Women Are Dying...But It's For a Good Cause

Oh you brave women. Taking one for the team is sooo wonderful of you. Realizing that your life means so little when compared to the overriding issue of sexual liberation and consequenceless sex. Good for you.

What? Nobody told you about the consequences? Well, this is rather awkward then.

The International Agency for Research of Cancer recently concluded after a lengthy study that popular forms of oral contraceptives are "carcinogenic" to humans.

As the American Thinker says:
One can imagine that if, in the epigraph, the words "oral contraceptives" were replaced with, say, "peanut butter" or "Republican Party membership," the political posturing and shouting in the media would never stop.
But the individual lives matter not to the greater cause of sexual liberation. Why, we can't have women start thinking that there's consequences to sex.

Just yesterday the New York Times buried a story about a popular contraceptive (Deprovera) that causes an alarming loss of bone mass that could lead to broken bones and fractured hips, especially among smokers and women who don't take enough calcium. So what does the author of the study say at the end of the very short article. What's his remedy? This is brilliant. He tells womem not to smoke and be sure to take calcium because those are what he called "modifiable risk factors.”

As if taking birth control isn't modifiable? Is that how far gone we are? Is birth control a given?

Oh and more than two million American women use that form of birth control, according to The Times, including about 400,000 teenagers.

There have been numerous studies indicating a link between "The Pill" and breast cancer published in the most prestigious medical journals.

Whether women decide if birth control is worth an increased risk of cancer, depression, blood clots, or bone loss it should be an informed decision, shouldn't it? But we currently have doctors prescribing birth control for everything from acne to PMS to headaches making it the most widely used drug in the world. There seems to be a mad rush to have young women take birth control accompanied by a startling apathy concerning side effects.

I have to ask where is the National Cancer Institute on this information? Where is the Susan G. Komen Foundation on this? In fact, Komen donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

I can't imagine how so many obfuscate the truth that birth control has several serious and possibly lethal side effects. How many individual women must be sacrificed at the altar of radical feminism?


  1. I was put on an oral contraceptive aged 16 for my acne and only came off it last year (aged 19). What I hadn't realized in that time was how much of an effect it had on my body. Coming off it, I dramatically lost weight, became healthier, got more energy and - perhaps the most troubling - suddenly became attracted to very different men. My health and the caliber of my relationships - and therefore my quality of life, really, changed almost overnight.

  2. These facts always slay me, and American Thinker did a good job pulling them together. Now if only everyone else could pull it together!

  3. Anonymous, I read a study that birth control does affect your hormonal attractions!
    I can't imagine marrying someone and then when we decided it was time to have kids and I got off the pill it would change my attraction to that person completely. Ugh, scary thought. I'm glad I never took birth control!

  4. Also from the IARC:

    Endometrial and ovarian cancer risks are approximately halved and persists for at least 10 years after cessation of use.

    And there is more good news, a male contraceptive that suppresses sperm production is in trials right now in the UK that is 99% effective.



    P.S. Women bear the overwhelming majority of the risks for having sex.

    P.P.S. They already know that.

  5. The last thing I want is a hormonal pill supressing sperm counts... that stuff gets into the water table and it affects everyone. It's already begun to happen with the traditional female contraceptive pills.

    Not for nothing - but as has been said many times before, contraception doesn't liberate women so much as it makes them more readily available to men... disjointing procreation from sex is disastrous to the man as well, because there is no incentive to take responsibility for what he helped create. The child is an error, a malfunction, rather than the point of what the parents were doing. That is a corrupting and damaging influence on everyone... the woman becomes more a tool of the man's convenience than ever, and the man in question has even less pressure on him to step up to the plate and honor the woman. And the children? Well, you'll notice how many of them never survive: 40 million plus, and counting, since 1973.

  6. @Anon, it's absolutely scientific that the men to whom you're attracted changed when you're on the Pill. Why?

    When a woman is looking for a mate (the natural way, not on the Pill), she's looking (subconsciously) for someone who's her genetic compliment. Compatibility of genetics implies procreative success. Men and women whose immune profiles, in particular, are opposites (ie complimentary) have the greatest chance of their offspring making it out of the gate.

    When a woman is pregnant, (or pseudo-pregnant, like on the Pill) she's no longer looking for a man to compliment her. Rather, she's (subconsciously) looking for protection for herself and her offspring. Often (in evolutionary history, anyway) these men were her brothers, uncles, cousins... those with a similar genetic profile, capable of protecting her during her vulnerable pregnancy.

    So it boils down to: you're attracted by pheromones to men who compliment you when you're natural. You're attracted by pheromones to men who are like you (ie brothers) when you're on the Pill.

    Messing with God's design is never a good idea. We're just beginning to see the rotten fruits of the contraceptive mentality. Cancer is just one of a thousand problems knocking at our doors.

    But think about it: put harmful chemicals in your body that don't belong there and expect everything to be okay? Really? We've been down this road with the tobacco industry.

    It will be interesting (and tragic) to watch as this unfolds in the next generation; will there be massive lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for pushing the Pill despite its risks? Or will the ingrained mentality that separates sex from procreation keep hurting women?

  7. Contraception renders women as man's plaything. She has no dignity, she has no voice in the relationship, she has no body language anymore, she's made herself androgynous for his pleasures. I once her a contracepting couple speaking in endearment to one another. He referred to her point blank as his "sperm receptacle"...And she GIGGLED about it...giggled! it's sick!!

  8. Far be it that you pass judgments on others. Let god sort them out and enjoy their pills sex.

    Who are you to say his dearest sperm receptacle is sick for laughing at his light hearted joke?

  9. This is not surprising. We've been hoping and praying that studies like this would come forward--as if science is the reason people love the Pill--but the truth is that this is an attachment to an ideology, a kind of stupid martyrdom.

    What we really need is a whistleblower who knows that this has been covered up from the beginning (and it's probably worse than we know).

    What will help this come to light is the growing movement of women disenchanted with the Pill and contraception, and creatively making their voices heard. This happens on my blog, but also other places. The tide is rising, thanks be to God.

    Thanks, CMR, for continuing to comment on the contraceptive deception.


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