NAACP: Black Holes are Racist

I'm announcing it. It's official. Racism, for all intents and purposes, is dead in this country. Sure you'll have your random nutjobs but racism as an institution or even a vibrant subculture is dead and buried. My proof? A graduation card has been pulled off the shelves nationwide because it mentions "black holes." And that's racist, according to the NAACP.

The equal rights movement which started nobly has degenerated into thuggery and without much real racism to rail against so it now just makes stuff up to be outraged about.

Just once wouldn't you love to see a company laugh in the face of such lunacy. Well, it's not going to be Hallmark. Van Helsing of Right Wing News writes:
Hallmark soon found out who really wields the power under our reign of moonbattery, when the NAACP proclaimed that "black holes" could only refer to women of African descent.

Appallingly, corporate America cringed in terror of these deranged thugs yet again. Hallmark, Walgreens, and CVS are all pulling the card...Next the NAACP will claim that they will be offended if all white people don't show up for work wearing clown suits. What fun our racist moonbat rulers must be having with their ability to make us dance to any tune of their choosing.
Madness. Pure madness.

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  1. I actually think they heard "black wh**es".

  2. Noooooooo! Not Hoops and Yo Yo, too! Who will be racist next? Both Hoops and Yo You are also part of their own minority groups, being...those little thingies that they are. And they have color too! Come - on! What are they supposed to say, "light-sucking singularity?"

    Good grief!

  3. What about the medical, health and science books that refer to "black" heads - like that pimple stuff. Should they be pulled and reworded into "dirt that got captured into a skin pore" or something like that? Just askin'?

  4. What is the proper term to describe this situation? Racial eisegesis?

    A normal person, if they hear a word that sounds wildly out of context, listens the entire message and asks, "Did I possibly hear that wrong? What were they actually saying?"

    I don't even know how to respond. If the card really said what they claimed it said, wouldn't it have been irresponsible for the news program to play the card on the air? That type of language about the women of any group of people could easily incite civil unrest.

  5. ignorance is why the naacp was created and now it contradicts its purpose haha. that in itself completely insults the community, body, and values of the people it represents. what a joke.

  6. When was the last time the NAACP had any real credibility? If they're so scientifically illiterate that they don't know what a black hole is and that it has absolutely nothing to do with race, they deserve to be laughed off the stage--and never invited back onto it.

    Seriously, why is anyone kow-towing to these people? Most people of any race have enough sense to tell the pansies at the NAACP to shut up and stop pretending to represent black people when all they're really representing is PC on crack. Who needs it? Nobody.

  7. Really, NAACP? REALLY???!!! And Hallmark, you just lost a customer.

  8. We can't call black holes quantum singularities, that would offend single people.

  9. Hallmark - "when you're scared enough to the very oppressed"...or something like that.

    Hallmark has been blacklisted.

    Can we still use that word?

  10. Hallmark - "when you're scared enough to offend the very oppressed..."

    Fixed it!

  11. I remember when my little sister told me that she was going to see a play called the "Little Shop of Wh**res." I said... "Say what?!" She said, "The Little Shop of HORRORS!" Hmmm. Normal people understand that some words sound alike. When you hear it wrong, it's likely your fault, not the other way around. Get a life, NAACP. Buy a hearing aid and fight some real battles.

  12. I listened to the video 5 times and heard an 'L' every time.

  13. absolutely pathetic. what an irrelevant organization the NAACP is and Hallmark's reaction to this garbage made me want to throw up. bah!humbug!

  14. Sorry Larry D, but...
    "When you're scared enough to offend those who once WERE oppressed..."

    NOW it's fixed!
    The FatMan

  15. I was at a meeting and a person of color objected to the expression "white hot" on the basis that it was racist

    nope, she wasn't being jocular

  16. This is nothing new... I remember a brouhaha at the Dallas city council over just this thing:

    I thought about withholding this information, but I wouldn't want to be niggardly with my knowledge.

  17. My Daughter had a teletubbie that I swore said Zeig Heil! everyone else heard Big Hug. I liked to think that the Germans were some how trying to overtly funnel our children into being Nazi's but I never got very far on the theory.

    This just goes to show that the only ones who claim racism our the ones that have a buck to be made from such claims. I love hoops and yo yo; I am going to Randall's to see if I can buy the card today.

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  19. black hole
    noun Astronomy
    a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape.
    Black holes are probably formed when a massive star exhausts its nuclear fuel and collapses under its own gravity. If the star is massive enough, no known force can counteract the increasing gravity, and it will collapse to a point of infinite density. Before this stage is reached, within a certain radius (the event horizon), light itself becomes trapped and the object becomes invisible.
    • informal a figurative place of emptiness or aloneness : they think he's sitting in a black hole with no interaction with his people.
    • informal chiefly humorous a place where money, lost items, etc., are supposed to go, never to be seen again : the moribund economy has been a black hole for federal funds | I wouldn't dare go in that black hole he calls a “garage.”
    • informal (of a system, practice, or institution) a state of inadequacy or excessive bureaucracy in which hopes, progress, etc., become futile : juveniles lost for good in the black hole of the criminal justice system.

    Actually...that sums up the NAACP.


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