On Behalf Of An Ungrateful Nation...

Another great president once asked whether a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal can long endure?

We have our answer.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, has perished from the earth.


  1. Y'LL'SURVIVE, WE'VE HAD TAXPAYER FUNDED ABORTION FOR YEARS, HALF OF ALL THE PREGNANCIES HERE ARE ABORTED. We might not though, our government may get the influence they need now to institute their own version of National Health Insurance, were ten to twenty percent pay for the other eighty. Thanks America, really, wonderful nation you are, you get abortion legalized and paid for here, via our government, along with more racist legislation, same as before, and now, I may die earlier from lack of healthcare;)!~

    Is it not what we all expected when Obama got in, you certainly did. The blue Dog Democrat is an illusion, I read that here. Viva la Republicans!

    As for you, i never thought abortion murder before you, and I used to think the Democrats the good guys in your country. Keep fighting. Most Democracies don't actually give a hoot what the people want!

  2. With all due respect to "scripturelink", we are now at the same point we were at the start of the "Civil War". & I am not too ure that this time we deserve to survive, or will.

  3. Perhaps it's now a people under the government, for the government and beholden to the government.

  4. Put down the Hemlock! It ain't over yet!!

    The Cubs will will in zero ten!

    Whoops, wrong prediction!

  5. Although it is easy to predict doom, we are not going to see a civil war. Rather, America will merely end up like Detroit.

  6. This is what happens when men put their hope and trust in men.

  7. Can we break up the USA just like the USSR did? I am headed for VA if we do.

  8. Rick, It would be better to head for Oklahoma. Not a single Representative voted for this monstrosity, and we are the only state to have not a single county go for Obama. Plus, we're pretty nice folks. You can go to VA, but I'd put my money on those good ol' Okie boys.

  9. Will OK join TX and secede with us?

  10. Arizona will join you all. Except for parts of Tucson, we're pretty conservative around here! Federoff9 (though I ought to call myself Federoff10, since #10 is due in a few more weeks!)

  11. Wait a second guys. Does anyone else feel like we're back on the playground, a whole group of people from the science club, the math quizzers, the debate team, and home ec, hanging out under the slides while a bunch of bullies are ruling the roost? Okay, I for one was never a fan of bullies, so why are we just hiding out here taking it?! I say get rid of these scummos that voted for this bill, impeach Obama, and start over. I know I'm not alone! It would be the only way to save our dear country. Throw out this administration, along with their legislation, and start from scratch. This is the shot I see to save our nation's citizens and our very nation itself.
    Goonies!!! Unite!!!

  12. Lavatea, if we (OK) don't join Texas my family will be moving to Texas!!

  13. I hope you're right PattyinCT; however, I think the Socialists will have the backing of those who profit from the sweat of the tax paying people. Those dependents will keep the Dems in place to keep spreading the wealth; because, their votes will be bought with subsidies and entitlements. The Democrats will continue to lie, cheat, bribe and coerce to keep the power at all costs - usually at the expense of taxes to be paid by our grandchildren.

  14. Am I wrong, but wasn't the Democrat Party the party of slavery? Why should we think that a leopard can change his spots.

    We are all now slaves to this behemoth. Only with Christ will we break free these chains of men.

    Great image, thanks guys.

  15. Hey, all you Catholic drones out there who, in your insipid white guilt, voted in endless lemming lines long for the most radical anti-life and anti-liberty president in the history of this country:

    Enjoy your DVM style health care!

    You richly deserve the double-decker crap sandwich you've served yourself today.

  16. The greatest President of all times said this:

    "Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience."
    ~George Washington

    There you have it - these people who currently run this nation have sold their soul and killed their conscience.


  17. RE: aka mom Okies!!
    We're not so stupid after all. I know we are
    the breading ground for 'red necks' but they
    may be the only answer. take all the so-called
    intelligentsia,ship them to
    Gitmo and we will build a cassino in their memory


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