Town Flies Planned Parenthood Flag

This is sad. The Santa Barbara Downtown administration is proudly flying the flag of death on their streets this week. The main street of the California town has been lined with Planned Parenthood's flag to honor the organization and drum up its donations.

Santa Barbara Downtown reports:
The flags of Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties, Inc will fly on State Street from January 12th through the 22nd to coincide with the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision guaranteeing protections for women’s reproductive health, safety and privacy.

Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties
has been providing high-quality, low-cost reproductive healthcare services to the tricounties since 1964. Last year, the organization served 30,000 patients for over 61,000 medical visits at their five health centers.

They commend the organization for promoting "honest communication between young people and parents, medically-accurate sex education in our communities, and access to affordable birth control and believes these are the real solutions to preventing teen pregnancy and reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections."

Honest communication? Have they seen any of the Lila Rose videos where Planned Parenthood continually flouts the law and lies to teens about the life growing in their womb. (Remember heart tones anyone?)

Oddly, the folks in charge of the flags being on the street failed to mention abortion even though abortion is the way Planned Parenthood makes its money. Millions of human beings have perished in Planned Parenthood clinics and Santa Barbara flies their flag proudly as a way to increase donations for them?

Also, I'm not going to fail to point out that Planned Parenthood was founded by stone cold racist Margaret Sanger ("Eugenics is … the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems") and just last year agreed to take donations earmarked to reduce numbers of blacks in America.

But their racist past is overlooked by Santa Barbara, I guess, because of their willingness to kill babies in the womb.

Let's be clear - Planned Parenthood is a business that sells death. Their flag is testimony to our degraded culture. Sad.

(Thanks to Matthew Martinez for the story.)


  1. This is a direct PR campaign to combat the current support campaign for the upcoming California Human Rights (life) Ammendment to the state constitution which will hopefully appear (AND PASS, God willing!) this November. You can expect California to be a major battle ground for PP this year. I'll be at the Walk For Life this weekend, so hopefully we will get the message out enough and in time for November.

  2. If they have to fly an evil flag they should go for the swastika. It's snazzier.

  3. However, there are now more pro-lifers. So, that is needed is to get mobilized to change the culture. We just need to get the truth out to counter the pro-aborts' lies and rip of their masks as being pro-women.

  4. How about a mass emailing of links to the Lila Rose videos to the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, explaining the damage that this kind of PR could do to their economy, since a main source of revenue is tourism:

    Jason Nelson is the head of Public Relations

  5. Looks like it is time to send them a copy of Maafa21 , the film which has exposed the racist and eugenic roots of Planned Parenthood -

  6. I thought there was supposed to be a seperation of church and (city-)state!

  7. TomE: The rights of unborn people are matters of the state. It's like human rights or civil rights, only more basic. I think the flags of the Nazis and the Confederacy have been outlawed for that reason.

  8. Nazis and Confederacy flags are not outlawed. They cannot do that because we have freedom of speech.

  9. Lori - an EXCELLENT idea!!!!!! I'll do that today.

    Robert - this is true. The Skokie trials were a case in point. But at the same time, we don't see a city endorsing Nazi or Confederate flags (note: not state flags) and flying them on city property/streets. This is a clear endorsement.

  10. Shame on you Santa Barbara...

    Apparently they've been getting away with it for more than 20 years now. It's appaling... If only you could see what the whole State Street downtown area looks like with the blue flags of death on every street sad.


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