Time for Obama's Civilian Security Force?

The headlines are all warning about right wing violence that hasn't actually happened but journalists seem to feel is imminent. Here's a few of today's headlines:

Lawmakers concerned as health-care overhaul foes resort to violence
Coffin placed on Carnahan's lawn
Spitting and Slurs Directed at Lawmakers‎
Markey Received Threats Over Health Care Vote

If you listened to the media as much of our country still sadly does, it would be clear that right wing violence is a burgeoning crisis. And as we know, this White House doesn't like to see a good crisis go to waste.

So I'm thinking hey, wouldn't this be the perfect time for some kind of...I don't know...national civilian security force that...you know...answers to the President...for our own protection of course...or something.

It's not like Obama's not thinking about it. Remember. He actually said, "America must balance and integrate all elements of our national power. We can not continue to push the burden onto our military alone, or leave dormant any aspect of the arsenal of American capability. That's why my administration is committed to renewing diplomacy as a tool of American power and developing our civilian national security capabilities."

And he spelled it out a little clearer by saying: "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

I wonder how many more stories the media will have to write about right wing violence (that hasn't actually happened yet) before Obama starts chatting up the security force idea again. You know, for our own protection.

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  1. Hmmm what's that I smell on the wind?? Police state?? Brown Shirts? Papa Doc private protective force?

    And my husband didn't believe me that our current standing military wouldn't support Obama if he got out of hand. Guess Obama doesn't think so either.


  2. http://mediamatters.org/research/201003250019





  3. Okay guys,
    Its important not to be naive, especially with the "healthcare" chicanery to which we have just been subjected, but you need to maintain your credibility, and I am not sure that there is any evidence to support the idea that Obama intended anything like "internal security corps" when he mentioned "civilian national security force".

  4. Christopher;

    Is it "naive" to believe what he says he intends to create? Are you saying he's a liar or just that we shouldn't believe what he says?

    Personally I don't trust him. I watch what he does and who he appoints rather than what he says.

  5. R.E. this account:
    Just in the interest of accuracy in reporting, was the alleged coffin placed "in front" of Rep. Carnahan's home (as the headline says), or "near his home" as his spokesperson says in the 2nd paragraph. There is a tree in front of my home; there is a grocery store near my home. I in no way advocate violence or threats thereof, but let's get the story straight.

    After writing the above, I found this:

  6. As the fox said to the gingerbread man, "Let me take you across the river. I don't intend to eat you! Honest Abe and cross my heart!!"

  7. I heard these "media reports" this morning, and they did play back some recorded voice mails from (I believe) Stupak's office. He was threatened, and the messages were pretty nasty. I did not otherwise hear of the above reports though.

    I'm still waiting for those clips of the tea partiers yelling "racial slurs" on Sunday. *crickets chirping*...still waiting...

    JFK - You've learned the ways of a politician well. Talk is cheap, but actions speak volumes:)

  8. Didn't the Jews say the same thing of Hitler? "He' can't possibly mean what he wrote in Mein Kampf! The army and the people would never stand for it."

    Fact is that not only sat down but devoured it voraciously.

    Somehow, don't think we'll fare in better here. Especially after the last 30 years of (de)education in our schools. Nobody even knows the preamble to the Constitution, let alone what the document contains. Even (especially) lawyers fail that test!

  9. John,
    I am saying, as I hope is clear from my comment, that while I value vigilance, I do not think the record supports the interpretation that "civilian national security force" = something like "internal security corps". Where do you find evidence to support that interpretation among the many possible ways of construing this vague phrase? I make this point in the interest of justice and credibility, as there is certainly no shortage of genuine outrages by this administration to provoke the dubiety of the thoughtful citizen. I applaud your scepticism with regard to Obama -- scepticism warranted with almost all national level politicians, as their actions do, indeed, tend to reflect their actual commitments/ constituencies more clearly than their manipulative and often vacuous rhetoric. Keep the faith.
    -- Christopher

  10. Christopher;
    I'm saying we need to watch this guy. He has a habit of saying what he really thinks and means at times when he's speaking off the cuff and when he thinks no one is paying attention.

    Regarding the Stupak phone messages, I heard them too. Apparently there is some discussion that those messages could be from Saturday or earlier. BEFORE the vote! The clips I heard didn't have any references to his voting for the bill. So it was speculated that the callers were angry and calling him BECAUSE he was trying to block the bill. The angry messages would therefore be FROM ObamaCare supporters.

    If that is true, then he's making them public in order to play on the public's feelings and get (moral) support from the media.

  11. Wow! Wait a minute, do you mean our elite media force would use old phone clips as a means of villainizing civilians? *shocked, aghast expression* Why JFK! What a terrible thought!!!

    Which is why I turn to CMR and talk radio for all my news:)

  12. Christopher,
    Well said, and I agree.

  13. It's not just Democrats that are being targetted. Republican Erik Cantor's office was fired upon and the bullets recovered.

    Idiots are bipartisan.

  14. Yoo-hoo, check this one out folks; http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/21350

  15. http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/36037_Update-_Rep._Cantors_Office_Was_Not_Targeted


  16. Also...


  17. Brian;

    Reading the whole speech doesn't change the meaning. Yes, he spoke about expanding several existing "service" agencies and groups but he then goes on to speak about a new organization that will try to "achieve the national security objectives that we've set."

    All of the agencies and groups that he named are not capable of addressing "national security objectives." It would take a military or a police force to do that and he seems to acknowledge that.

    "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

    Would it have been clearer to you if he actually name the new organization and shown the new (brown) shirts with logos?

  18. Media Matters is a left-wing smear machine co-founded by Hillary Clinton and David Brock. MM also has been funded by leftist looney George Soros.



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