Bus Driver Berates Girl for Religious Views

It's being reported that a family is suing their school district because their daughter's school bus driver was caught on tape berating their daughter over her religious beliefs as well as ridiculing her to the entire bus.

It occurred because the girl dared to say she didn't like Barack Obama because of his stance on gay marriage and abortion.

After the girl was dropped off, Zimmer said a bus camera showed Campbell telling the students, "If you can't believe in tolerance toward one another, you don't belong here. You belong in a parochial, church school."

Zimmer also claims the bus driver questioned another student about whether Rachael ever said anything racist to him.

"If she says anything racial to you, I want to know about it, because I am going to eat her alive," Zimmer said Campbell can be heard saying on the tape. "You're a smart guy. Rachael is a stupid little bigot."

Zimmer said Campbell then came back to the girl's home after all of the children had been let off the bus and brought Rachael and her older sister, who were home alone at the time, onto her empty bus, berating Rachael about her opinions on gay marriage.

When he asked the school district why Campbell wasn't disciplined, Zimmer said he was told she was working within the scope of her employment.

Just imagine for a second if the bus driver had yelled at the girl for being Muslim or gay or an atheist. You think the school district would've backed up the driver then?


  1. So that's what all the super fantastically smart, smug, and superior atheists go on to become!

    Bus drivers.

    I guess nothing says science like diesel and eight wheels.

  2. I guess this is going to happen more often :(

    "working within the scope of her employment"!?

    I hope they fire the bus driver and get whoever was responsible for defending her.

    Good for the little girl for being true to her calling under fire.

  3. That link wasn't working for me. Here's an alternative one I found:

  4. Just imagine for a second if the bus driver had yelled at the girl for being Muslim

    Dunno about the District, but the bus company and the driver would have been bombed. Literally.

  5. "...You belong in a parochial, church school."

    The word "parochial" more often than not implies Catholic to the nonreligious (although not all parochial schools are affiliated with the Church.) Just my experience.

    Sounds like someone has serious "issues". Maybe after getting canned from work this dingbat will find professional help.

  6. I don't believe it ... this family is just trying to get some free money.

  7. Anon 5:15PM: "I don't believe it..."
    It doesn't matter what you believe, it's all on tape.

    Anon 5:15PM: "...this family is just trying to get some free money."
    Did you watch the interview of the dad? The school made certain claims about the incident that contradicted their daughter's version of events. But the school refused to show the family the tapes, they had to file suit to obtain them. They are asking for the driver to be fired and for the cost of their legal expenses.

  8. The school district will drag out this lawsuit out of spite...

  9. Its all a fake, even the tape. The dad knows the school can't make any statements because of the lawsuit.
    So he faked the tape with actors and made up all the other details.
    No one else is backing him up, he's the only one making up those lies.

    He's hoping the school will just pay him money to make it go away quick, and all you boobs are just eating it up ... because you WANT it to be true for some sick reason.

  10. How the heck did that conversation even get started? Sounds like the bus driver was fishing for trouble or "checking for uniformity."

    Hugely lame.

  11. Mason, could you provide any evidence for your claim?

  12. "If you can't believe in tolerance toward one another, you don't belong here." - Stupid bus driver.

    I've always enjoyed the irony of statements such as the above.

  13. What Matthew said. Do these people even realize their bigotry?

    Every Catholic who is against gay marriage has more integrity than these brain-washed airheads, because at least the Catholic stays true to the principles of his Church's teachings, while these whining secularists (or atheists or leftist liberals or whatever nutbaggery du jour they are affiliated with) always demand tolerance but NEVER give it.


  14. I thought that bus drivers were hired to drive the buses, keep their eyes on the road, and make sure that the children got off and one safely. Is guardian of the politically correct now in their job requirements. This lady is a gas bag.

  15. Humoring Mason for just a sec here, if this is true and the real recording (which we only get the smallest snippet of) then it would seem an open-and-shut case against the driver and it strikes me as odd that the school district in question would have taken absolutely no action as the father claims.

    Anyway, I'm tired of hoaxes. The second I saw the "B-Face-Girl", I immediately thought "boy, she just handed Obama the election" because I knew without a doubt it was fake and the opposition would use it against them. So, I'll wait until the facts are out here as well.

  16. Yes, the school district did more than "absolutely no action". They sent a letter to the father which amounts to a brush off:

    Attorneys for the school district did not want to comment on pending litigation, but we did uncover a 2009 letter from the district to the family saying in part that Carmel Clay Schools does not condone the incidents or believe that Betty Campbell is a perfect employee, however they have refused to fire her. (Source: http://www.fox59.com/news/wxin-bus-driver-offensive-comment-052510,0,1907683.story)

    that's a tacit admission by the school that the events occured. So, while one can still argue for migigating context, let's put down the bong, remind ourselves that the black helicopters are all in our heads, and drop the it's-all-fake meme.

  17. "mitigating", not "migigating". :)

  18. Where can we give to the legalfund to help this family ?I've got money burning a hole in my pocket .

  19. it is beyond high time that Christians stop turning the other cheek and start ramming it down others throats. We are expected to tolerate everything and anything that come down the pike and if a Christian so much as utters a syllable of protest the screaming and accusations fly. This bus driver, an ultra high achiever of course is the racist, sexist, bigot. But what would one expect from one of lifes supreme losers. Attack a little girl to make yourself feel like big shot. I guess that GED didnt deliver did it? The only worse then verbally attacking a defenseless little girl is being a low IQ, obama supporting, bus drivering nobody who wants to look enlightened to a bus full if kids. Welcome to Obama world where the dumbest among us are driving buses.

  20. To those of you ridiculing atheists, understand this, I am an atheist, but if I had been on that bus that driver wouldn't have gotten out more than a couple of words of her insane rant against this child and her beliefs before I verbally handed the bus driver her ass.

    To me this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with respect. The amount of disrespect this driver was showing that young girl and her right to choose to believe as she wishes is unacceptable in every way. That this driver was not removed from her job and all future employment around children is insane.

    As for my atheism and your faith. Why is it I have no problem respecting and defending your right to believe as you choose, and yet you seem to have no ability to respect mine?

    If there is a god up there and you face him, will he be happy with your inability to accept good folks for who they are? I'm not in opposition to you or your faith. I'm your brother.

  21. Danny, it isn't atheists per se that we ridicule. It's the ones who seem to have a burning desire to attack Christians and our beliefs at the drop of a hat.

    Speaking strictly for myself, I know there are plenty of atheists who don't fall into that category. To find one I only have to talk to my mother, a nonbeliver from the getgo.

  22. Anon @ 3:48 sez "it is beyond high time that Christians stop turning the other cheek and start ramming it down others throats"

    There are so many things wrong with that statement. You don't seem to have a very good grasp of the Gospels or Christianity at all.

  23. I'm not sure if the school district wants this thing to drag on, as one earlier poster alleges. Lawyers are not cheap, and there are limits to a districts liability insurance. If this ever went to court, there is a 50/50 chance the family could win quite a bit of money.

    School districts overall are quite conservative when it comes to thier image. The berating of a student by a school bus driver over something as mundane as politics doesn't look goog. And the worst thing the district wants is it name being slung through the mud through the viral press (that, of course may be too late). A jury would probably side with the student.

  24. Anon's "ramming it down their throats" might have been a bit strong, but there is nothing inconsistent between turning the other cheek and giving reasons for what you believe. I don't think Anon meant to literally stick something down someone's esophagus, but rather strongly defend your position with reasoned argument.

  25. Anon @ 11:42 those are two totally different concepts. The Gospels say very clearly to turn the other cheek and forgive not seven times, but seven times seven. They ALSO say, teach to all those willing to listen. And when they refuse, shake the dust off your feet and walk away. And lastly, Our Lord instructs not to throw our pearls before swine.

    Meaning, there is NO "ramming it down anyone's throats".

  26. Early Riser,

    Would you extend your understanding of the gospel teaching to say, the gulags of Stalin, or those Christians who opposed the Nazis? What about the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto? Should they have turned the other cheek? And what would you say about Paul, who vociferously and strenuously defended himself, using not only his considerable communication skills, but his Roman citizenship? Or what about Jesus, who didn't shrink from verbally 'abusing' the Pharisees?

  27. Sorry, but the girl should ahve kept her mouth shut. All relgous people want to do is discrimanted agaiast everyone who doesn't think exactly like they do. I used to be VERY VERY VERY christain. And they I grew a heart. And you know have soul. I would have punch the little bitch in the face.


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