Worst Headline Ever

ABC News has this headline up on a news story:
Only God Can Fire Pope Benedict After Scandals

Irish Singer Sinead O'Connor and Journalist Christopher Hitchens Call for Investigation
While stories should be written concerning the sex abuse scandal there are responsible and irresponsible ways to do so. This is the most irresponsible way to handle the story. (So far)

We've got an atheist who hates the Pope and a washed up singer who hates the Pope calling for an investigation into the Pope whom they both hate. Seriously? That's news. Give me a break. This has got to be the stupidest headline I've ever seen and the stupidest story.

I read the headline to Patrick and he asked if I was reading "The Onion."

So when ABC wonders why its ratings are declining, I hope they think of this story.

For some responsible coverage of the story, read Kathryn Lopez.


  1. Atheists hate pope. Film at 11.

  2. "The Devil says the Pope is doing a great job"

    Come on, ABC. You've got the silver, but go for the gold!

  3. Go easy on Christopher Hitchens. He's still recovering from all the Guinness and Jameson's 12-Year Old Irish from St. Patrick's Day
    or was it last night? It's hard to write clearly when you have purple mice running around your ceiling.

  4. In the Financial Times of London today the Vatican was blaming the Masons and "big business" for targeting the Pope. Really?

    Let's just be laser-beam focused on the facts: Ratzinger was in charge of the apparatus that was supposed to protect the Church and where Catholics plead to redress wrongs done to them in the Church. Remember that letter you wrote in 1986 about your creepy pastor and his sleepovers? The herectical homilies about homosexuality in 1990? The Legion not allowing you to see your son in 1998? All passed over the desk of the sitting Pope.

    What remedy did you get for them all? Zip. Zilch. Diddly squat. Bupkis. Maybe the Masons stole the mail? Maybe "big business" reassigned your local pedophile to the neighboring town?

    Unless faithful Catholics withstand corruption to the face, even if it is seated in the highest position of the Church, our witness to the world will only be to cowardice, fear, lies, and entrenchment in worldly concerns. Anything other than total, humble confession and reparation slaps these poor children in the face - slaps the suffering Christ in these abused people right in the face. And that, friends, fuels the righteous anger of people like Hitchens and O'Connor.

    It is righteous anger. It is part of the reason they are Atheists in the first place, don't you see that? They have been wounded by the very thing that was supposed to heal them.

  5. Blackrep, I don't think atheists are capable of righteous anger. They can be right about being angry, but it's not the same.


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