Ultrasounds are The Rosa Parks of Abortion

Pro-lifers like me love science and technology. Yup. We're like science geeks without the comic books. And we've got girlfriend and wives.

For years, religious people have been called backward and anti-science while pro-lifers actually couldn't wait for scientific and technological breakthroughs so we could all get a better look inside the womb and understand better what it is to be human. I think everyone must remember the first time they saw a 4-d ultrasound. It changes you. It's changed lots of people.

The moment America saw the delicate, beautiful, and strong hand, the human features, the smiles, the thumbsucking of a 20-week-old baby in the womb much of America reconsidered everything we took for granted. When we see five beautiful fingers that only a loving God would take the time to create reach out, it changed everything.

Poll numbers in recent years have taken a decidedly pro-life turn and while part of that is simply that pro-lifers have more children another aspect that shouldn't be dismissed is that the more we see inside the womb the more difficult it is to believe the lies of abortionists who say it's a blob of tissue.

The unspoken message of the ultrasound is clear to all with an open heart: “I'm human—just like you.”

It was the same message of Harriet Beecher Stowe whose novel “Uncle Tom's Cabin” made the horrors of slavery impossible to ignore. It was the message of Rosa Parks who awakened a slumbering country to the evils of racism by the simple act of sitting down. It is the message of the victims and the oppressed throughout our history: “"I'm human—just like you.”

That moment when a woman sees an ultrasound will encourage millions to reconsider where they stand on the issue of when life begins. And that's why pro-aborts are fighting to keep women in the dark as to what/who is growing inside them.

I have great faith that science is on our side simply because truth is on our side. And the recent spate of ultrasound laws, I think, are a great thing. And I think before the country is willing to listen to a pro-lifer saying "don't" they might just listen to pro-lifers saying "look."


  1. It's not just by Parks and by Stowe
    That Blacks were more free from Jim Crow.
    John Woolman did fight
    To bring to t'ward the light
    The evils that slav'ry bestows.

    (New to CatholicDads.org)

  2. "To bring to t'ward the light" should be "To bring t'ward the light".


  3. Yup. My VERY pro-abortion in laws WOULD NOT look at our sonogram pictures or our 4D ultrasound video of their new grandchild. Basically, they want to remain ignorant of the humanity of the fetus. I suspect many "pro-choice" people out here prefer to keep their heads in the sand.

  4. I love your description of the ultrasound being the Rosa Parks of our generation. Great work, keep fighting the good fight. Check out my blog it is called the "Marco Minute" the blog URL is www.marcominute.blogspot.com

  5. federoff9, that's actually positively scary! =-S

  6. Absolutely brilliant. Get a wonderful 4-d picture on a t-shirt and add the tag line
    "I'm human—just like you." This shirt could make a big difference. Second thought...get it on billboards and buses. This is an important message and must be heard.

  7. I am pro-choice, but I agree with you here. My main concern for pro-life conservatives is that their concern for children seems to decline precipitously after the child is born.

  8. "their concern for children seems to decline precipitously after the child is born"

    Amy, that is just not true. I know of pro-lifers who have adopted children, fostered children, had pregnant single mothers live with them, worked at pregnancy centers, etc. You need to let go of that outdated myth.

  9. Rather than a t-shirt (on which it would be hard to show movement), how about those new billboards that are basically large outdoor TVs?

  10. Amy, be thankful most people don't look at your picture and consider themselves to be "pro-choice" in regards to you.

    What if you were to find out that by some odd chance one of those pictures above IS you?

  11. Perhaps "their concern for children seems to decline precipitously after the child is born" because those who are already born are much less likely to be murdered than those who have not yet been born. The concern is proportional to the danger.

  12. Amy, clearly you are unaware that there are pregnancy centers all over the country that minister to the needs of pregnant and new mothers. These women receive counseling, financial aid, spiritual support, whatever they need to adapt to life as a mother. Or, if the women desire, these centers help them with the adoption process.

    But I would be happy to be enlightened by studies that prove that pro-lifers "concern for children seems to decline precipitously after the child is born."

  13. The picture with the smiling, waving baby is going to make me happy all day. The post itself is incredible and thought provoking. Thanks.

  14. I've believed in pro choice but you make an excellent point with this message about ultrasound pictures being a strong defense for these babies. Although I think a fetus on a t-shirt is extreme, I fully understand where you are coming from now.


  16. I'm so sick of this bs about "pro-lifers don't care about kids after they're born!" It's so ignorant and self-righteous it makes me want to scream. Funny too, the same pro-aborts who pull that line sure as hell haven't adopted any kids or done squat to help kids. But that's okay, apparently, because they think they should have been killed in the first place? Give me a break!

  17. Charity/social justice statistics anyone?

    Amount of donations to Haiti contributed by nation as of January 2010:

    First: The U.S.: $1,000,000,000
    Second: Canada: $135,000,000
    Third: Spain: $68,000,000
    Fourth: Saudi Arabia: $50,000,000

    The Catholic Church IN AMERICA ALONE: $60,000,000

    That's right, that would be more than any other NATION on earth other than the U.S., Canada, and Spain.

    Source: Reliefweb.net (http://www.reliefweb.int/rw/fts.nsf/doc105?OpenForm&rc=2&cc=hti), post of the official OHCA report (http://ocha.unog.ch/fts/reports/daily/ocha_R24_E15797___1005010207.pdf).

    Source for Catholic amount: Catholic News Agency for April 9, 2010 (http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/catholics_in_u.s._donate_nearly_60_million_to_haiti_relief_effort/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+catholicnewsagency%2Fdailynews+%28CNA+Daily+News%29).

    So, yeah. Pro-Lifers participate in that kind of stuff.

  18. p.s. Also you may be interested in the Gabriel Project AND Project Rachel programs.

    Don't lump "pro-life conservatives" in with a political party. A lot of us recognize that you can't even begin to talk about social justice, rights, aid, or human dignity until you first acknowledge that *every* human has dignity.

    Me personally, I don't even begin to let social issues influence the way I vote if the candidate is pro-abortion. How can he have any credibility in defending anyone's rights when he deprives the most vulnerable class of society of any rights at all?

  19. If a woman is having a hard time financially (or is in an abusive situation, etc) then getting an abortion doesn't help her. It doesn't get her out of a bad situation.

  20. I understand the intent behind this, but ultrasound really is not respectful to human life, especially the "4D" ones :( It has been shown to increase temperatures at a cellular level and has never been proven safe Countless babies are aborted based on info learned during ultrasounds, which is often inaccurate.
    Ultrasound is not the Rosa Parks- it is the Hitler.

  21. Amy just spews lies. AMY you make me sick . You do realize that SOCIAL Spending grew faster under Bush than Clinton. Conservative types give more money and time than you sick ill people. Then after we give you tax us ..then you claim we don't support these kids after they are born. YOU LIAR.

    Go kill your baby - you make me sick . You lie like the typical pro-abort type. Just sickening.

  22. Unless I'm reading it wrong, Amy seems to be saying that she's in favour of killing humans in the womb because awful people are in favour of killing them once they are out of it (positing the assumption that pro-life people are generally awful, which seems more than a little judgemental). Logic does not appear to be Amy's strength.

  23. And countless women decide NOT to abort once they see a beating heartbeat in their womb. Women who would abort based on gender or anomaly would do so after a Chorionic Villus Sampling or an Amniocentesis as well, the latter being MUCH more dangerous to the unborn child than a 4D ultrasound possibly could. Your assertion that 4D ultrasounds increase temperatures at a cellular level are true, what you DIDN'T say is that they have NOT been proven UNSAFE.

    To say that ultrasound is the Hitler of abortion is absolutely ridiculous, and ignorant. Don't throw around the name of a monster so casually. Ultrasounds have changed the entire abortion dialogue. Pro aborts can no longer claim that an unborn child is just a "clump of tissue." Thanks be to God.

  24. Amy, I am happy you are reading this blog. Unfortunately, many persons who are incredibly frustrated and tired by the long battle to defend life allow their frustration to turn uncharitable. I hope that their sharp remarks have not caused you to stop asking questions and inquire into the dignity of life and the richness of Catholicism. One of the most trying tasks as a Catholic is to constantly be charitable in an often hostile modern world--we all have to stay vigilant and take confidence in prayer.
    If I understand you properly, I actually commend your comment--I suppose you are hinting towards a discrepancy in Conservative America. On the one hand they defend life, on the other they seem to squirm at social welfare initiatives of the government and take a cut-throat 'laissez-faire' attitude towards the poor. The reasons for this discrepancy are deep seated in American culture and too complex to discuss here--however here's a brief go at it: Firstly, many American conservatives and Catholics do not subscribe to this dichotomy and truly take their motivation from the lives of the humble and ever-charitable Saints. However, there are many who are wrapped up in a conservative ideology that has attempted to glue together pieces of individualist-based economic models applied to all of life AND orthodox Catholic social thought. On a theoretical and practical level, this never works out well. Nevertheless, because America operates on a compartmentalized culture of 'public' vs. 'private' spheres(intellectually inherited from the UK), charitable acts, help for the poor, immigrant aid etc., tends to be managed accordingly. That is to say, by the state OR by private individual contributions. In a different era, no one would blink at the attempt to turn to the state for such care--this is, of course, the older model of the Christian state. However, we live in a very different day in which the state no longer legitimizes its natural existence in St. Thomas Aquinas' formula, but has been bolstered by a progressive socialist theory, actively hostile to the spiritual condition of man. Therefore, conservatives have instinctively mistrusted the state and, in America, have no other choice often but to remain active in the private sphere, whilst criticizing the public. It certainly is not a good model, but its the one we are stuck with. I hope my attempt at least provides some explanation as to the origin of this rift in conservatism while at the same time demonstrates that care for life at all stages can be and is indeed carried out by committed Catholics, even in the distorted cultural scheme of public v. private that is so often passed off as a given.
    If I have misunderstood you--I'm terribly sorry to have gone on so long.
    -As to the article, it resounds Pope Benedict's comments in the Regensburg address that faith and reason are indeed complementary. Hurray for science in the service of Truth!

  25. The idea for this pro-life site started several months ago, just launched last night to see what kind of interest it might generate, and couldn't have been better timed with this blog post. I welcome you to visit http://sweetultrasound.com

    Peace to you.

  26. Who can ever forget this image of Samuel's spina bifida corrective surgical procedure which resulted in this image.


    Great post!


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