Post-Natal Abortions?

Post-natal abortions are a logical extension of the culture of death. Why should birth be a demarcation when conception is not?

What kills me is how those supporting euthanasia couch their horrors in terms of mercy.

Radio Free Europe reports:
The Russian mother of a child with a developmental disability wants to sue a journalist who suggested killing babies with genetic diseases. RFERL's Russian Service reports from Moscow.

In late December, Snezhana Mitina received a tearful phone call from her friend Svetlana. Sobbing, Svetlana explained she had just read a newspaper article calling for babies with mental disabilities to be killed at birth.

The author, Aleksandr Nikonov, used the word "debil" -- a deeply offensive term in Russian -- to characterize such children. He argued that parents should have the right to euthanize newborns diagnosed with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities.

The article, which ran under the headline "Finish Them Off, So They Don't Suffer," went on to describe what Nikonov termed "postnatal abortion" as an act of mercy.

Mitina and her friend, Svetlana Shtarkova -- both mothers of children with developmental disabilities -- decided to take action. They filed a complaint with the Russian Union of Journalists against Nikonov, a correspondent for the popular tabloid "Speed-Info."

The two women say their aim is not to punish Nikonov but to raise the alarm about Russia's culture of intolerance toward disabled people. Shtarkova made an emotional appeal at a hearing last week at the journalists' union.

"The opinion expressed by the author is not unique; statistics show that one-fourth of Russians share similar views," Shtarkova told the February 2 hearing. "Complete strangers come up to me in the street and tell me that I'm depraved and deserve my fate. Doctors and social workers refuse to do their jobs, just because my child is severely disabled."

The lawyer representing the two mothers, Pyotr Kucherenko, told the board that Nikonov's proposal to put "flawed" babies to death only fueled discrimination and was dangerously reminiscent of the theories of racial superiority upheld by Nazi Germany.

Nikonov, however, was unrepentant.

"Let me introduce myself: I am Adolf Hitler. This is the way people want to portray me," Nikonov says. "But the real bastards are those who tell me, 'Yes, it is good and fair that people are in pain. We'll look on and say people can suffer, as long as our scholarly conception of humaneness is not affected.' To hell with you. People shouldn't suffer. This is my opinion, and you won't shut me up."
I'm sure we'll be hearing more about post-natal abortions in the future.


  1. Nikonov et al. are clearly the only ones "suffering" from children who have disabilities. This comes down to their wish to not be inconvenienced in this life.

    If suffering were the yardstick we should use to determine who should live and who should die via "mercy killings", then we'd have to off the whole human race.

    Everybody suffers. Fortunately for us, God has determined a different way that the human race should be redeemed out of its (self-inflicted) suffering.

  2. ((What kills me is how those supporting euthanasia couch their horrors in terms of mercy.))

    Below is a link to an article where the notion of "compassion" as being the justification for all manner of evils is quite thoroughly examined.


  3. I have never understood, especially in an atheistic context, how death can be seen as a desirable condition under certain circumstances; can we even define what exactly "he isn't in pain anymore" means when there is no "he?" Why, if we do not know what happens after death, should we regard mercy killing as merciful? There is no way of knowing what our action has accomplished in terms of the sense-perception of the agent we have slain, if there is any agent remaining. And if we are to believe death is nothingness or oblivion, isn't it like dividing by zero to say it would be better, for a man's own sake, for him not to exist? How can it be better for him, when again, there is no more him?

    The logic of these eugenicists boggles the mind--of course, we all know what they really mean by "ending peoples' suffering": ending the inconvenient pangs of conscience they experience when seeing others in pain; relieving the burden defective cells of the social organism impose, and thus increasing the quality of existence and the measure of self-indulgence and pleasure the remaining healthier cells can enjoy.

  4. Nikonov seems like a totally miserable sour-puss who easily resorts to slurs and cursing. If suffering somehow disqualifies a person from living, this creepy grinch should be first in line to be put out of his misery.

    Those wrapped up in the culture of death are so superficial. They think that to suffer is to look weird, or limp, or whoop or be in a wheelchair. That kind of suffering is nothing compared to being bitter, joyless, and so mean and proud that you think you're the arbiter of life or death for everyone.

  5. Goes to show what 70 years of State enforced athiesm does to a country.

  6. In response to the same line as Anon 3:26, put After the Truth on your Netflix list. It, too, explores the topic of mercy killing/euthanasia and human dignity in reference to Dr. Josef Mengele.

  7. I was really hoping that line about "tenderness leads to the gas chambers" which has been employed a few times in pro-life contexts, was exaggeration. And it still seems to be the case, but...

    Maybe not for too much longer.

  8. In a homily a few months ago, in preparation for the canonization of St. Damian of Molokai, a priest quoted an author saying that the one thing that can really prove our capacity to love is our capacity to suffer.

  9. Post-natal abortion is an oxymoron. Such a term is nonsense. Abortion pertains to aborting or terminating a pregnancy. Post-natal means "after birth" meaning the pregnancy has come to term or completion; hence, it can no longer be terminated. The terms to describe killing a child after birth are infanticide, homicide, murder, euthanasia. But I guess that's the point of your post because abortion is acceptable to some, then brand every other killing as a form of abortion to make it equally acceptable.

  10. We already have Peter Singer at Princeton who's been making the case for infanticide for years!

  11. I will argue that most Americans share this sentiment in one form or another. "No one should suffer." That is the mantra. My mother, who will be 71 this month, believes that her life is now "wasted" because she is disabled. She would rather be dead. I know, she told me so. I've tried to explain how much we love her, how important she is to us and to God, but she balks. My sister-in-law, who passed away with cancer, felt the same. My mother-in-law, all my relatives, and most of my neighbors agree--suffering is inexcusable. Relieve the suffering, people are suffering, suffering is cruel, don't you care that people are suffering, why should we suffer--it's disguised as social justice. That's what makes birth control, abortion, and euthanasia attractive options. Don't believe me? Take a poll of your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. You'll be surprised how many will tell you they'd rather be euthanized than suffer or become a "burden" on others. If a person can imagine this for himself, how can he not think it's a viable option for others? The Evil One is laughing out loud.

  12. Walker Percy, that great Southern Catholic writer, wrote a novel, Thanatos Syndrome, about what "social justice" becomes under the Culture of Death. He employed the term, "pedeuthanasia," and one of the main antagonists, who comes off as a startlingly likable well-meaning guy, goes so far as to implore his protagonist friend that we've "finally put the 'eu' in 'euthanasia'"...

    Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis!

  13. The author is right about one thing: Other than location of the target, "prenatal abortion" is no different from a "post-natal abortion." He says it doesn't make sense to allow one and not the other. He's right, but he has the solution backwards.

  14. Uh-oh. I am currently suffering an extended separation from my dear husband because he has to work in another state, far away from our family. I am very affected by this suffering and so are my children! Mayhaps I should not be advertising my suffering lest some miscreant try and "help" me. My "savior" would not be able to comprehend that my husband is becoming closer to the Lord, through prayer and learning to master himself and his body. He is becoming holier. I am becoming holier as I seek out the Lord, asking Him for relief and the ability to carry on throughout this imposed trial. As a family, we are appreciating the time we have left and our deep love for each other has been uncovered.
    Suffering is God's gift to all those affected. When we suffer, we are never more united to Jesus and this unity makes us over as little children, who will enter His Kingdom. Suffering is of a certain duration-it has an end-and it is never more than the individual can handle. God gives the grace to bear it. Unfortunately, today, people like Nikonov have no concept of God's love for them, they do not love others and they are fearful and fighting against their own human condition: Fragility. When we struggle against God's Will, we increase our own perception of the suffering, enhancing it. When we relax and understand that God is permitting it for our own good...we suffer less and increase our spiritual growth.
    Yeah. Don't tell the right-to-"deathers" we're suffering...

  15. Agree with Nod. Well stated.

    We need to ask: why do people like Nikonov say these things?
    Are they not aware of what this life is about?
    Do they think that if something is not perfect then to simply get rid of it?
    Do they have ambitions - 15 minutes of fame - beyond what they are speaking about?
    Something to ponder.
    In the meantime, the majority of people who accept suffering as part of this life, but will do everything to relieve it when it comes, can take solace in the fact that they haven't added to the burden, by killing someone off, for no good reason.

  16. Having grown up with a special needs brother (epilepsy/cerebral palsy/mental retardation) I can't begin to tell you what a blessing he was for our family (and what a blessing he continues to be). His sufferings, and living with his needs, helped our family to grow and develop. How many families needed this same grace, and the Lord sent these children into these families, only to have His gift killed in the "mercy killing" of abortion (whether pre or post natal)...The only crime against humanity, is not allowing this selfish perception of what "humanity" is, to be exposed! "I just can't handle it" is the same age old cry of "I will not serve!" That seems harsh, but truly God sends the grace needed to care for a loved one's needs. My heart is crying for those dear little souls never allowed to live.

  17. Nikonov should be confined for rest of his life. He is a danger to himself and to society. He is unable to see any beauty in life or to feel genuine love. He is a worthless human being. He has no idea how twisted his thinking is to believe any life is not worthy. There is a God. It is not Nikonov, or me, or any one of us here.

  18. And what about euthanisizing teens? My teens stress me out. Isn't that pain? Should I have to live with the pain these children are causing me? And, why should we stop with pre-natal infaticide or post-natal homicide? Shouldn't we, as parents be able to end the lives of our children at any point prior to their emancipation? After all, they are causing suffering.
    Of course they will get their chance to decide our fate also; geriatric "mercy killing"---OOPS that's "euthanasia" . What a wonderful thing "choice" is.

  19. This guy is a gold-mine for the pro-life cause. Just broadcast his cold, merciless eyes as he says, "if we permit prenatal abortions, why not post-natal?"

    If that doesn't make you think I don't know what will.

  20. I have been through cancer treatment alone, dysfunctional family, three clinical depressions, all of which tested my faith but I came through, with the grace of God, stronger than ever in my faith. I find that offering up your suffering for the salvation of souls helps enormously. Suffering without God is a waste. Who suffered more than Christ? Don't belittle it. It is of more value than any life lived without it.

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  22. I have an adult daughter, Rebecca, who has a translocation trisomy (47 chromosomes in her cells). The extra chromosome in her cells consists of an extra partial chromosome 13's long arm, and an extra partial chromosome 15's long arm.

    Rebecca has had surgeries and is developmentally delayed but brings such joy to our life and experiences such joy herself! She can read and write, which no doctor I know of would have told us to hope for (even had they known she has partial trisomies of the two chromosomes, rather than full). Rebecca loves church and enjoys attending a variety of activities for adults with special needs - a social activities and continuing education group, baseball, bowling, and so on.

    Rebecca sings with such joy at church that I periodically ask her what her favorite worship chorus is. The last time she said that it was one which says: "LORD, I offer my life to You. Everything I've been through, use it for Your glory. LORD, I offer my days to You, lifting my praise to You as a pleasing sacrifice. LORD, I offer You my life!"

    Her story may be found, along with those of other children and adults living with Trisomy 13, at on the Children and Adults Living With Trisomy 13 album. There is also a Prenatal Album for families expecting a baby with Trisomy 13 and a Treasured Memories Album, on which families may honor the memory of a child with T-13 who has passed away. There are message boards for support, doctors who will answer questions from families, and many great articles and links.

  23. Here in my part of the world (Canada) many priests in the Catholic church sanction early induction abortion. They don't call it that, however. The call it "taking the baby out early so it can die in its mother's arms".

    It is mainstream in the medical community to know that the good civic-minded Catholic mothers will have their abortions with the rest of society although they will not allow the unborn to be killed with KCL before hand. Rather, they want the baby born alive to be baptized as it sputters and gasps until death.

    If you should choose life for your baby, you are on your own. It is a desperately lonely choice. We had the audacity to not only choose life but to request the option of treatment to save our daughter's life, despite her predicted disabilities. When our daughter died at the age of 80 days shortly after arrival at hospital for respiratory distress and there were missing narcotics and records and a "Do Not Resuscitate Order" without consent, we were on our own yet again. The Church does not involve itself in matters of state.

    From this article, it sounds like Russia at least requires consent before euthanasia. Maybe this is a better place to be.

    Eugenics or Newgenics is silent and dangerous. One only needs to look around a crowded church year after year for a child with Down syndrome to know that the choosing of lives is not limited to the secular populations.

    All religions that respect life must become involved in this area and take action to educate and provide support before the very special children who provide so much goodness to the world are completely eradicated.


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