just the most vile and bloody part of a very tyrannical bill. Anyone who has dealt with the Left knows that they are relentless in imposing their Evil system and policies upon us.

  4. John - read paragraph 2 of my comments. Not saying this will be easy. But as of today, it CAN be done. God willing.

  5. With all the attention on the bill this week, people didn't notice that Barbara Boxer broke the law to pass her cap and trade bill through her committee. A muslim terrorist killed thirteen people but we're terrified to say the words "Muslim" or "terrorist" and it seems the main reason he wasn't released from duty is PC bull. Every single aspect of the bill that had been voted out has been stuffed back in with the hilariously easy to bypass "no to abortion!" amendment our present kabuki theater of the day. Please. The give a woman money for her headache and "whoops, she spent it on abortion!" trick is as old as Roe Vs. Wade.

    Understand, I'm not depressed or worried about the Church or anything. The Church has and will always survive. But I do not consider this a victory, and I do not think that Congress has finally noticed us. But we'll see what happens next, I think this story still has a lot more telling to do.

  6. I agree... I was starting to get worried before the vote, and even posted on my blog about this... I was really worried that the Abortion Amendment was going to be the "compromise" and the Conservative Dem's or whatever you want to call them... they were going to "owe" their party.

    This bill is just too scary. I am glad Stupak's Amendment passed... but there is very little room or time to celebrate.

  7. I hoped Stupak's amendment wouldn't have passed. I wanted the whole thing to fail. The thing is unconstitutional. There is no provision in the Constitution allowing the government to do this, to pay for it. The only way it could possibly have a part would be if you were to include insurance companies as part of interstate commerce. Previously the Supreme Court had rejected that sort of argument because it would include all companies and most businesses which they said was clearly not the intent of the framers.

  8. I just came back from Hot Air, where the argument was made that the GOP should have voted "present" on the Stupak Amendment. When the amendment was passed, the atheist poster said disparaged the GOP for saying things like "We believe you just don’t play politics with life."

    I say, more power to GOP representatives for placing principles before political strategy. I would have preferred for the Health Care bill to not pass, but still I'm glad taxpayer money will not be used to kill innocent babies. I'm just simple-minded like that.

  9. For at least 100 years, the Democrats have pursued the socialization of America with patience and determination. They have accumulated incremental victories through party line votes, while Republicans have "voted their conscience"--a facility I am not convinced Democrats have.

    What we are seeing now is the fruit of their determination. The Democrats have nearly achieved critical mass. Half of voters pay no income tax, but enjoy tax-funded services, most of which have been created by Democrat initiatives.

    Can we really expect voters who benefit from government growth to vote against it? Can we really expect elected Democrats to turn aside from a 100+ year agenda?

    I am about to turn 61, and I fear that in my lifetime, I may witness the death of my country. The 10th amendment has been ignored ever since the passage of interstate commerce, at least. The establishment clause is certainly ignored in the currently pending health care legislation.

    Show no mercy in reminding your senators and representatives of your position, early, and often.

    I see no possible way for any Catholic to view a Democrat as a supportable choice for public office. (Not that the Republicans are much better!)

  10. My heart also sank when I heard that this had passed. I was also told that Stupak's Amendment didn't guarentee no abortion funding, only that they would *try* to take abortion out in the Senate.

    Having first hand experience with gov run programs that try to be charitable (medicaid and cps come immediately to mind) I dread this one.

  11. It was already telling complicated, Christina. It doesn't really try to guarantee no abortion or try to take it out. It just says that programs that allow for abortion will have to get the funds for the abortions "somewhere else." It would take a not so compotent worker five minutes to get around, but it would also allow someone who didn't agree with abortion to say, "I can't help you, please go see Suzie at the next window." Let freedom ring.

    It's like having a bowl of condoms right next to the nurse that doesn't believe in contraceptives: She won't have to hand them to you, but you won't really have to make any extra effort to grab them.

    I'm coming off real negative in these posts. I DO think good is coming, I just think we're sadly at the point where it'll have to be a painful wake up call. Probably not fighting (please, not fighting) but definitely ridiculously high unemployment and inflation. I mean, government is running itself with Bad Business 101 rules. But there are too many Americans I respect and love for me to believe we could never turn back.


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