Inflatable Women and Robot Babies

Japan is in big trouble. What's the trouble? A lack of babies is destroying the country's economy. The birthrate in Japan is about 1.25 children per woman. 2.1 is the replacement rate. So what you have are no babies and lots of old people. Not exactly a roadmap to productivity, is it? So some folks have thought of a way to get people hooked on babies. How? By building robot babies. Yup. Robot babies. How sad is it that so many babies are killed that the only way folks can figure out to teach people that babies are great is by building robot babies? This is a very very strange world.

I can't help but think that this will have the same effect as inflatable women. Blow up dolls don't really make men like women more, do they? I mean, I've never heard of a great husband saying he owes his great relationship to his human wife to what he learned from his inflatable spouse. Having an inflatable date kinda' guarantees you'll never actually get a real live woman, doesn't it? I fear that the robot babies will have a similar effect, which is to say none at all in actually producing real babies.

My prediction? Japan will become an island of inflatable wives and robot babies and old worn out unproductive men.

I don't mean to single Japan out. Many countries are on the way to the same disaster, they're just not as good at building robots as Japan. Ironically, some are even better at killing babies though.

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  1. It seems like they are watching far too many movies in Japan. It's one thing far man to bring sci-fi to reality such as Star Trek for exploring the universe is okay for afterall, Our Lord created it; but robot babies? Haven't they seen how bad those stories end up? Fools, only God creates life!
    I saw a video of a couple in Japan that had a robot instead of a priest in their wedding (okay, my wedding, there would be a priest, a church, and Christ; I don't know what that couple's beliefs were, but still)

  2. Don't forget the robotic baby seals used in nursing homes:

    Also, these are not "blow-up" dolls, but really creepy life-life soft vinyl dolls:

  3. This is a face even a mother can't love.

  4. What has happened to my dear Japan is truly quite sad.

    Of course it does not apply to all Japanese, but there is almost an entire generation of women who are "empowered" with wealth and spend it on themselves and men who spend their time substituting pornography and technology for real human contact.

    During my time there the men would complain about how selfish and materialist the women were, and the women complained about how distant, bumbling and cold the men are. (Of course, because they know you only want their money and you know they only want your body. Nice.) They seem to not be able to stand each other. They all work insane hours - especially the men, and they live like zombies.

    They've had a not-surprising concomitant rise in their suicide rates and a very disturbing growth of Internet suicide pacts where lonely teens (and older) get together on-line to plan and then carry-out their simultaneous suicides. The irony of "finally finding a real friend" to do something with...

    The country has had a rough economic time for a long time now, China and North Korea are pushing their weight around and there is a growing rise of Japanese nationalism. It all makes for a troubling mix.

    What is very scary is that many of the symptoms that have led to all of this are present and growing in the U.S. (and elsewhere) as well.

    At least, that's what my robot tell me...

  5. A couple more generations, and the problem will solve itself.

    When Islam and Shari'a pillage the ruins of all those abandoned toys.


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