Anglican Bishops Keep The Faith - Sorta

It has been a tough time for the Anglicans lately. What with all the internal strife over women's ordination, gay bishops, gay women bishops, Roman poaching, and such.

These are the times that try gender neutral souls.

So it warmed my heart to see that some Anglican Bishops are keeping the faith even in the face of the disintegration of their cause.
LONDON — Several prominent Anglican British bishops are urging Christians to keep their carbon consumption in check this Lent.

The 40-day period of penitence before Easter typically sees observant Catholics, Anglicans, and Orthodox Christians give up meat, alcohol or chocolates.

But this year's initiative aims to convince those observing Lent to try a day without an iPod or mobile phone in a bid to reduce the use of electricity — and thus trim the amount of carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere.

Bishop of London Rev. Richard Chartres said that the poorest people in developing countries were the hardest hit by man-made climate change.

He said Tuesday that the "Carbon Fast" was "an opportunity to demonstrate the love of God in a practical way."
So the faith that has lasted 2,000 years gets tossed out as casually as last week's Sunday Times, but a faith that couldn't even last a generation, global warming, is the faith they choose to hold on to?

I mean really fellas. Oops I am sorry, I mean really (insert gender neutral yet slightly insulting nickname here), don't you even read the papers? Oh sorry again. The implosion of the cult of AGW wasn't covered in the papers. I mean really (....) , don't you guys have internet access?

As for lent, I am giving up those feminizing canvas bags when I go shopping and will replace it with bags made from the leftover remains of Anglican Orthodoxy. What? Its not like they are using it anymore?


  1. Kinda makes one angry enough to go out and rev up the Hummer for twenty minutes!!

  2. Anglicans understand faith like French understand hygiene.

    Anglicans, the doors have been thrust WIDE open for you. It's time for you to do your bit now.

  3. I plan to leave the ashes on my forehead all day Wednesday and when queried I'll respond something to the effect of... "This cross signifies my rejection of climate change,... oh yeah, and it reminds me that I am carbon too, and unto carbon I shall return."

  4. ...
    Isn't this a bit like Prince What's-his-name being a Druid and a possible future head of the Church of England?


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