Top 10 Ways To Know You're Likely To Hear Something Anti--Catholic

Anti-Catholicism is on the rise and despite its frequency many Catholics often seem surprised to hear it. CMR is here to help by offering you the top ten clues that you're about to hear something anti-Catholic.

We break it down by percentage. This is math folks. We've carried the ones and everything. (No, we're not going to show our work. Just trust us.)

Broken down by percentage points here are the chances you're about to hear something anti-Catholic if you hear:

44% chance if someone says "I'm not religious but I'm very spiritual."

49% chance if someone says, "The Pope during WWII..."

A 53% chance if someone says "I read in the New York Times..."

57% chance if someone says "I don't need an intermediary between me and God..."

68% chance if a representative of Barack Obama's Faith Based Advisory Council office is quoted.

83% chance if you hear from your television, "You're watching Hardball..."

84% chance if someone says "Richard Dawkins said..."

89% chance if someone says "I don't normally watch "The View" but Joy Behar said..."

94% chance if there's any mention of a flying spaghetti monster.

98% Any mention of The Inquisition or the Crusades.

100% If someone says "I was raised Catholic so..." anything that follows is guaranteed to be anti-Catholic.

Hope these help. Please feel free to add your own.


  1. -100% I read from Divine Ripples that...
    23.5% According to our theology professor in Notre Dame ...
    27.2% The Jesuit theologian said...
    33% The LCWR stated in a press release that ...
    37% I read at the Natl. Catholic Reporter that...

  2. 110% The Bible says...
    Forgetaboutit% The Bible NEVER mentions

  3. Can we get some kind of definition of "anti-Catholic"? I ask this in all sincerity and as someone who is sympathetic (to say the least) to the point of view here. I don't disagree that there is a disturbing trend toward targeting Catholics but I'm not sure what this term means exactly. I mean, people can believe differently from the church without being "anti-Catholic", right? Or else the term doesn't really mean much. Again, I am asking sincerely, because I'm concerned about seeing us fall into the kind of victim mentality that's been criticised in other groups.

  4. Just go to your average Modern Roman Catholic Church!
    It can be very anti-Catholic.

  5. 100% if you hear, "I was reading on the Huffington Post Religion section..."

  6. 75% "Well, I went to Catholic school for nine years and..."

  7. 93% chance if asked, 'Why don't you like Yoga'...

  8. 94% if you hear, "I was an altar boy..."

  9. 88% if, like I heard from my sister, "Well, I went to the Sinsinawa Dominicans & asked them..."

  10. I was raised a Catholic so...

    ...I am a child of God.

    ...going to a good Catholic college was a natural choice. is sometimes good to see the church from my wife's perspective as a convert.

    All 100% anti-catholic, aren't they?

  11. 110% "We are waiting to be addressed by the Speaker of the House..."

  12. 95% "I'm not anti-Catholic..."

  13. 99% if You're watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS news, NBC News

    50% if you are watching Fox

  14. "A priest goes into a bar..."

    Any joke that starts with "altar boy", "priest" or worse yet - both.

    Sincere answer for Jules up there about what "Anti-Catholic" means. (Not a perfect definition, but I hope it helps) :

    First, know what it means to be Catholic, to include the faith, teachings of the Church, the traditions and way of life of Catholics themselves. Any comment or communication that insults, looks down upon, is insulting to or otherwise denigrates what it means to be Catholic would qualify.

    Comments promoting a sincere theological discussion or questions are not necessarily anti-Catholic in my book. Even questioning Church teaching, if it is done in a manner that sincerely seeks an answer, is not necessarily Anti-Catholic, but it can be.

    Lastly: When you are a practicing Catholic, you will know it, when you see it as you often will.

  15. Please excuse the above redundancy. And repetitiveness. Again, please excuse... ;)

  16. Please read about this Long Island Pastor and see if He does not sound anti-Catholic.
    The LINK is:

  17. While Anti-Catholicism is real, we have been seeing some exciting breakthroughs in praising Jesus with Catholic and Protestant groups.

    John 17:21-22 -- the night before Jesus died, He prayed for ALL believers...He prayed one thing: that we would all be as close as He and the Father are.

    John Paul II recognized ways we can help each other - Protestants and Catholics.

    I am a committed Catholic - however - I love my Protestant brothers and sisters...and I feel that the Lord wants us to follow the Great Commandment above **all** love Him, and love others.

    We have only one enemy - the Liar - El Diablo (which means "the divider.")

    And nonbelievers will know we belong to Jesus (Jesus said this) by *ONE* thing....


    Last point: it has been hard to be Catholic for 2000 years.

    The first 300 years, we were KILLED - just for loving Jesus.

    It has been, is, and always will be a challenge - we will suffer just as He did.


    That is our goal.

    In Heaven with Him, and upon meeting Jesus, hearing Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into my happiness."

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  19. 98% People who comment on

    100% They should allow ordination of women

    100% Priestly celibacy is wrong...


    "Hope these help. Please feel free to add your own."

    These are funny, but in what sense should this help? Usually assuming that 90% of people you meet, even in catholic environments, are anti-catholic, it is a good assumption (sadly).

  20. I'll help you out Jules by listing some of the opposite sides.

    ...historically, the Catholic Church was awful to women.

    ...really, the Church has no moral authority over people.'s awful that the Church won't do anything about those pedophile priests

    ...Mary was obviously just a lady.

    Basically, the essence of anti-Catholic rhetoric to me is not knowing anything about the Church, but thinking you know MORE about the Church than practical Catholics. You didn't do any research, you just made a bad Bill Maher joke your opinion.

    Two gets you four that these statements will come from someone "Who respects everyone's opinion."

  21. 90% Welcome back to "The View"
    100% If Joy Behar is on TV

  22. *Any man who prefaces a statement with, "I used to be an altar boy...." From John Kerry to Sean Hannity this clause has been used to justify disident actions.

    *Anyone who uses terms like "Faith Community" or includes the word "pastoral" in thier sentences. Both now are used exclusively by former or disident Catholics to express thier rejection with Orthodox practices.

  23. Thank you to Jimbo and William for their sincere answers.

  24. Well, I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school, was an altar boy, and am still Catholic. Just wanted to skew your numbers a bit. ;)

  25. 1000% What the world need is more tolerance...

  26. I am sympathetic, to a degree, with those posting her who do not want Catholics to have a victim mentality. Neither do I. But, the culture we live in is more and more anti-Catholic, we need to know that, so we can deal with it.

    What does it mean to be anti-Catholic? It means to have hatred and contempt for Catholic teaching. It does not mean disagreement with Church teaching. For example, many Protestants have sincere disagreements with us on many issues such as, for example, veneration of the Virgin. If someone is a Christian, who believes that veneration of Mary detracts from worship of Christ, that person disagrees with the Church, but that, in itself, does not make the person anti-Catholic. LIkewise, a Jew can believe that it is blasphemous to think that the man Jesus was God, but that, in itself, does not translate into being anti-Catholic.

    The distinction is between since disagreement, on one side, and bigotry and hatred, on the other. It is anti-Catholic to mock and dismiss the Church and her teachings. It is anti-Catholic to present a world view in which the Church is always and everywhere presented as persecuting and oppressing others. It is anti-Catholic to argue, as many do, that the Church was responsible for Hitler. It is anti-Catholic to say that anyone who is pro-life, or in favor of traditional marriage, is a bigot.

    The real issue here is respect. We live in a society which has many different points of view. Those who disagree with us, but are respectful and try to understand us, are not anti-Catholic. On the other hand, those who are militantly secular, and wish to destroy all traditional morality, deliberately and intentionally target the Church, because they know full well that the Church is the primary thing standing in their path.

  27. I find that whenever someone is described as a "devout" Catholic (say Nancy Pelosi), they are often anything but.

  28. I am anywhere in New York City other than Chuch or my apartment

  29. 95% chance "In Revelations it says...."

  30. Any Catholic who describes themselves as 'devout' rather than 'practicing' has about an 86% chance of saying something anti-Catholic...

  31. 95% when the person starts a discussion, debate, question, answer with "But the BIBLE says..."

    92% when a person tells you "Christianity is a relationship with Jesus, a church is just a building."

    100% when someone tries to tell you there is a difference between Christianity and Catholicism.

    98% when someone tries to say they love Catholics because their Grandmammy was a Catholic. (this is when they start to not only mock the Church but mock their Grandmammy and end it with "and bless her soul!"

    98% will tell a married woman that she doesn't submit to her husband the way they interpret Eph 5 but they're the same ones that believe the Church to be wrong about ordained women.

  32. Here something anti-Catholic:

    How's this for anti-Catholic. You are a physician with a "good number" of children interviewing for a new job. You explain that you do not dispense birth control for the purposes of contraception. And you explain the basis in faith by which you make that choice. Then you are insulted, ridiculed, humiliated and literally laughed at to your face with the comment, "Well that explains why you have that mob of kids, huh?

  33. 70% chance if someone says, "According to the USCCB's Faithful Citizenship voter's guide..."

    90% chance someone says, "As a devout Catholic..."

  34. I heard it on MSNBC


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