The Baby Gianna Story Part III

This is the third in a series. (Read The Baby Gianna Story Part I, The Baby Gianna Story Part II)

Jessica Chominski delivered this eulogy for Baby "Miracle Gianna:"

On January 9, the world changed forever because of a baby girl. I know that many of you do not know the whole story of Miracle Gianna. Many of you have been praying for her fervently- praying for her to heal, praying for her to be OK, praying for her to live.

We have all had a piece of this story, which on the outside, looks like a tragic, sad, devastating defeat. But this is not a story of defeat. This is a story of triumph- the triumph of Baptism.

When she was born, the doctors handed her to me to hold, and I have never felt more humbled and fearful in my life. I was not afraid because her precious, beautiful body was so fragile and delicate, but because I knew that I was standing in the presence of a little girl, who would soon be in Heaven with Our Lord. I didn’t know how long we would get to be with her, but I knew that she was going from my arms, and the arms of her loving, brave mother, to the arms of Our Lady, who would take her home to Her Son. I knew that in a few hours, or a few moments, while we sat weeping, the angels would be singing her lullabies as she rested in the comfort of her Creator. This was because of an act of heroic motherhood.

Rebecca spent the last 4 months hoping and praying that her baby girl would live. Up until the moment we went into the delivery room, she did not abandon this hope, despite the definitive prognosis. As she realized that God had greater plans for her baby, in a moment of what appeared to be defeat, she did not buckle. She insisted that Miracle be given eternity- she insisted that she was Baptized.

It was in this moment that we witnessed the triumph of the Resurrection. Just as Our Lady held the broken body of her Son, her Savior as he was taken from the cross, trusting that He would rise in 3 days as He had promised, so too did Rebecca hold her baby, trusting in the promise of Our Lord to His Church. She lives in eternity now because her mother did what parents are supposed to do- she got her child to Heaven.

It was no coincidence that this long, difficult story came to its conclusion on the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. As I drove home from the hospital, that night, well, that morning, I was listening to music on my IPOD trying to be a good driver as I was holding back sobs. On came How Great Thou Art, one of my favorite songs, but one that almost seemed ironically inappropriate at a time like this. But as I listened to the words “When I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made” I realized that the same Creator that fashioned the Heavens, the Earth, the vastness of the universe, also fashioned this little girl’s tiny hands, feet, adorable button nose, and perfectly coiffed hair. He had breathed His life into her, then she rose to new life with Him, and it was for this reason that her life was worth so much- so that we could look at her and exclaim, “My God, how great Thou art!”

Miracle Gianna, pray for us.

Next Up: The Future of Catholic Hospitals.

Note: This is the third part in a week-long series telling this incredible and gut-wrenching true story about life, death, abortion, and betrayal. We ask all of our readers and blogging friends to help us in any way they can to share this story. Please stay with us this entire week.


  1. To be absent from the body is to be present to God..

  2. You guys are to be commended for telling this story. May God bless you and the hearts of all those this story reaches.

    I thank God the Holy Spirit has moved you and others so that this story could be told.

  3. Beautiful story. I've been linking to it on my blog and sending trackbacks, but don't see them showing up, so wanted to let you know I'm linking.

  4. I've got them on my facebook page!!

  5. This so reminds me of the story of our grandchild, Kylee, who is in heaven. My son and his beautiful wife, fought to save their first child and to give her life. She was born on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, and died fourteen hours later. Her grandfather had the honor of baptizing her. Her life has been a gift to all of us.

  6. This is powerful story. Miracle Gianna, pray for us and for the salvific impact of this story as it is being told and the many lives that may be spared through it by your intercession to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    - - -
    Our Joel lived less than 48 hours. He died of a not uncommon genetic heart defect. For many years my Protestant belief (I as an ordained minister) informed me that while Joel was in heaven that was the end of all communication until that Day. As a Catholic I understand, believe and cherish the Communion of Saints and know that our Joel prays for us and no doubt for others.

    Peace be with you.

  7. FEBRUARY 20, 2010

  8. I have sent an email to the archdiocese of Santa Fe Pro Life department informing them of the hospital's role in this affair and asking them to inform the archbishop.

  9. The correct website for the abortionist is:

    Lucia Cies website is

    I have just emailed the hospital with this information.

  10. We have friends who had three children born with polycystic kidney disease. The first two died within a few days of birth. The third, however, is not a twenty year old professinal photographer who owns her own home, has shown sheep competitively for years, and is a joy to all who know her. She had to have a kidney transplant several years ago and has faced rejection, lymphoma, diabetes, and over complications of the anti-rejection medications and the disease. However, she's sill alive, still loving life and her parents rejoice in every day that they have with her. The disease is a horrible one, but there are survivors. It's so ironic that there are possible treatments now than there were when our friend's daughter was born, yet doctors are still recommending death instead of life.

  11. My appendix burst when I was three months pregnant with our fourth child. The doctors wanted us to have an abortion due to the poisons that were running through my body and all the medication they had to administer. They were convinced that the baby would be born with severe birth defects or not make it through the pregnancy to begin with. During the entire month of recovery at the hospital it was never a question for my husband or me, we would take what we got. Our daughter is an extremely bright and gifted child. That was almost 12 years ago. I can't imagine living with myself if I had acted any differently. Even her older siblings recognize what a gift from God she is.

  12. This reminds me of what St. Paul said to the Romans 8:28, "All things work together for good to them that love God."
    I was 7 months along with my 4th baby when my then husband left me for the umteenth time. He did not return, so I raised my little ones by myself, and at 27 years of age returned to college and received a teaching degree when 33. I taught at the Catholic school my children attended. I had been a Birthright volunteer since I was 19 years old. Many a pregnant girl/woman would come in saying: "I can't have a baby, I want to finish school", or,'I'll loose my scholarship", or "I can't afford another baby". When I shared with them that I was a divorced single mother with 4 children who was abandoned many times, and the final time was when I was 7 months along with my youngest, yet, put myself through college, well, let's just say, they had no come-back. They were told by everyone else that what I did was impossible. I was proof that it was. It was very difficult being a single mother, especially since their father did not want to support them. But, with the grace of God, we made it. And, perhaps some of those mothers that I encouraged were themselves and encouragement to others to trust in the mercy of God, to love Him, because when we do then "ALL things will work together for good".
    Through Mary to Jesus,

  13. Right now i am 24 weeks pregnant and the doctors just diagnosed my unborn child with polycystic kidneys and basically are not giving him a chance, i am 17 years old and this is the hardest choice im having to make, but i do not feel it is right for me to say that i want to deliver now and end my babys life. I have decided to leave it all in Gods hands and just hope and pray for the best, everywhere i tell friends or counselours my story they ask to pray over my tummy and they ask god to heal and protect my child. And so far i have discovered that i am becoming closer to God and believing that no matter what the result my baby will end up in his arms and be waiting for me up in Heaven when my day comes.


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