Communism & Nazism: Blood Brothers

From the documentary The Soviet Story


  1. I'm sure this isn't the first time I've exposed my ignorance in print (and I'm sure it won't be the last time, either), but I hadn't known that Marx advocated racial genocide. I had thought it was a logical extension of his ideas and advocated only by some of his followers, but I hadn't known that he himself argued for the killing of those whom he considered "racial trash."

    Thanks for posting this clip. Anyone who still naively thinks Marx's vision is not only workable but compatible with the Christian faith needs to see this.

  2. You might want to read an article entitled Marx and Darwin: Two great thinkers of the nineteenth century,
    They're no longer calling themselves communists - they're socialists!
    Darwin, along with Lambroso, heavily influenced the eugenics movement. We all know about Sanger andher inflience on the 1924 Immigration Act.

  3. I'll second the thanks and comments above and add that you have done a great service to your readers by posting this and allowing them to look further into these dangerous pathologies of which there are prominent sympathizers within the current Administration. I might also recommend the outstanding recent Polish film, "Katyn" for a deeper and more personal look into Soviet atrocities and cover-ups. If any country knows the twin evils of Nazism and Communism painfully and personally, it is Poland.

  4. The Irony here is Karl Marx' parents were both Jewish and converted nominally to Lutheranism (arguably the most anti-Jewish faction of Christianity). The racial propaganda he espoused would 2 generations later be used to anihilate his own people.

  5. I'm not surprised that there's a connection. There were differences: the Fascists allowed the rich to hold on to their wealth and the Communists transferred the wealth to a new oligarchy (themselves). Having recently read the Pink Swastika (see ) I wonder were there other, as yet unacknowledged, connections?

  6. Jonah Goldberg documents the connection very well in his wonderful book Liberal Fascism. I highly recommend the book. It is one of those rare works that is both academic (tons of citations) and popular (readable by people like me!).

    Two things about those propaganda posters at the end of the clip:

    1) The images suggest that Nazism and Communism were incredibly alike. However, I could pull up some American WW1 and WW2 propaganda posters that look eerily similar, too. That's just the way propaganda posters are.

    2) Why can we make some beautiful proganda poster like those anymore?




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