Woman Held Down to Force Abortion?

You're not going to believe this story about an abortionist who is being sued for not stopping an abortion even though the patient begged him to stop. And not only that, there's video of the doctor saying that a medical license is actually a license to lie. Check it out at the National Catholic Register:
No means no, except maybe when you’re talking to abortionist Abraham Hodari.

The abortionist in Michigan is being sued for allegedly forcing an abortion after the woman changed her mind and asked him to stop. The abortionist even reportedly instructed assistants to hold the woman down while he completed the abortion.
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  1. That is a horrible story, but why is it murder when you don't want it, and not murder when you do?

  2. @scmom: I may be wrong but in the US, it's not murder either way - not until the child has a birth certificate then it becomes a person with rights. It's absurd and I hope that godly legal eagles can flush out that sophistry.

  3. Correct, but she's filing suit against the doctor for murder.

  4. It's murder if the mother wants the child. It's (somehow) not if the mother orders a hit on her unborn baby.

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  6. I sure hope that both of your are right about it being murder as that would establish the personhood of an unborn child.

  7. Not going to believe it? Of course I believe it.

    In fact, it doesn't surprise me at all. "Choice" is just a convenient euphemism for the pro-abort crowd to pretend to be about women's rights. THIS is what they really represent.

    It's murder if the mother wants the child. It's (somehow) not if the mother orders a hit on her unborn baby.

    I can't find info right now, but I believe that pro-abortion groups often fight fetal homicide laws because they realize people are going to get wise to the fact a baby's humanity and reality doesn't hinge on whether or not he's "wanted", so they don't like fetal homicide laws.

  8. Amy,

    You're right! Abortion is a HUGE cash cow. Billions of dollars yearly. These people really don't care if it's murder or not, they just don't want the gravy train to stop. It's intrinsically EVIL, inspired by SATAN HIMSELF!!


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