Pelosi Squelches Even Fake Pro-Lifers

When are pro-lifers going to finally get it through their heads that there is no place for them in the Democratic Party? You cannot be pro-life and Democrat. The Democrat Party IS the party of death.

The Politico is reporting that Nancy Pelosi stuck her nose into the business of the Pennsylvania delegation in order to ensure that a pretend pro-life Democrat didn't rise to the Appropriations committee.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s aides won’t say whether the California Democrat influenced the outcome of a contentious Pennsylvania delegation vote on which member to recommend as a successor to the late Rep. John Murtha on the Appropriations Committee.

Democratic insiders have pointed at Pelosi as a factor in Rep. Patrick Murphy’s edging Rep. Chris Carney in the 11-member vote – particularly after the dean of the delegation, Rep. Paul Kanjorski, told a local newspaper that Carney would have been knocked out of the running for the spending slot at the next level, a vote by the Pelosi-dominated Steering and Policy Committee...

Democratic sources say that Carney fell victim to a whisper campaign that held he could not win Steering Committee support because he opposes abortion rights.
Being on the appropriations committee gives a congressman great power and Pelosi clearly didn't want an even nominally pro-life Democrat to have more power in the party.

It's not even like Carney is actually pro-life. He just comes from a red district so that means he has to make some noise once every two years and pretend to be pro-life. But Pelosi can't even have that.

Pelosi remembers well all the hoops she had to jump through to pass Obamacare after pretend pro-lifers squealed for months before finally surrendering their souls to the gaping swirling vacuous abyss of Nancy Pelosi's freakish eyes of soul suckage that dominate her plastic visage. And she's not forgetting it.


  1. I am against abortion and euthanasia, and have voted almost exclusively for Democratic candidates since 1984 (when I turned 18), but not any more. The food the Democratic leadership provides is very palatable to me, but unfortunately, it has a slow-acting poison. However, I cannot in good conscience vote for almost all Republican candidates, as I am also against all wars and the death penalty (because I do not wish to endorse something that I would not be willing to do myself with my own hands). Also, as a SSI and Medicaid recipient, I see a larger role for government as mostly benign. (My political philosophy is that of a woman of the left, except when it comes to life issues.) Finally, I doubt that a GOP government would really make abortion illegal and ratify a Human Rights Amendment that would give civil rights to all human beings from the moment of conception to natural death: there are too many libertarians in the GOP who would object to this proposed amendment.

    My provisional solution is to go to the polls and vote a blank ballot except for propositions and local, non-partisan candidates. In your opinion, is this option a cop-out?

  2. Cop out Diamantina. You should vote for the person who best would do the job according to what you believe would be best for your local, regional, state and federal level. If you vote blank, it won't matter because the majority wins. So what good does it do? It's almost as if you didn't even bother trying to vote.

    I truly look forward to the day that Pelosi is kicked out, either by law or by being voted out. I'm still trying to figure out who is the 11% that actually like her?

  3. And when will the canon laws addressing politicians who support the abortion laws and agenda be enforced as it applies to her? And what is the hold up?

  4. Rep. Patrick Murphy is from my district in PA and he's Pelosi's perfect match... he continues to call himself Catholic (even a Knight of Columbus) and presents himself for Communion after having been denied by his pastor (Praise God for this strong, holy priest) and continues to be pro-abortion, anti-family etc. No wonder why Pelosi would want in on that action.

  5. I disagree--I don't think that voting a blank ballot is a cop-out. I think that it says to the government "I wanted to vote, but I can't support ANY of these candidates."

  6. Dirtdartwife,

    I live in a very Democratic, working-class, largely Latino, district in Southern California: the majority are going to vote for Democratic candidates. If there were viable pro-life Democratic candidates here, I would vote Democratic, but that is not an option. As for the Republican candidates, I disagree with 95% of their platform (i.e., almost everything except their views on abortion).

    Also, Nancy Pelosi is from a very Democratic district in San Francisco: it is unlikely that she will be voted out by her constituents there. What do you mean by being "kicked law"? Are you implying that she is corrupt?

  7. Josh in Dallas, PAApril 14, 2010 at 10:42 PM

    "You can't be pro-life and Democrat" true. You just need to read the Democrat Party platform ( to see there is no room for Pro-Lifers in the party.

    The company you keep is a big indicator of your true values. When someone chooses to officially align themselves with the Democrat Party by either registering, running, or voting as a Democrat; they are aligning themselves with an organization whose declared stance on abortion is evil.

    Not only does your company indicate your values, but for elected officials, their votes do as well. Chris Carney has repeatedly shown that he is not truly Pro-Life with his votes, while publicly giving lip service to the issue. His vote on Obama Care is not the first time he's cast a vote against life (e.g. federal funding for fetal stem cell research).

    It's time for Pro-Life voters to stop being dooped. This is the most important issue facing our nation. A nation that sacrifices it's babies on the alter of personal convienence can not expect to receive the blessings of God.

    So-called pro-life Democrats like Carney and Stupak lack the conviction to do the right thing when the pressure is on. Carney doesn't even list his stance on abortion under the "Issues" section of his website.

    Take a look at David Madeira's website ( He is truly Pro-Life and Pro-Family Values across the board, without compromise. He's the only candidate in PA-10 who unequivocally addresses the issues from a truly conservative position.

    Until we show Carney and his cohorts the door, we'll make no headway in reversing the national tragedy of abortion. It's imperative that voters do their homework and hold these people accountable no matter what their party. We must not have any wishy-washy pro-life candidates in the Primary Elections and no wishy-washy pro-lifers in the General Elections either. We must elect men and women with conservative convictions and values, like David Madeira in PA's 10th District.

  8. Josh in Dallas, PAApril 14, 2010 at 10:48 PM

    By the way, here's more about Carney's pretend pro-life stance:


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